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Shit. Shit, SHIT. The slam of the door signified the entering of one very angry eighteen-year-old. Oh, and he wasn't just angry, no: he was absolutely livid. In fact, he was so mad, the male was practically breathing fire. Why? WHY?

That was simple. One word, one simple word, and it was all over.


And suddenly, at the thought of that word, Bakura found himself wanted to punch in a damn wall. Of course, he had his reasons for this, but he wasn't quite ready to dispose of these yet because he was too pissed off to even think about it. Why in the hell did his life always have to suck so damn bad? Why did his life reek just like a decaying, curdling crotch? He felt as if he were in a ditch-no, not a ditch, that was too shallow. A trench. An endless trench with the shrieking of thousands of hungry, mad fat people just dying for one little, bittle bite of a Hostess snack, the smell of rotting swiss cheese filling every inch of the hellish pit.

…And of course, just to haunt him, there would be orange and sand just to remind him of what exactly he currently hated most right now. Growling, he smashed his head roughly against the wall to the entrance of the living room.



The click of a mouse filled the living room, signifying Bakura wasn't alone. 'Fuck', he thought to himself. That could only mean one thing…

"Awe, little brother, is something a matter? Do you need some loves? Come and tell big brother what it is-oh wait,. I already know…" Grinning to himself, Diabound had a feeling he was getting into a highly amusing situation. "So, Malik dumped you again, huh? Poor little boo…" Grin spreading from ear-to-ear, the elder male only continued to stare at the computer screen, placing the next lowest card atop a higher one. God, computer solitaire was a hoot; Diabound swore he could just sit there all day, enthralled by the simple, yet wonderful entertainment computer solitaire provided him.

...Which was exactly what he had been doing since he had awoken hours ago at noon.

"Shut the hell up, orange-glo!" Gritting his teeth, Bakura, now with a throbbing head and an annoyed brain was about to burst. Turning his head to his older, stupider brother, he wondered how many years he'd really go to jail for if he just took out a revolver and shot him right here and now. After all, it wasn't really a bad thing if it was helping society, was it?

"Awe, poor little Baku-Baku. So, what happened? Were you cheating on him again and dumb enough to get caught-or, OH! Did you actually catch him, finally? …I doubt it because you're too much of an idiot to actually stoop to that level of intellect. There's no way you'd be that intelligent and cunning." Diabound was about to get fucking beat if he didn't shut that fat mouth of his. He did NOT get dumped…again, and even if he had, it wasn't any of Diabound's business anyways! So what if he and his ex…possibly boyfriend had gotten into the stupidest fight ever, as usual. It wasn't his fault this time, just like it usually wasn't!

"I hope you do realize that big-ass nose of yours is about to get smashed in," He ground out to the elder unpleasantly, eyes slitting as he leant against the wall, arms now folded over his chest. At the comment, Diabound only found himself chuckling and having quite the ball, the victory of yet another solitaire game crisp in the air.

"Actually, my nose is no bigger than yours and I'm not sure you know the right surgical procedures to remove my nose or any fragments of it, so I'd rather not put my vanity into your hands, thanks." Bakura, unlike Diabound, was not finding this situation one bit hilarious. If anything, it was only furthering the abyss of Bakura's mood, any happy thoughts spiraling downwards to hell in a hand basket-a very angrily designed one. "Still though, it's too bad you're incapable of a relationship and a complete prick or I'd say there was hope for you but…" Cackling, Diabound knew he was in danger's grip now. His brother was dashing at him, ready to knock him upside the head. Unfortunately for Bakura, Diabound was rather fast, even though he had a bigger build. Before Bakura even had the chance to so much as swipe an ivory finger upon his crown, Diabound was crouched on the floor.

"I am going to fucking kill you, I swear!"

"Yeah, not so good of a chance of that since you can't even catch me, dip!" Bakura pushed the chair aside and was about ready to pounce atop Diabound, but yet again, he was foiled. Diabound crept right past the male and was dashing down the shadowy hall before Bakura's brown eyes even had the chance to blink.

