Ryoma is nervous, yeah, that's right he's nervous. Oh, it's not because he's taking his finals, which by the way he already finished way ahead of everybody else. It's because it's the last prom tomorrow.

"What if she says no? I'll be the laughing stock of everybody. Why do I care anyway?" He thought.

Sakuno is determined, determined the finish her test that is. She had to wake up early to study, since she couldn't study last night. She was up wondering if Ryoma would ever ask her to THE last dance of the year, considering they are seniors now. But no, no signs of it, sometimes she thinks he's just too dense.

"Sometimes? No, he's dense all the time." She said to herself.

She sighed, after all the trouble she went through picking out that simple but elegant pink dress. And it cost her this month's allowance too. Guess she won't be able to use it after all.

"30 minutes more. You guys better hustle up." The teacher said.

Sakuno snapped out of her daydreaming. She noticed some people looking at her weirdly.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing." One answered as the others smirked.

"Whatever." She replied, she didn't really have time for this. She needs to finish her test…like… NOW.

After awhile…

"Okay, last question…"

100. Sakuno, Ryoma wants to know if you'd like to go with him to the dance.

"OH MY GOD." Tomoka shouted, she also just read it.

Tomoka looked at Sakuno who still had her head down.

She looked up when she saw someone standing in front of her.

"Oi." Ryoma simply said, trying to hide his blush as he hands her a bouquet of red roses.

"Uhm…" She said silently as she also blushed profusely.

It didn't help that their classmates were whistling and saying things like "Go get her!" or

"Sweet lovers!" If Momo and Eiji were there you definitely could hear them say "Ah, so young…"

"Uhm? That's all you say? After I went through all that trouble?" Ryoma asked, getting frustrated as the seconds pass by. You can't blame him, he's been very nervous and stressed out after all.

She took his hand and stood up, leaning towards his face, so close Ryoma thought she would kiss him. Instead, she whispered "Yes, I would love to go to the dance with you." She then kissed his right cheek making him blush even more.

Sakuno let go of Ryoma's hand and started walking outside, Ryoma obediently following behind her ready to finish that little kiss she started.


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