(In Drakken lair)

Drakken: Shego nothing is goanna stop me now cause I heard in school Kim and Ron broke up.

Shego: What makes you sure?

Drakken: What?

Drakken sees the camera and Kim and Ron appears.

Drakken: NOOOOOOO!

Kim: Its over Drakken.

Shego: Shut up.

Shego and Kim start fighting, and Ron and Drakken too.

Ron carries Drakken and throws him at Shego but she moved out of the way so that makes Drakken fall at Kim.

Kim: Get off of me, watch where are you throwing.

Ron: I'm not blind.

Shego start fighting Kim and later Kim carries Shego and throws her at Drakken but he moved and Shego falls at Ron.

Ron: Get off of me, hey are you blind?

Kim: No.

Drakken: Were leaving.

Drakken and Shego escaped.

Ron: Now look what you've done.

Kim: What I done, its you who always leave them get away.

Ron: Well it's the first time you do it.

Kim: I'm never letting you join missions again.

Ron: Fine go have fun with that monkey jerk.

Kim gave Ron a slap.

Kim: Don't you ever talk about Josh like that.

Ron: You know I'm sick of your slapping.

Ron tries to give Kim a slap but he feels he should not.

Kim: Again.

Kim kicked Ron knocked him in the ground and got top of him holding his shirt and raising a fist.

Kim: Why didn't you attack me when you had a chance?

Ron: I told you I had a feeling that tells me not to attack you.

Kim: What is that feeling?

Ron: I don't know.

Kim lowered her fist.

Kim: I had a feeling too.

Ron: What?

Kim: Well I felt it when you jumped in front of me when Josh tried…

Ron: Go on.

Kim: Well I felt you where trying to say: Don't kiss my G.F, is it true?

Ron: Well you can say yes.

Kim: You loved me all this time and you even didn't tell me.

Ron: If I did it will break our friendship and your friendship with Josh.

Kim: Not unless the other person you love loved you.

Ron: What?

Kim: Maybe this will let you understand.

Kim kissed Ron, Ron was shocked he didn't know what to do. At last Kim broke the kiss.

Kim: Now did you understand.

Ron: Yea.

Kim: I recognize also you loved me when we were in Hawaii.

Ron: Yea, I told Rax that I'm feeling something strange when we were in Hawaii, but you didn't tell me who attacked you.

Kim: I don't know, I saw a fire ball only.

Ron: Hmm, next time I'll be in the room with ya.

Kim: That would be nice.

They heard clapping.

Rax: Well done.

Kim: What?

Rax: 2 things, 1st you found your true lover, 2nd you told me my enemy.

Kim: Enemy?

Rax: The fire ball, well his not a fire ball his a person and I think I know who he is.

Ron: Need help.

Rax: Maybe, my kimuncater.

Kim: Here you go, welcome back member.

Rax: I'm always here my friend.