"I'll catch you and when I do, you're going to die Dia'dick!" He took off after Diabound so fast, he didn't even notice something slightly strange. Had he been paying attention to his surroundings, he would've noticed the hall way seemed…shorter than usual. Because there were no lights on and he was overpowered with animosity, he didn't even catch that Diabound had done something quite underhanded. Opening his bedroom door, Diabound pushed the door so it extended straight out into the hallway, back pressed up against it so it could not be moved from place. Sadly, Bakura hadn't noticed any of this. Smacking up against the opposite side of the door, he bashed his head right into the wood, cursing out. "FUCK!"

Now, Diabound was rolling with laughter. He could barely keep his eyes open, tears threatening to fall. It was so funny! Oh Lord, how he loved to see his brother in moderate pain! Tearing down the hall, he took a sharp left and went up the stairs as fast as his legs could carry him. "O-Oh my god, you are such an idiot..!" Enraged and holding onto his now throbbing nose, he dashed down the hallway faster than ever, right on Diabound's tail.

Thankfully for Diabound, as he reached the top step, he couldn't help but think about how fortunate he was to have nothing obstructing his way in the upstairs hall. Tears were pouring from his eyes from laughing so hard he couldn't see a thing, save for the dim light of the early evening moon a single window gave off.

It hadn't always been like that upstairs though. Their mother and father used to have both the downstairs and upstairs hall absolutely littered with expensive cupboards and trinkets. Adversely, young boys and expensive antiques do not go well together. All it took was a 4 and 7 year old and any dreams of having nice things vanished. Always play fighting, ever since they were young, Bakura and Diabound had lost count of how many things they had broken beating each other up in their younger years.

After a while, their parents had gotten wiser though. They removed all their luxurious, priceless possessions-or the ones that were left anyway-and boxed them all up, sending them out to the garage until the fateful day came when either their boys grew up-or were moved out. For Bakura and Diabound's parents, the latter was a lot likelier. Even when they had aged a bit, Bakura 16 and Diabound 19, they were still thrashing through the entire house. Their mother had thought then that maybe they had lost interest and were beginning to grow up some. It turned out she was quite wrong though and she found that out the hard way.

A sculpture. A beautiful, expensive sculpture of which cost them at least $500, imported straight from Italy, standing 3 feet tall. It was set up right in front of the stairwell, leant up against the wall. Normally, this would've been back far enough to avoid any mishaps-yet not in Diabound and Bakura's case. It only took three days and one simple kick from Bakura when Diabound and he had started to fight upon the ground,wrestling. One little kick, and the sculpture went rolling down the stairs, a huge crash erupting through the house seconds later. It happened so fast, Bakura and Diabound hadn't even noticed until the sculpture had landed upon the hardwood flooring in hundreds of tiny pieces. That was one that their parents didn't so easily turn their heads upon. Thankfully at the time, Diabound was working at Target as an after school job and had the extra income to pay his half of the sculpture within a couple of weeks. His younger brother, however, had not been so lucky.

Unlike Diabound, Bakura had no motivation and was overly lazy, meaning he wasn't fortunate enough to have an after school job. He slaved his ass off, hand and foot for his mom for a whole month to pay off his 250 dollar fine. He did pedicures, he did dishes, he even learned to clean out gutters, just because. For the whole month, his mother had tortured him and wore him to the bone, even being forced to act as a butler for her weekly tea club. That was something that Diabound would never forget. That was one of the best months of his life so far. He had been so close to dying of laughter all month long; there wasn't a day he would come home and not end up in absolute tears, just watching his Brother suffer. It was his own damned fault, anyway. Even if Diabound had initiated the fight, Bakura had been the dumb ass who kicked the statue and made it fall down the stairs.

