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This is 95.3 country FM, playing country music 24 hours a day, seven days a week, getting ready to play a non stop six in a row.

"My mother said there's only one way

A sweet angel boy, narrow and straight

Timing his past, teachings they fade

Now their angel boy has gone astray

I've felt the hand of the Devil, felt his breath on my skin

Dip me into the water, wash me again

Can I still be forgiven for all of these things

Or have I gone too far now

Have I lost my wings"

John san along, always a fan of country music, not caring that his eldest didn't care for it at such a young age, it didn't matter though, he still had his youngest he could wean towards country.

John smiled at the thought of seeing his two boys, although he was never one to show his emotions to them, deep down he loved those two more than anything, and he couldn't have been happier to finish his job early, glad that the poltergeist wasn't as much of a challenge as he had been expecting.

Continuing to tap the steering wheel, and sing along, John was in a surprisingly good mood for two in the morning.

"This just in" A voice interrupted the song, "News Bulletin from Wonder Mental Facility, Patient David Anthony Green is still at large. People are reminded to insure all windows and doors are locked and secured. David is still at large and is considered dangerous… if you have any information please call local authorities."

John's mouth fell open as the name of the institution played over in his head; he had heard that name before, but from where? His eyes went wide as he realized that that was the institution by his current home, the home his boys should be sleeping in. Fear gripped his heart as he pushed down on the accelerator, his need to see his boys growing as the news bulletin played again.


The house was dark as John pulled up, and turned off the ignition, grabbing the gun in his glove compartment and putting it in his waistband. He moved quietly, his nerves on end, the house held an eerie darkness over it that John feared.

Reaching the front door he was glad to find it locked, knowing that his eldest would have undoubtedly gone around and secured the house, 'see, everything is fine, your boys are fine' he thought to himself as he opened the door.

The house was silent, John wanted to call out, but didn't dare, the unsettling feeling rising back up as he realized that his boys should have woken up, Sams new dog should have woken his boys the second he put the house key in the lock.

He stood stock still, waiting for some sort of clue as to what was going on, it felt like forever before he heard a faint noise coming from the kitchen. He walked slowly, his heart pounding as he looked at the muddy footprints that were on the kitchen floor, his boys weren't alone.

He stopped once more in the empty kitchen; all he could hear was the sound of his heart pounding as he looked at the mess that adorned the kitchen floor. Various pots and pans scattered across the floor, the muddy foot steps seemed to have congregated in the kitchen, he followed the steps, his eyes being lead to the basement door.

The hunter walked quietly to the basement door, grabbing the gun from his waistband, as he slowly turned the door handle, wincing as the door creaked slightly as he opened it. The darkness surrounding him as he shut the door, his eyes adjusting to the blackness of the basement quickly, the years of hunting in the dark putting him at an advantage.

"Sam? Dean?" he called out seeing shadows shift at the bottom of the stairs. Reaching for the light at the top of the stairs, his blood began to boil as the light flooded the basement, displaying the horrendous scene on the basement floor. His boys tied up and bleeding, terror written all over their faces, a tall figure standing behind his Sammy, holding his youngest up as a shield, a smile plastered on his deranged face.

"Who the fuck are you?" John demanded, making his way down the stairs, not taking his eyes off the man holding his son.

"Well, the name is Davy and I was just having some fun with your boys" the psycho said holding Sam in front of him, knife held at the boys throat.

John could feel his body start to shake in anger at the sight of the blood on his boys, "I'm gonna give you one chance to let my boys go before I kill you"

"Ahhh like father like son, now that's not very nice, how about I make you a deal?"

"No deals"

"Now now, you didn't let me finish…. You should always wait until I'm done talking!" Davy screamed, reaching down and grabbing the flap of skin on Sam's arm that he had started to cut. The young Winchester screamed, causing John to flinch.

"Now here's the deal pops, you let me walk out of here and I won't peel the flesh off your boy"

Davy started to pull back as Sam's screams filled the basement, followed by Deans screams of protest. "What's it gonna be pops?" Davy yelled over the commotion, his eyes gleaming.

John wanted to shoot the bastard right then and there, his finger twitching as he held it up, pointed at the crazed man pulling his sons skin. But he couldn't, even though he had a good shot, he couldn't risk shooting his son. Slowly raising his hands up in defeat he slowly bent down and put the gun on the floor, never taking his eyes off the man in front of him. "Fine, but my boys, let them go"

"Get in the cellar, take Dean with you"

John did as he was told, Sams blood being used against him as he picked Dean up and walked into the cellar. "I'm sorry dad" Dean whispered repeatedly, John just held his boy closer, not trusting his voice as a tirade of emotions ran through him, he had let his boys down, had let Mary down, they had gotten hurt.

"Sit facing the wall"

John hesitated, not wanting to leave himself at such a disadvantage, he snapped out of it when Sam screamed once more and he sat facing the wall.

"Well boys, its been fun, maybe some other time" The psycho said as he threw Sam into the room, slamming the door, quickly making his way out of the house through the window he had come in, escaping into the night.

John wanted nothing more than to go and kill the son of a bitch who hurt his sons, but Sams cries and the quickly forming pool of blood stopped him, he had to take care of his boys first.

John quickly untied Dean, giving him the once over, determining nothing serious, he turned back to his youngest, untying the ropes around his shaking form, quickly assessing the extent of damage. John winced as he looked over his youngest boys body, A missing finger nail, and the skin on his arm taken up, all minor and yet painful wounds. "Son of a bitch was torturing my sons' he thought to himself, he could feel tears welling up as his youngest continued to sob.

"Shh Sammy, its okay" John tried to sooth, he was never one to sooth Sam, and he was glad when Dean stepped in, running his hand through Sammy's hair as he talked quietly to his younger brother.

"Its okay Sammy, I've got you" the young hunter whispered, as his father continued to tend to Sams injuries. The truth was Dean wasn't sure if it was okay, his own hands were still shaking from what had just happened in the basement, he wasn't sure if he was shaking because of anger, or because of fear, but he didn't care.

'I'm going to kill the bitch who hurt you Sammy" Dean vowed as his brother cried on the basement floor.


Davy was long gone before John had even started to untie his boys, escaping into the night. He was pissed that his night had been cut short, his nights were never cut short and no one ever lived.

"Until next time boys" he seethed as he hunted for his next family.

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