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Thundercracker tried to focus. He had to get out of stasis lock.

Or at least he thought it was stasis.

He made an attempt to move his hand, and managed a little twitch. He tired to focus on his surroundings without activating his optic sensors. The Seeker moved his hand again, and realized whatever he was lying on was cold. It wasn't snow, because it felt smooth, like metal…

"Hey, TC! You need to get up!"

Was that Skywarp's voice? Why was it so hard to think? Maybe he should start from the beginning…

The Decepticons had gone to the arctic because they had picked up and energy signal. They had gotten there, and found the source of the energy, which was a small crystal.

"Thundercracker, you have to get up."

Who's voice was that? It sounded so familiar…

Anyway, they had found the crystal, and the Autobots came soon after that. Megatron had ordered Skywarp and him to watch the crystal, and Starscream had told them not to touch it until they could find out more about it. Then Skywarp, who in typical fashion had not listened, touched it, and there was a bright flash, which caused everyone to panic and run to the source, and…

And that's how he got in his current condition. Thundercracker felt someone grab his shoulders and shake him. Their hands felt unusually warm.

Thundercracker woke up, and found himself face to face with a human. Thundercracker let out a small shout as the human smiled.

"Welcome back to the land of the functional, TC!"

"S-Skywarp?" Thundercracker stuttered

"The one and only!"

"But, you're-"

"Human. Yeah, I know."

Thundercracker stared at the fellow Seeker for a long time, and realized that he kind of looked like himself. He was dressed in a purple and black jacket, with black jeans. His hair was a dark gray, and was shaped kind of like his helmet. His eyes were the same shade of red as his optics. Thundercracker imagined that he looked much the same, except that instead of being dressed in black and purple, he was dressed in blue and white.

"How did this happen?" Thundercracker asked.

"I dunno. Soundwave refuses to tell me anything." Skywarp glared at the figure with the dark blue trench coat and red sunglasses.


"Shut up." Was his only reply, which was as monotonous as usual, even if his voice sounded different. Skywarp suppressed a laugh. The figure standing next to Soundwave glared at the purple seeker. Judging from the colors he wore, which was light blue and purplish, Thundercracker guessed it was Rumble.

Thundercracker sighed. Having Skywarp and Rumble in the same room was a bad thing. The seekers and Soundwave and his cassettes never really got along, especially Skywarp and Rumble (or Skywarp and Soundwave for that matter). Thundercracker stared at the ground for a long while and realized something.

It was made of a Cybertronian alloy.

"Are we back at the Nemesis?" he asked

"No." Soundwave replied. "We are at an Autobot base in an alternate dimension."

Thundercracker sat there shocked. Skywarp's reaction, however, was very different.

"We're what! Why are we still here! We need to get out of here, now!"

"We cannot do that. If we left, the Autobots would become suspicious. We are at a slight disadvantage."

"A slight disadvantage?" Skywarp laughed "A slight disadvantage! We are human Decepticons in an Autobot base! We're defenseless in an enemy base, because we are slagging humans! We have been turned into squishies, and we're in a base filled with Autobots who, mind you, are probably very much Autobot!"

"We'll have to pretend to be one of their pets." Soundwave stated.

"We haven't had much contact with humans." Thundercracker admitted.

"I have." Skywarp said.

"I don't think juggling the humans counts, 'Warp."

"Oh. Well, what about the midget." The Seeker suggested.

Everyone turned to Rumble.


"You have had the most contact with the fleshies." Thundercracker said.

"But what makes ya think- oh all right, first we'll need human names.

"I get dibs on the name 'Spike'!" Skywarp shouted.

"Can't ya be quiet? We'll be caught. Anyway, you can't use the name 'Spike'."


"'Cause if the real Spike is here, we'll be more likely to get caught." Rumble gave a small sigh. "We could probably get by with calling Thundercracker 'TC'. That will prevent Skywarp from messing this up."

"Why you-" Thundercracker had to physically restrain his wingmate from mauling the cassette.

Rumble ignored the upset Seeker. "I can go by the name… Robert. Yeah, that's it. Skywarp, you can go by the name Stewart."

"I don't like that name," the purple and black seeker commented. "It sounds geeky."

"Then it's perfectly fitting for you." Rumble taunted. After seeing Skywarp's glare, he said, "Fine, then you can use the name Skyler. It's got "sky" in it. Are ya happy now!"