Hurrying, he made it just in time to the last room at the hall-Bakura's bedroom. Opening the door, he quickly lunged in and slammed the door, locking it just in time before Bakura could jump at it violently, dying to get in and abuse his older brother. Falling to the ground, Diabound let out a relieved sigh, leaning back against the bedroom door. God, he was tired! He could remember when he was younger a couple of years back, doing the exact same thing. Was it weird he was a lot more tired now doing this than he was then? Maybe it was just the quantity. Since they had gotten older, they only did this once a week versus every couple of days. It probably didn't help that he had a couple of beers before this too, making him increasingly drained. Either way, Bakura had undoubtedly made it up the stairs and now was…

Oh, wrong. He wasn't any seconds away from jumping at the door; only majorly predictable, but not all the way. "Get the hell out of my room you asshole! Come on this fucking instant!" Again, Bakura threw his body against the door, but to no avail. The door didn't budge and neither did Diabound. The only person who was truly suffering was Bakura, because now his side was starting to throb from hitting the door so hard. "I SAID GET OUT!" He hollered venomously, pounding his fist against the door. All Diabound did was give a light chuckle and yawn. The bastard yawned. Oh, he was so lucky Bakura couldn't get at him right now or he would've smothered Diabound with a damned pillow. That would teach the jerk to yawn in the middle of a fight!

"Mm, too tired. Give it up Bakura, you flunked." At the idea of losing a fight he had mainly initiated, Bakura suddenly had a surge of anger and began to kick and smack the door even more so.

"I did not! Quit being a pussy and get your fakebake-ass out here!" Diabound snorted, hand slipping inside his sweat's pocket. Stark white strands fell in front of his eyes as he leant his head down, smirking as he eyed the carpet beneath him. He never did get why Bakura always insisted on fighting until the absolute end. That was his brother though; beyond stubborn. It had always been that way, since he had been born. Their fights always ended about the same, in which, each both had an equal amount of bruises but the one who always got the last punch was Diabound. There were few times Diabound would actually surrender before his brother. Even now, it would've been the same if he had actually gotten up to go out there and kick his brother's ass. He was now bored though and too lazy to get up.

"Just give it up, Bakura. You don't want me to come out, you know. I'll beat your skinny ass down and you know it. Give it up. Big brother is tired and badly needs a Sam Adams. Be a dear and run down and get him one." Eyes slitting, Bakura gave the door one last good kick before he gave up-mostly because his body was in pain and he was out of breath now. Whatever. Diabound had won for now but later, when his brother wasn't paying attention, he'd make the ass pay. Slumping back against the door, Bakura slid down to the floor and brought his knees in to his chest, leaning against him. Ugh, he now had a bad headache from running into that fucking door. God, he wanted to kill his brother for that.

"Go get your own beer, bitch," Bakura murmured back calmly now, eyes closing. "By the way, you're lucky I am giving up. If that door was unlocked, I hope you know you'd be getting dropkicked right about now." Or at least, that's what Bakura would pretend. If Diabound really had the door open, he'd only think of yet another way to wound Bakura horridly. He always did; even if Bakura didn't say it, Diabound always was one step ahead.

"Don't you have any in your room? I always keep a six pack in mine just in case." Gazing to the ceiling for a moment, Diabound thought about his brother's room and where it would be. He was pretty sure Bakura always had some in there but hidden somewhere very secret. He had tried scoping it out before but hadn't been successful. Then again, how could a person find a thing in Bakura's bedroom since it was completely trashed?

Sinking down more so into his knees, Bakura gave a slight smirk. "Like I'd tell you. Especially after breaking my damn nose."

"It is not broken, baby. And why won't you tell me? You're just a selfish little shit. You know I would share with you if I had any." To this Bakura had to snort. Diabound almost always played some cruel joke on Bakura or made him do something ridiculous-IE: like snort up Altoids-before he'd even let him get near one.

"Bull. You aren't getting any. Besides, even if I did have a nice streak within me, I don't have any right now. Malik and I drank them all last night." And then, there was that topic he wanted to avoid-Malik. He still didn't feel like dealing with it. Even thinking about the name, the anger was starting to rise within him again. Oh well, it wasn't like there was anything he could do about it now. He didn't want to anyway, besides maybe to drown Malik in his own hot tub. The idiot would deserve it as far as Bakura thought.

