Summary – Doctor Who/SG1 Crossover, 'My people weren't always known as 'Timelords' or 'Gallifreyans'. 9th Doctor – 200 words

Rating – PG

Disclaimer – I'm facing the window as I'm typing this, if I owned either Doctor Who or SG1 I would not be somewhere where it was raining…

What's In a Name?

Rose was just standing there. "I'm sorry. We're going where?"

"Colorado Springs," the Doctor answered. "2006."

Jack froze under the control planet and then slid back out. He stared at the Doctor intently.

"We're going to the SGC, aren't we?"

The Doctor nodded and Jack whistled.

Rose frowned. "Excuse me? The 'SGC'?"

"Top secret government programme," Jack explained. "Stands for Stargate Command. By 2006 the US government had been sending people to other planets and even other galaxies for about ten years."

Rose stared. "But… I was alive then."

"Yeah." Jack nodded. "Like I said, top secret. It'll all come out in 2008 when the wars with the Wraith and the Ori end. It's standard reading for every student in my time." He turned to the Doctor. "That doesn't explain why we're going there now though."

The Doctor shrugged. "They need help and I can do that. Besides, it'll be nice to meet Thor again, I haven't seen him in ages."


He took a deep breath. "Let's just say my people weren't always known as the 'Timelords' or 'Gallifreyans'. A long time ago we were one of the four races. Originally… originally my people were known as the Furlings…"