The Break-up

In the city of Middleton where peace is secured and villains are defeated by 2 heroes who are friends till the end, but will happen if the heroes disappeared or been defeated or even broke up will it give the villains a chance to take over the city?

(After 1 year)Ron: This is boring every day we go kick some villains butt, come back have some rest in Bueno nachos and go to our houses and sleep.

Kim: Ron don't be sad we can have a day off.

Ron: Really, what if Wade calls us and say Drakken and Shego are making troubles?

Kim: We will tell him that we need a day off and let the Cops handle it.

Ron: Ok, but that reminds me if Rax was here he would take care of the villains and we will have a peaceful day off.

Kim: Why do you think that, even cops will let us peaceful.

Ron: What if the cops couldn't stop them?

Kim: Than we'll be forced to stop them.

(The next day)Ron: Kim great news the villains were caught today.

Kim: Really?

Ron: Yup, so how about you and I go out today?

Kim: Um sorry Ron I have a date with Josh.

Ron looked very sad, but he tried not to reveal it.

Ron: Oh, ok have fun.

Kim: Ok you too.

Ron walked away with anger in his face. He decide to spy in the date. The time of the date has come now Ron is ready outside Kim's house waiting for Josh.

(Inside Kim's house)

Mrs. Possible: Kim you have to hurry Josh will be here any minute, and what did I told you about that dress?

Kim: There are the best Mom.

Mrs. Possible: Well if you like those you better like the pajama that Bonnie gave you.

Kim: MOM!

Mrs. Possible: I was just saying.

(The door bell rings) Kim: Josh is here!

Mrs. Possible: Ill get it(Opens the door)well hi Josh.

Josh: Its nice to see you again Mrs. Possible, is Kim ready to go?

(Behind the bushes) Ron(In a low voice): Are you ready to get your butt kicked?

Mrs. Possible: Yea she will be here right away, oh you'll die if you see her.

Josh: I always die when I see her.

Ron(In a low voice): Do you die when you see me?

Kim: Hi Josh, are you ready?

Josh: I'm one step ahead of you.

They went to the cinema, to the park, to the amusement park, to have some walk and then back to Kim's house.

Ron: Man they made me tired.

Josh: Well it's the end.

Kim: Yea.

Josh: Well can i..

Ron(In a low voice): Don't even think about it.

Kim: Yes.

Josh: Have a good bye…

Kim: Yes.

Josh: Cool.

He tried to kiss her until Ron jumped up.

Ron: Stop monkey!

Kim: Ron?

Josh: Dude, what's your problem?

Ron: Stay away from her.

Kim: What are you doing?

Ron: What are you doing?

Josh: Look man this is our date, OUR date.

Ron: And this is my friend, MY friend.

Josh: And she's my G.F.

Ron: Never.

Kim: RON I am his G.F.

Ron: Well then I think his your side kick after all.

Kim: No you're my sidekick.

Ron: Than why don't you get out with me.

Kim: Cause your not my B.F.

Josh: She got a point man.

Ron: SHUT UP, say the truth Kim.

Kim: Cause you act like a child!

Ron: Ok then I think I need to show you what a child can do.

Ron gave Josh a quick punch who knocked Josh on the ground. Kim stopped Ron before he strike again.

Kim: STOP!


Kim have no choice but to attack her friend, she punched him and also knocked him in the ground.



He left her sadly and angry, Josh got up and left, Kim just stood there crying what have she done.