"Ahh. You know, that seems to only ever be when Malik is nice to you, isn't it? That, and right after you gave him a good lay. Just bring your little whore a six pack and I'm sure he'd forgive you." Even if Diabound said it harshly, it was true. The only time Malik came around was when Bakura had beer or either Bakura or Diabound was having a party. The only time Malik actually came over was when Bakura had to come home just to get something and then they'd go back over there. But then, that was half his fault. A few months back when their parents had been out, Diabound had a small get-together and Malik had come. When Bakura had been knocked out from too much vodka upon the floor, Malik was left alone in Diabound's bedroom with him. Everybody else had been downstairs or fast asleep. At first, it had been innocent and the two were only talking and flirting a little, but then Malik came on to him. He started trying to kiss all over Diabound's neck and had attempted to get into his lap but Diabound had refused-not for a lack of not wanting to though. It felt good, especially since he was a little tipsy, and he couldn't lie, Malik really was gorgeous. He had wanted him but he wasn't about to actually give in to his urges. Number one; Malik was 16 and Diabound was 20. Diabound knew Malik was a little too young for him, besides the most important part; Malik was Bakura's boyfriend and that alone was enough to keep him from touching Malik. Even if it wasn't his brother's boyfriend, he still wouldn't have touched him. As any self-respecting future psychologist, he was a little too smart to play that card. Even if he didn't like relationships or want one, touching something that wasn't his or wasn't free was 100 percent not going to happen. When Malik had kept insisting and kept trying, he had to tell the male off and had told him he'd tell Bakura if he didn't quit. Malik wouldn't have wanted that. Even if Bakura was a jerk, he was a jerk who was wrapped around Malik's selfish little finger and Malik wouldn't have wanted to lose someone who would do anything for him.

"So what? At least I can actually get and keep a boyfriend, 'Kay thanks-"

"Says the male who just got dumped."

"He didn't dump me, dammit!"

"Then what the hell happened?"

"…Fuck off." Bakura rolled ember depths. "So he did dump me."

Snorting, Diabound proudly wrapped his arms behind his neck. So he had been right, as figured. Malik had either gotten bored, started a fight, or had been pissed because Bakura caught him in the act; one of the three. "So what did my poor little brother do to deserve such a crime?"

This really wasn't Diabound's business. He really did not want to tell him. Yet at the same time, if he didn't tell him now, Diabound would piss and moan until Bakura did say it. Giving up, Bakura let out a sigh. "I went over there after class, right? I didn't call first because I wanted to surprise the mofo because he had gotten pissy on the phone with me the night before. I was going to apologize and hopefully get some but…when I got up to the door, I heard noises. I pressed my ear against the door and I heard moaning, obviously Malik's. I opened his door with a grin and caught him right there, making out with Varon. Varon, like the little wussy he is, quickly fled the room and ran for the backdoor while Malik just sat there, looking guilty. I called him out and then he fucking dared to tell me it was my own fault and I made him do that because I was always so cruel to him. He told me he needed his space and said I needed to leave. So…I kicked over his sister's lamp and left. That bitch never liked me anyway."

Diabound stared to the wall opposite him. It figured. It definitely sounded like Malik; complete bullshit. How his brother could even have dealt with a relationship like that, he'd never understand. Actually, that wasn't even the first. All of his boyfriends always ended up the same; they were always complete sluts who were largely superficial and only liked his brother for his crotch size. "You didn't even say anything though? Did you yell at him?"

Shrugging, Bakura leant back against the door. "Nah, no point. Not saying anything only pisses him off further. Just told him the only thing he was good at was being on his knees calmly and left. I don't really care. I'm just pissed because on the way home I thought about all the beer and money I've wasted on his nasty self and how many times I've taken him back to have him do alike things. I'm just tired of it. Ugh; for once I'd like to date someone who isn't completely insane but shares a love of screwing and alcohol." But that combination was quite hard to come by. Hell, he would've even taken someone who only liked screwing, but no. Everybody always had these stupid ass morals and any gay guys who didn't were such queens he couldn't believe they hadn't spawned vaginas of their own. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was womanly men. If he wanted to date a woman, he would've picked the real thing.

"Well…" Diabound lifted a hand to drum his fingers along his chin. Even know his brother said that, he still thought somewhere in that black little heart of his, he actually did hurt, even if it was only a little. They had been together for a while and even know they didn't agree on a thing, they were close-or Malik was as close as anyone could get to Bakura, anyway. "We could always date or…for once you could take my damn advice and let me hook you up with someone."