"It's a little bit better..." Skywarp muttered.

"We still need a name for Soundwave…" Rumble muttered, "What about the name… Soren."

"Where do you come up with these names?" Skywarp asked.

"It's Danish."

"That doesn't answer my question."

Minutes later, after everyone had found the room with all the Autobots, the four human Decepticons were listening to Optimus Prime's explanation of the war. Thundercracker looked at Soundwave out of the corner of his eye. He was listening attentively to every word the Autobot commander said.

Probably comparing differences between our universes…

Thundercracker's gaze shifted from Soundwave to Skywarp. The Seeker looked bored. That was bad, because Skywarp and bored do not mix. Sure enough, he muttered something to Rumble, who murmured something mean back. Thundercracker jabbed both of them in the back with his finger to warn them to be quiet. Rumble shot him a dirty look, but Skywarp kept quiet.

A few minutes later, they were free to interact with the various inhabitants of the base. Skywarp was busy talking to a human named Carlos, who was showing off his new "Nerf" gun, whatever a nerf was. Soundwave was standing in the corner, leaning against the wall, watching Rumble, who was talking to an Autobot named Red Alert, who was, in fact, not paranoid.

"So, what exactly do the Minicons do? I mean, they have to be really important if the 'Cons want them." Rumble asked.

"You weren't listening, were you?" The exasperated Red Alert sighed. "The Minicons powerlink with us and make us stronger."



"Ah. So, are they like gestalts?" Rumble asked.

"No. There is no merging of minds." Red Alert paused. "How do you know about gestalts anyway?"

"Ah, well, you see…" Rumble was hit in the back of the head by something. He turned around to see Skywarp holding up the Nerf gun.

"Nyaaaa, can't catch me!" he taunted before running down the hall.

"Why you-" Rumble started before chasing after him.

Thundercracker sighed. Today was going to be a long day…

It took Rumble a few minutes to catch up to the purple seeker, but when he did, he promptly tackled Skywarp to the ground.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill you." Rumble hissed. Skywarp just smiled.

"Because I just saved your aft." Rumble gave him a confused look. "You were asking too many questions. We've got to pretend were stupid like the humans."

"Then it's gonna be easy for you." Rumble retorted.

"Quiet you. Anyway, I found out that were going to school with the humans. And were going to live with them. So don't say anything out of place."

"Hey TC, what's the schedule you got?" Thundercracker handed Skywarp his schedule. "Aww, we hardly got any classes together. What a bummer." Skywarp looked at the book that his friend carried under his arm. "Whatcha reading?"

"Ender's Game."

"What's it about."

"A six year old kid who's forced to become a soldier."

This time Carlos got in the conversation. "Sounds kind of… depressing."

"Would it kill you to be cheerful for once in your life, TC?" Skywarp asked.


"Are you emo?" Carlos asked.


"You know, emotional."

"No," Soundwave butted in, "just pessimistic."

"At least he shows emotions." Skywarp replied slyly.

Soundwave gave off the impression of glaring without having to change his face at all.

"He's annoying…" Alexis muttered to Soundwave. "Skyler, I mean. Is he always this obnoxious?"


"How do you deal with him?"

Soundwave looked her straight in the eyes and said "I try to stay as far away from him as possible."

Alexis paused for a moment, and then asked, "Does it work?"

"Not if he decides to annoy you."

"I'm going to end up hating him." Alexis muttered.

"Most people do."

This was the most annoying basketball game ever. Rad made a mental note to himself to make sure that Skyler and TC were always on the same team, just to prevent anything like this from ever happening again. It all started with the realization that the two looked exactly alike in their P.E. clothes. Then he and Carlos, the two team captains, picked their teams. Carlos chose Skyler while he picked TC. The first few minutes went pretty good, and the new kids were very talented. Then Skyler decided to use the fact he looked like TC to his advantage, and tricked the team into giving him the ball, and TC wasn't below using this tactic either.

"How are they winning?" Rad muttered

"They've stopped passing to the twins." A kid somewhere behind him answered.

"Maybe we should-" The bell rang. The game was over.

"We won." Skywarp said cheerfully.

"You cheated." Rad hissed.

"Did not. I had a natural advantage, so I used it. That is not cheating. Anyway, TC did the same thing."

"I still say you cheated."

"Dude," Carlos muttered as they walked to the gym, "It's just a game."

"I beat you." Skywarp whispered to Thundercracker.

