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Sam sat outside the small house that him and his family resided in, for the time being of course, they were always moving around, something Sam wasn't too fond of, but something he got used to.

The only problem Sam had was meeting new people, he wanted desperately to have friends, to meet people in his class and be able to see them for more than a month, but he knew it would never happen, he had talked to his older brother about it, had told him how he felt so lonely. But, Dean always told him that this was their life, there wasn't room for new people, only the three of them, which Sam didn't mind, he loved his brother and dad, but he wanted more, he wanted someone all to himself, who he could play with, and deep down Dean knew that.

Dean knew what Sam craved, but didn't know how he could provide that to him, how he could create a friend that would travel with them with every move they made, that was, until he found Rags, a stray Golden Retriever he had found on the streets, the perfect friend for Sam.

Of course John disagreed with even the thought of bringing a dog into the family, hell a stray one at that, but he had relented once he saw how happy it made his boys, especially Sammy, so he went out and got the dog all his shots and brought him back to the Winchester family.

So now Sam had a friend, a friend he could confide in, someone he could call his own who would always be there to play when his Dad was on a hunt and Dean was being all grumpy.

He threw the ball that Rags had dropped at his feet, barking at the young Winchester to get him to throw it, Sam laughed as he watched Rags bound down the street running after the ball, snatching it out of the air, wagging his tail as he brought it back to Sam.

He got up to throw it again, but this time he ran after it as well, trying to beat the much faster dog, he grabbed the ball out of the dogs mouth, not caring about the drool that covered it, and ran, the young dog jumping and chasing after him, the young Winchester laughing. Stopping only when a loud wail filled the air, a siren sounding that echoed through the town, Rags stopped as well, listening to the unfamiliar sound, getting closer to Sam.

"Sam, inside now!" Dean yelled from the door.

The younger Winchester didn't argue, he knew better than to argue when Dean went all military. "Come on Rags" he called back, the dog following immediately.

"What is it Dean?" he asked, having never heard a siren like that before, fear rising up, wishing his Father was home instead of out on another hunt.

"There's been some trouble up at the hospital on the hill" Dean said, not wanting to go into further detail, "Nothing to worry about, just better to come inside for the night anyways" he said smiling, not wanting to frighten his little brother, but making sure every window and door in the house was locked, and the .45 was right near by.

Sam didn't know what the hospital on the hill was, he just thought it was a normal hospital, but Dean knew better, he knew it was an insane asylum, and that alarm indicated that one of the patients had escaped.

"How bout we watch a movie?" Dean suggested, not wanting his younger to see the news, knowing it would freak him out, especially since there house wasn't all that far from the hospital.

"Can I choose?" Sam said excited, causing Rags to bark as well.

The older brother rolled his eyes, Sam always chose the boring movies, "Yes you can choose" he relented, "I'll get us something to drink and some popcorn" he said, happy that he was spending time with his brother, even if the situation wasn't the greatest.

"Can we watch Terminator 2?"

Dean was suddenly thankful for his Dads small move selection and his obsession with action movies.

"That sounds like a good one"

The two boys watched the movie, Dean not as intently as Sam, but still he enjoyed the movie, how couldn't he enjoy the movie? As the end credits rolled Sam yawned, "Okay, bed" Dean said, trying to sound authoritative, even though in secret he was tired as well, all the stress of the escape wearing on him.

Once again the younger Winchester didn't argue, as much as he would like to stay up later, he couldn't ignore that he was tired. "Come on Rags" he called as the dog got up from his nap, his tail wagging as he followed Sam out of the room.

Dean looked as the two disappeared down the hall, he picked the .45 up from under the cushion as he slowly made his way through the house once again, making sure every lock was in place and every bolt was secure. The only place he had forgot to check was the small basement window, that was quietly closing as Dean walked to the room beside Sam's.


The youngest Winchester had just climbed into bed, Rags was in his usual place under his bed, and Dean was just coming in to say goodnight.

"You need anything Sam, you come and get me, you hear anything unusual you come and get me" he said, his voice stern, worry and dread for the upcoming night, he could deal with Ghosts, but psychos, that's a whole new ball game. 'You checked all the doors, everything is locked' he said to himself as he smiled at Sam who was fighting the looming sleep. "Night Sammy"

"Night Dean" he called back as his brother turned the light off and closed the bedroom door.

"Night Ragsy" Sammy called as he put his hand over the side of the bed, feeling the comforting lick from his dog, it had become their ritual, whenever Sam got scared or just needed company he put his hand over the side of the bed and Rags would always lick it.