Scoffing, Bakura rolled his eyes. "Hell no. I am not pathetic and I do not need your help on finding dates. If I wanted a corner whore, I could go buy my own." Now it was Diabound's turn to roll his eyes. Why did Bakura always have to be so persistent with that? He wasn't -trying- to get Bakura someone to sleep with-well only-he was actually trying to set him up with someone his brother would actually be able to have a real relationship with. Of course, Bakura was an idiot and couldn't take the fact that his judgment sucked. Besides, for once, Diabound already had the perfect person in mind.

"I'm not going to the corner. If I did that, I'd only find Malik or any of your other exes and please! Just this once. I started working with this new boy at Target who just started a few months ago. He's cute as hell, sickeningly sweet, and badly needs to get laid so he can lose some of his innocence. It'd be a good change for you to actually date someone who isn't a complete airhead and does not has mental issues! He's into a lot of the same things as you and really sounds like he's interested in you from the stories I tell him-which I don't know why he would be since you're a complete dip, but anyway!" Diabound digressed, "Please! If you say no, I promise you'll regret it."

Bakura was beginning to grow annoyed. He wasn't going to take his brother's charity. Besides, there was no way anyone who was like that would ever be with him, nor would he want anyone to. There was nothing boringer than dating someone who was completely and utterly normal and bland, with no life besides work or school. He knew he'd be like that too because that was always the kind Diabound picked out. Diabound liked nerds and Bakura liked sluts, which were equally the same. At least Bakura's dates actually knew how to be sexy and would sleep with him without too much effort. Easy; Bakura liked having an easy life and anything that wasn't easy didn't fit. Besides, it was probably a joke anyway and this person would be hideous and the only thing anyone would get out of it would be a good laugh, because Diabound would die when he watched his Brother actually have to take this freak show of his out. "No fuckin' way. It'd be a waste of my time. I don't want to spend any amount of time trying to romance some loser. I'd rather spend a night alone with my hand, thanks." Diabound snorted.

"Whatever Bakura, it's your loss. Keep being miserable then. Just know, you're missing out on someone who is the sexiest thing I have ever seen."

"Don't give a shit." Standing up, Bakura stretched out his arms above his head with a yawn. "I'm out. I'm bored and it's time to go and get me some food."


Little did Bakura know, Diabound hadn't quite given up so easily.

Sitting in the break room, Diabound lifted tired feet to rest upon the table where the remnants of his lunch were. Sliding a hand into his pocket, he looked over at his companion who was busy gazing over a thick textbook, undoubtably studying. "Hey, Ryou?"

Looking up from the book, the whitette's glasses-covered eyes met Diabound's. "Oh! Sorry, I was just trying to get this read before I went home tonight. What is it though?"

Laughing softly, Diabound shook his head. "It's fine Ryou. I just had a quick question. You said before you were valedictorian of your high school, right?" Ryou blinked, giving a light nod.

"Yeah, I was. Why?" Grinning slightly at the plan formed in his head, blood red eyes turned back to looking at the ceiling.

"Well, I have this cousin who's really bad at math…"

"Oh?" Curiously, Ryou tilted his head to the side. "Aren't you good at math too though?"

"Well, I am but I think you'd be able to explain it to him better! He's a bit dense and I just don't have the same amount of patience as you. You made me understand those theories last month so well that I thought anyone would be able to understand! I know it's a big burden to place on you but if he doesn't get at least a B out of the class, my cousin can't go to England with his friends for his Senior break and the poor guy!" Diabound exclaimed, "He has been looking forward to it for so long. They've been planning this since they were freshman! I'd even be willing to pay you! Ryou, it'd mean so much not only to me-but to my entire family-if you'd help us out!" Ryou, obviously a little moved by this, immediately nodded. In his head, Dianound was -laughing-. Oh chaste little Ryou, always too nice for his own good.

"Of course I will and you don't need to pay me! I can even come down tomorrow at about 4 pm to start if that would work out?" Diabound grinned. 'Victory.'

"It's perfect. I'll go ahead and write you down the address."


And so Wednesday rolled around and Ryou was there early. At 3:45, he knocked on the door only to have Diabound answer. Giving Ryou a sly smile, he welcomed the male in. "Sorry, my cousin isn't quite here yet! He should be here any minute though. I hope you don't mind waiting?" As Ryou stepped in, he took off his shoes and gave his head a shake.

