The Princess of the Light and the Prince of the Vampires

A distressed princess was pacing in her room from hearing that she was engaged to the Demon Vampire Prince Darien. The prince lived in the far north in a castle that no one has ever seen only heard about. The princess, who was known to her court as Serenity but to her family and friends she was known as Serena, Serena was coming of age at 17 years old to be married. People that have met her say that her golden hair shines in the light and her beauty is not just skin deep. Also when looking into her sky blue eyes give off a more enticing look. The people who have seen the demon prince say that describing him is like describing a midnight sky. Darien's ebony hair and storm blue eyes add to his mystic. The prince's age is said to be 21 years old. The reason that princess Serena and prince Darien were going to be married was that Serena's people; the people of the light needed an alliance with the Vampire Kingdom.

Even though she hated the idea of having an arranged marriage without falling in love. The only reason she was doing this was so her people could have peace with the vampires. Also Serena's father was afraid that the Ware Wolf Kingdom would attack them. With the alliance with the Vampires the ware wolfs would not dare attack them because they have a peace treaty with the each other. Serena was wishing that she could marry the man who stole her heart. Little did she know he was the vampire prince that she was going to marry.

Back at Darien's Castle

The castle in which the vampires live is built into mountain; so you can see the top half and the then the castle descends down into the caverns below. Darien was pacing in his room think the same as Serena why do I have to marry this day walker. Even though it will be a great alliance I do not want to marry without being in love with the bride. Instead I want to marry the girl that stole my heart. Darien was thinking back to the time the girl who was on his thoughts a lot the past couple of days had first met.


Darien was talking to his generals Jed, Malcolm, Nathan, and Zach. They were at the party because on they were forced by their families and the other to introduced to business associates. When talking to his generals they told him about the princess of the light that she was really pretty and was kind. After a while Darien was getting tired of the dancing and music. He need some air to get away from it all for a little while before he had to come back into the ball. When he was outside he met up with a women that he thought was a vampire goddess. Her skin was frail and regal. The women's dress was black what was most accustomed to a vampire. The women spoke with a soft voice that was as soft as the wind. Darien himself not was not in his usual black clothes was wearing a red over cloak and a dark blue suit clothes that if a shade dark would have been black. Darien spoke to the women in a casual voice that could south a vampire's soul. It seems like she had not heard him speak. Since he thought she was talking to herself. She was talking about how she hated going to parties like these except that the only reason was she was their was because of Mina. When Darien said a hem a little louder this time she whirled around. The woman was surprised that she had company with her outside on the terrace. Darien introduced himself." Hello I'm Darien Shields." Then the women introduced her-self as Serenity Moon but said you can call me Serena all my friends do. Darien took her hand and kissed it. That was the plight thing to when introducing a man to a woman. Serena and Darien started to talk about life and every thing else not telling each what they truly were. Serena thought Darien a day walker an Darien thought Serena a vampire. So they had no reason to think other then their thoughts about the other. Darien said to Serena I think we have been talking for 2 hours, and no one has noticed we are out here so I think we should go back inside, but one at a time so no one can say anything of it. Serena thought about what Darien said and said that that was a good idea.

End Flashback