Five Conversations Billy and Tommy had about Teddy and Eli

I Denial

"It was terrible! I hated it! I didn't like it at all!" Tommy roared, pacing nervously.

Billy gave him a look, eyeing the bite marks on his twin's neck.

"It was!" Tommy repeated, catching his look. "It was horrible."

"Un huh, which is why you spent two hours doing?"

"It felt like less."

"I'm sure it did."

"Shut. Up."

Billy smirked.

II Kate And Cassie Again

"Why are we talking about this again?" Billy asked.

"Because we want to know," Kate smirked. Cassie nodded.

Billy and Tommy shared a right look.

"Just tell us already," Kate snapped.

"I hated it." Tommy answered quickly.

The other three rolled their eyes.

"Its nice," Billy muttered next.

Kate rolled her eyes. "How nice?"

"Really nice."

"Sex really nice or kissing really nice?" Cassie asked, eyes narrowed.

Billy blushed bright red.

"OH. MY. GOD!" Kate and Cassie exploded in excitement.

"Dude, you cannot get laid before me!"

"Well, I did."

III Favorites

"What's your favorite part?"

Billy looked up from his comic as Tommy stopped next to him. "What?"

"What's your favorite part?"

"Of what? My comic?"

"No, you and Teddy."

"Oh, well…I love watching movies with him."

"No, I mean sex, what's your favorite part of sex with him!"

"Oh!" Billy blushed. "Oh, um, well," he motion Tommy closer and whispered in his ear.

Tommy, for the first time in his life, blushed and stuttered, eyes wide. "No way…is that even possible?"

Billy nodded sagely. "Yes, especially since Teddy's a shape shifter."

Tommy croaked, imagination running wild. "Wh-what else can he do?"

"Well, he can bend…."

Tommy's widened like dinner plates. "N-no way and you guys actually do that?"



"It rocks."

"I would think so since he puts his, yeahknow, there and does yeahknow…"

IV First Time

"So did you…you know? Finally do it?

"…" Tommy feigned distraction.


Billy obviously was not going to go away.


"You did it?"

"…." Tommy nodded mutely.



"Wow, it was that good?"

"NO! It was terrible! Horrible! Awful!" Tommy started rocking back and forth, arms wrapped around his knees.

Billy raised an eyebrow, "Uh huh, so you didn't like it when he fucked you so hard you couldn't see strait?"

"NO!" Tommy stood up and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?"

"To find Eli."

V Best

"Mine's got a better ass." Tommy said out of the blue as he and Billy watched Eli and Teddy spar.

"Mine's got better hair." Billy returned, eyes tracking Teddy.

"That doesn't count."

"Yes, it does! Eli's not completely hairless…is he?"

"Hell no!" They paused to watch the other two grapple, skin glistening with sex. "Mine's got better lips," Tommy added.

"Mine's got better eyes," Billy countered.

"Mine's got better legs," Tommy licked his ice cream spoon.

"Mine's got a better body," Billy sipped his soda.

"….. Shape shifters don't count."

"Fine, mine's got better hands."

"Mine's got better fingers," Tommy smiled smugly.

"Mine's got a better tongue."

Tommy's head snapped around, eyes wide.

"Shape shifter." Was all Billy said, still watching Teddy and Eli.



"Okay you win this round."

"I win every round."

"Eventually, you'll have to stop using the shape shifter card."