"Oh no! It's fine, really! I don't mind at all!" Ryou insisted, waving a hand to dramatize this fact. Besides, it wasn't like he had anything better anyway. He had classes earlier but he had already gotten the work done and over with. If he didn't tutor Diabound's cousin, he probably would've sat at home and played video games or watched the History channel or even Oprah. Sadly, he didn't have much of a life besides school and work, especially now that he was in college. Ryou Nagisa's friends had all been split up since graduation so any free time was just spent at home.

"Good! So how about I go get you something to drink or eat? Chips, soda, cereal, real food, Bud Ice?" At the last, Ryou smiled and shook his head.

"Just soda is fine! Chips if they're sour cream and onion?" Diabound grinned. This was already too perfect for words. "By the way, this is a really nice house!"

"Thanks, I'll tell my parents you feel that way and you're in luck because that is all we have since it's my brother's favorite kind. Go ahead and have a seat or something and watch some TV or whatever and I'll be back!" Ryou nodded and padded through the entrance hall into the living room. It was very clean and modern, the whole room decorated in creams and whites. The tables were all glass with black and the sofa, as white as snow, reminding him of Diabound's hair. Taking a seat, Ryou decided the couch was actually very comfortable though it looked a bit hard if you just eyed it. Setting his messenger bag beside him, he reached in to take out a small folder containing old work of his and some good examples of problems that he thought Diabound's cousin might be having trouble with. He also had spent time writing out examples and explaining in writing how to figure out different kinds of problems. Yeah, he had a lot of free time, but he also really wanted to help out Diabound and his family. Besides, if he were in the same place, he would've hoped one of his cousins would've done the same for him.

Setting the items on the table, he then relaxed back, eyes focusing on the TV which was currently set to a channel playing music videos. A hand slipped into his baby blue track jacket pocket and he fell victim to the strange, yet entertaining video from some female artist he'd never seen. Then again, music wasn't ever something Ryou was really on top of so he supposed it fit. Before the video even ended, Diabound was on his way back out, carrying a bag of chips and two sodas, both grape flavor. Seeing this, Ryou smiled and look up to the male. "Geez, this is the perfect house for me! I swear your brother and I are soul mates since we seem to have the same taste in everything!"

Nodding, a mischievous look dawned in Diabound's eyes, along with a grin. "Mm, I'd have to agree." Sitting down, he handed Ryou the soda and set the other on the table for his 'cousin' who was due to arrive at any moment.

"Does your cousin like grape too or is that just the only flavor there is?"

"Oh, he loves it. A lot of my family seems to like grape-flavoring, I guess. They're all a little strange, ne?" The poor boy, he really wasn't getting it. There were not that many people in the world that could stand a soda as disgusting as grape. No way were there ever going to be two people in one family who agreed on that! Turning to the table, his eyes spotted some papers neatly tucked into a folder. Extending a hand, Diabound dared to look in, feeling a little guilty when he saw the contents. The boy had actually hand-written out math notes, and at least six or so pages of them for his cousin who didn't even exist. Ryou really was too thoughtful for words. Diabound wasn't sure Bakura was going to be able to handle someone who wasn't an ounce selfish. His poor brother might actually have to get used to being around people who thought about other things than themselves.

Smiling at the screen, Ryou hummed along to one of his favorite bands whose video happened to play. "I love Balzac so much!"

"Funny you should say that... So does my brother."


Five minutes later, the door opened and a certain male stomped into the house, glaring at the tiled flooring. Once again, he was livid beyond belief. His day had sucked and the call from Malik telling him all his stuff would be out in the yard was no less irritating. His favorite sweatshirt was now covered in mud thanks to his idiot ex-boyfriend 'cluelessly' tossing it into the muddiest part of his yard. Just for that, he had taken the Ipod Malik had let him borrow, and had given it a swimming lesson in the same exact puddle. At least he had been able to get his revenge, and oh Malik was going to be pissed when he found it. Oh fucking well though, he didn't give a damn anymore. They were over and done with and he couldn't have given less of a fuck. Really.

