Five Conversations Teddy and Eli had about Billy and Tommy

I Anytime

"So…you and Tommy?"

"No…yes…maybe…I honestly don't know…." Eli groaned.

"That bad huh?" Teddy winced in sympathy.


II During A Fight

Teddy grunted, ducking an energy blast and ended up fighting next to Patriot. "I saw you and Tommy yesterday, sorry for interrupting."

"No problem," Patriot through one of the guys through a window, watching Tommy out of the corner of his eye. "He keeps moving too fast, it's a pain in the ass."

"Literally or figuratively?"

"Literally. Half the time he doesn't know what he's doing."

"Really," Teddy knocked another guy through a wall. "The way he talks-"

"No," Patriot grunted, interrupting.

"Geez," Teddy grabbed Patriot and took off into the air.

"Billy?" Eli asked, throwing one of his stars and hitting the target dead on.



"Once, nothing serious. You?"

"Same. It's kinda nice. He actually can't argue with me…for once."

Teddy smirked, flying them up and over two of the bad guys. "Billy's the exact opposite. Not that I mind."

"Of course not," Eli snarled kicking one of the bad guys in the head when Teddy got him close enough. "I don't mind either; it just means he isn't in control."

"Bet that drives him nuts."

"Yeah, for about five minutes before he gets distracted. Half the time –Speed go after the other one!- his hands move so fast I can't keep up with them."

Teddy snorted, taking off with Eli again. "Sometimes I think Billy might be the son of an octopus. Its like he's got eight arms sometimes."

Eli smiled, scaring one of the bad guys next to him. "And plenty of enthusiasm right?"

"The amount can't be healthy," Teddy winked.

Eli smirked.

"Hey, what are you guys talking about?" Billy flew over.

"Nothing," they intoned.

III With Kate and Cassie


"So what?" Eli and Teddy eyed Kate and Cassie warily.

"Soooo, which one is the best kisser?" The two girls demanded, leaning closer over the table.

The boys inched backward until their backs hit the leather seat back. "It's not polite to kiss and tell," Teddy quoted, looking for an exit.

"Aren't you the one always saying that?" Eli asked Kate pointedly.

"Spill before we have to kill you," Cassie warned.

And, damn, but she sounded serious.

"Er, well…"

The two women waited impatiently.

They sighed and gave up.

"Billy's great," Teddy hedged.

"So's Tommy."

"Details! We want details!"



"Well, why?"


"Now spill!" Cassie got bigger.

"Fine, Billy moans a lot, loudly."

"So does Tommy."

The two boys stared at one another.


"And?" Kate pressed.

Teddy sighed, "And he likes when I grab his ass."

Cassie grinned and whispered "I knew it!"

Which was more disturbing then this whole conversation as he wondered exactly how she knew 'it'.

"So does Tommy."

"Keep going!" Cassie urged.

"Geez, it's like pulling teeth with you two just to get a few details," Kate commented.

The two boys, with a surprising burst of backbone, glared at Kate.

"Who tops?"

And then Cassie.

"I do."

The two boys turned to each other in surprise.

"Does he make that noise when you-?"

"Yeah! Does he arch his back when you touch-?"


"Geez, it's like you guys are dating twins." Kate said sarcastically.

IV Kitchen In The Middle Of The Night

"So how was it?"

"Slower then I expected."

Teddy laughed.

V -smirk-

"I saw you."