She walked along the gravel path; shoulders hunched, eyes looking straight at the ground; as inconspicuous as usual.

'Can I do this? Will it really work?' The thoughts ran and reran through her mind. Slowly she became more agitated, causing her to fiddle with the stray hairs falling in front of her trench coat. A set of steps came into her line of vision. Looking up at the great oak doors she let out a sigh, 'well…' she told herself, 'this is your last opportunity to turn back, as soon as you walk up those steps your gonna be someone new, a totally different person.' Her fingers entwined themselves in a strand of her incredibly long and surprisingly thick hair. Taking a deep breath she walked up the steps. Upon reaching the front door she pressed the bell. Straight away, she heard hard shoes rapping on stone floors. At about eyelevel, she watched as the person behind the door pulled out one of the panels in the door. Two cold grey eyes looked out at her, "Who are you? What do you want?" came the acidic hiss.

"Alexis, I have an appointment," she said as she pulled out a letter from deep inside her black trench coat.

"Take that atrocious thing off of your face, I can barely hear you!"

"I said! …My name is Alexis and I have an appointment," she said her voice louder and deeper, yet still somewhat muffled. She shoved the letter up to the hole in the door and waited.

"Very well, you may come in." The door opened revealing a dark corridor, scarcely lit. Alexis breathed in and let out a deep sigh, "well," she muttered to herself, "here goes nothing," she stepped inside.

-: -: -: -: -: -