Kicking off his white and black checkered vans, Bakura entered the living room with a yawn. Besides, even without Malik, the customer he had worked with was a pain. He didn't get how to use a computer at all so Bakura had not only had to explain the difference between drives, he had to show the male what 'copy and paste' was. Ugh; how Bakura hated old people who didn't get computers at all. It really wasn't that damn complicated! People who didn't have basic skills with a computer just needed to die because their life was pointless. It was then that he entered the room and found two people sitting on the couch together, laughing. One was his idiot brother but one was…someone he'd never seen before, not in a million years. If Bakura had ever seen a face like that before, well…

He'd have remembered in an instant. His eyes met the prettiest mocha hues he had ever witnessed and suddenly, his mind was blank. There was no way to describe the attractiveness of this boy besides fucking gorgeous. Why was it that when he had met this male's eyes, the room had seemed like it had stopped?

Upon the couch, Diabound instantly noticed this. 'That is what you get for not taking my advice, mofo. I knew you'd want him the moment you saw him. Why is it I am such a damn genius but no one but me notices?' Ryou, on the other hand, was too busy staring at Bakura to do a thing. Was this Diabound's cousin, Alfred? He didn't look only seventeen, not to Ryou. But then, he also didn't look like only Diabound's cousin. They looked so much alike, Ryou could've sworn they were brothers. But…Diabound had said his cousin was a bit hard on the eyes. Why was the male in front of him so undeniably attractive? As they had an eye lock, Ryou immediately felt his cheeks warm. He wanted to turn away, but he found he couldn't. It was like he was stunned and the only thing he could do was look upon the male before him.

'What am I going to do? I c-can't like Diabound's cousin!'

"Ahh, and here he is! Ryou, this is my younger cousin Alfred, or Alfredo as he is really named and usually insists on being called; I'm sure in no time at all though, you'll hit it off and be able to call him Alfred, like me." Diabound grinned sheepishly as he turned to stare at his brother, who was now suddenly very confounded. 'What the fuck is going on?' Bakura might have been thinking this privately, but anyone who even so much as glanced at Bakura would've been able to tell.

Ryou smiled shyly and turned away, mostly because he knew his face was a cherry-hue. "Well, i-it's really nice to meet you Alfredo. I'm looking forward to tutoring you for math! I'll try my hardest so you'll understand, okay?" Bakura then turned to Ryou, awestricken. What the hell was this Alfredo and why was he going to be taught math? Sure, Bakura wasn't that great at it but he had been good enough to make C's! Most importantly though, why were they calling him that ridiculous name! Was that seriously the best his brother could come up with?! Out of all the names in the world, Diabound's stupid ass head could only think of a type of pasta?

Turning back to Diabound, Bakura's eyes glowered. "Just go along with it!" Diabound mouthed, urging him to continue on. Hopefully, his brother was at least smart enough to get that. He wanted him to talk to Ryou before he started freaking out-and he would. Nodding hesitantly, Bakura's ember depths turned back to Ryou, moving to the couch to sit beside him.

"Thanks…Ryou. I'm looking forward to learning about math too?" He replied a bit questionably. Still, Alfredo? What the hell? Was that -seriously- the best name Diabound could think of?

Ryou looked up to take a peak at Bakura. Little did he know, Bakura's eyes were on him, too. Once again, when their eyes met, Ryou found his heart hammering in his chest. 'Why does this person's gaze make me feel this way?' Smiling shakily, Ryou turned to pick up the folder on the table. Bakura's eyes followed Ryou's hand, peering the folder. Why did he have a feeling Ryou had spent a long time planning for something that wasn't even going to happen? "I made you this packet of notes to help you out when I'm not around!" 'Well, if things go my way, there won't be a time when you won't be around.'

"Ehh, thanks. These look like they could be really...helpful." Opening up the packet, Bakura's eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he saw how intricate the notes really were. Ryou had taken everything into account. There wasn't a thing not on these notes. This kid seriously had to be a damned genius or else really weird to know all this and precisely! Not to mention, his hand writing was so bubbly and nice.