"So, it's just a game. You didn't play fair, anyway."

Skywarp smiled. "We're Decepticons. We don't play fair."

Alexis glared at Soren, who was busy sketching something out on a piece of paper. She had actually liked him when they had first met, but being in this class had shown her that he was just a slacker. They had a quiz tomorrow, and he wasn't even paying attention! On his first day at school, nonetheless!

"Soren, since you have obviously finished your work, why don't you tell the class the answer."

Alexis smiled as she entered the numbers on her calculator. This slacker was going to be humiliated in front of the class for his lack of attention, just as he deserved.

"The answer is 6.3659372." Soren replied with his emotionless voice. Alexis looked at her calculator. He was actually right! She looked at Soren, and then at the teacher, who was pissed about being outsmarted by one of her students. The class, however, thought it was funny and began snickering. The teacher glared, then walked over to Soren and pulled off his sunglasses.

"I'm afraid we don't allow sunglasses in class. I'm going to have to give you a detention." The teacher gave him a slip of paper, then continued on with the lesson. This time, Soren glared at the teacher's back.

Alexis quickly glanced away and shuddered. His eyes were so unnerving. They were the same shade of red as his glasses, and he had this gaze that seemed like it could look right through you. It made her wish the teacher would let him put his glasses back on.

Lunch. Alexis was happy that the class was over, and she could finally talk to the others. She followed Soren out of the class, who was walking at a brisk pace. He had also put his glasses back on. Thank God.

"I'll show you where the cafeteria is." She said. Soren gave a small nod. However, they didn't get more than a few feet until they were stopped.

"Hey there, what's this?" Skyler asked as he reached into Soren's pocket. He pulled out a slip of paper, and looked at it for a moment. "A detention? On your first day? Shame on you."

"Go bug someone else." Soren said. Skyler gave a devilish grin.

"You got it." He replied cheerfully, and walked off.

Everyone was at their lunch meeting place when Skywarp returned. Thundercracker only needed one glance to tell he was up to something, mainly because of how he had cupped his hands together.

"Hey, 'Lexi, look at what I found!" He walked over to her and opened his hands. A green blur landed in her hair. While Alexis screamed, Skywarp laughed. Rad eventually got close enough to the girl in order to pluck out what had to be the largest grasshopper native to Earth.

"I swear Skyler, I am going to kill you!"

"Hey, calm down, I'm just doing what Soren said." There was only a slight pause before Soundwave's human name.

"And what would that be?" Alexis hissed. Skywarp smiled.

"He said to go bug someone else. So I bugged you."

"Oy, puns…" Carlos muttered. Thundercracker just buried his face in his hands and tried not to laugh.

"Can I have my grasshopper back now?" Skywarp asked. "He might be useful for another prank. Anyway, I can keep him as a pet until then." Rad handed the grasshopper back to Skywarp.

"So, what's its name?" Carlos asked. "If it's a pet, it's gotta have a name."

Skywarp grinned. "I think I'll name him," he paused for a moment, "Kickback."

Thundercracker was sure that Soundwave rolled his eyes, even if he couldn't see it.

Luckily the rest of the day went by uneventfully. School was finally over, and the gang was headed back to the Autobot's base. Rad, Alexis and Carlos walked ahead while the Decepticons stayed behind.

"Who's fault was this anyway?" Skywarp asked.

"Alexis managed to convince Red Alert to hack into the schools system and get us on the records here." Soundwave replied.

"Not what I meant."

"Actually, I believe this is your fault, 'Warp." Thundercracker retorted.

"Gee, thanks for sticking up for me, TC."

"Will ya stop your fighting?" Rumble snapped. "We need a way out of the mess our resident retard got us into."

"Hey, what do you me-" Skywarp started, but was cut off by Soundwave.

"What we do is wait. There may have been others who were also sucked into this universe, and our presence here may have a negative effect on this timeline."

"Stupid overrated receptionist…" Skywarp muttered to Thundercracker. "Who died and made him commander?"

"I think he has the highest rank out of all of us." Thundercracker answered.

"Does anyone besides 'Screamer actually pay attention to rank." Skywarp paused. "What does he mean by 'our presence here may have a negative effect'?"

"I think he means that we might accidentally cause the universe to implode or something."

"Oh," Skywarp responded. "Well, that would be bad." Thundercracker gave him a flat look.

"Yes, Skywarp. That would be bad."


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