He looked up to the mirror that was beside his bed, and looked at his dog in the reflection, he had never been so happy, he thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep, bringing his hand back onto the bed.


Both brothers slept quietly, until Dean suddenly opened his eyes, and not just a groggy open, but a wide awake open, something had stirred him from his sleep, he just wasn't sure what. He listened to the groans in the house, the normal creaking, until he heard an unfamiliar thud. He shot up in his bed, grabbing for the .45 as he quickly left his bedroom, going to his brothers room, opening the door, seeing the younger hunter also awake and sitting up in his bed, his hand over the side, the dog licking his hand.

"Dean what's going on?" he asked in a small frightened voice.

"Don't worry about it Sammy, I'll go check it out, you stay here, if I don't come back in 5 minutes, you call the police and lock yourself in here you got it?" Dean said sternly, his father's voice replacing his own.

Sam just nodded, keeping his hand close to Rags as Dean closed his door again. He sat still, listening to his brother make his way through the house. The thud came again, causing Sam to jump in his bed, his hand never leaving the side of the bed, worry for his brother overcoming his emotions as a single tear fell down his cheek.

Dean wasn't doing much better than Sam, although not crying his breathing was shaky and shallow, and his heart felt like it was going to explode. He had checked the whole house, nothing was there, but he heard the thud once again. He looked at the door leading to the basement, "Well fuck me" he said as he forgot all about the basement, new terror rising up as he opened the door and made his way down the dark stair well. Reaching the bottom he turned on the light, the small basement filled with light, the storage from previous owners cluttering the space. He moved slowly through the clutter, calling on his hunting skills to help him, 'Your hunting skills are no match for a psycho!" he thought to himself, trying to shake the feeling, 'I can do this' he chanted to himself as he moved into the darker corner of the basement.

He heard something move to his right, he spun around, ready to open fire, but it was only a rat, "Holy shit" he mumbled to himself, taking deep breaths in, trying to calm his racing heart, that it had just been a rat.

"Ya, Rats scare me too" said a gruff voice from behind.

Terror filled Dean as the unknown voice registered, he tried to spin around and get a shot off, but the attacker was too quick, securing both of Deans hands behind his back, taking the gun from his grasp, the young Winchester tried to call out, to warn Sam, but the assailant had a firm hand over his mouth, he bit down hard on the hand, feeling the blood spill, but the attacker didn't let go, "Hmmm feels nice boy, how does my blood taste in you mouth?" he laughed as the young Winchester tried to fight, but he was no match for the psycho who felt no pain.

Dean panicked, all training seeming to leave him as he felt his hands and legs being tied up, a gag over his mouth as he was thrown into the cellar.

"arrgghhmmuuppphhh" he struggle to cry out, the man just laughed, "such sweet noises" he said as he closed the door, making his way up to the other boy.


Sam was worried, it had been over 5 minutes, he peaked out his door, "You stay here Rags" he said to the dog under the bed, looking back into the hallway, seeing no one there he ran for the phone that was down the hall in his Dads room. He paused, "Dean?" he whispered, hearing nothing, "Dean, please." He begged, still no response, he entered the room, shutting the door quietly.

He made his way over to the phone, upset that his Dad hadn't spent a little extra money and got a cordless. He took a deep breath and listened, trying to hear anything unusual, maybe he should go looking for his brother first instead of bringing the police to their house, their Dad wasn't going to be happy that the police would be here, than again he wouldn't be happy if something happened to Dean or him either. 'Just do what Dean said, make the call and go back to your room!' his mind shouted.

He picked up the receiver, nothing, no dial tone, no sound, it was dead. Sam panicked, as he pressed the receiver over and over, hoping that a dial tone would come up… but nothing happened.

He slammed the phone down hard, regretting it instantly because of the noise. He searched his fathers room for some sort of weapon, and of course he wasn't disappointed finding a knife under the pillow. He pulled it out and made his way back to the door, peering out the hallway, happy to see it was still empty.

He quietly made his way back to his room, closing and locking the door just like Dean had said, he jumped back into his bed, knife still in one hand, he put his other hand to the side of the bed feeling the comforting lick of Rags.

He turned his bedside light on, and then put his hand back down once again, glad to have Rags by his side.

He looked in the mirror, noticing the red writing that was covering the mirror, the message slowly dripping down, "Humans Can Lick Too" in big letters. Sam's eyes went wide as he looked under the message, wanting to see his dog, but instead was met with the grotesque face of an old man that was licking his hand, Sam screamed as the man smiled.

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