"Well, Alfredo, Ryou; you two go ahead and work and I'll be in my room, finishing up some things!" Diabound chimed, moving to stand. His hands slid into his jeans pockets and he grinned to himself as he exited the room, leaving the two alone. Doing this made Bakura realize how close he and Ryou were. He could make out every feature of Ryou from his silky ivory locks to the ethereal fingers he possessed. His skin was so angelic and porcelain, Bakura almost couldn't believe it. Never did he think he had ever seen anyone with such lovely features. He had to get to know this boy better but before that, he had to find out why the fuck he had to meet Ryou by being an idiot who needed help with math.

"So…how do you know my br-cousin?" Bakura almost let brother slip. He didn't want to sound gangster, so he tried to stop himself before that could happen. After all, he wanted Ryou to like him, not think he was out of his mind.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Smiling, Ryou lifted a hand to brush some strands behind his ear to see Bakura better. "I thought maybe Diabound had told you. We work together and he told me your story and that you needed help really badly and I really wanted to help so you would be able to go!" It took Bakura a few seconds to realize exactly why Diabound had to make up this story. …Shit. He was an idiot. Why hadn't he just agreed when Diabound had asked him in the first place? Then he could've met this little morsel sooner and Malik would've been nothing but a memory of the past.

"Ahh. And…do you like working with him?" Ryou nodded, hands folding in his lap.

"A lot! Diabound really helped me out when I started there and he's really cool to be around!" Ugh; hearing that almost made Bakura wanna vomit. If there was one thing his brother wasn't, it was cool. But to dig a little further…

"And did he tell you he had a brother?" He figured Diabound probably hadn't mentioned him, but it was worth a shot. Actually, it was probably better if he hadn't asked, now that he thought about it. Diabound would probably make him sound like a big dickhead.

"Yes! Bakura; me and him...we...like a lot of the same things. Diabound talks about him a lot. I think…Diabound is really close with his little brother." Pausing, Ryou lifted up a hand to drum fingers along his chin. "He says he's…one of the only people who really understands him because Bakura is very complex. He sounds like…a really interesting person to me. I don't know though, would you say all of that is true?" Bakura eyed the other, trying not to look too surprised. So Diabound didn't talk complete trash about him? He was surprised. Maybe it was because he had been setting the two up all along? Still, did Diabound understand him? He really didn't know. All he knew was that whenever he had a problem, he always went to his older brother and usually, things worked out for the better.

But…did Diabound really say they were close? Were they really? Bakura had never thought about it. All he knew was he and his brother were together a lot, so maybe that made it true.

"Huh. Yeah…that might be true for the most part. So, have you been wanting to meet Bakura, Ryou?" Ryou blinked at this question. It was a little strange to be asked that, but he supposed it was just because his cousin was curious. He had wanted to meet Bakura, but he had never really told Diabound that. He was sure Bakura wasn't his type though, from how Diabound explained him-but they seemed to have so much in common! Ryou couldn't help himself; it still would've been fun to find out exactly what this Bakura-person could've been like.

"I suppose so. But uhm…did you wanna get started soon?" Ryou asked innocently, head canting to the side. Bakura bit his lip, trying to keep himself from laughing. Ryou still thought he was Alfredo. Who would name their kid that? Didn't Ryou see right through this?

"Ryou…" Bakura set the math folder aside with a sigh and took one of Ryou's hands within his. Ryou froze and peered from Bakura's hand to the folder. Alfredo's hand was so warm and having him touching Ryou made a shiver run throughout him. Why was he being affected so much from this?

"Y-Yes, Alfredo…?"

Bakura eyed the other male seriously for a moment."How many people actually name their kids Alfredo?" Ryou went blank at this. Was he really supposed to answer that? He thought the name was a bit strange but he wasn't one to be mean or judgmental. After all, Alfredo hadn't picked his name out, his parents had.


Shaking his head, Bakura gave his eyes a roll. "Ryou, Diabound lied to you." Eyes widening, Ryou stared at the other.

"He…lied?" He countered cluelessly.

"Yes." Sighing heavily, Bakura gave Ryou's hand a squeeze. "You see…I was having problems…with my ex, Malik, so Diabound attempted to set me up with you. I told him 'hell no' though because I figured it would probably be some sort of stupid joke and he'd set me up with a little freak. But…I have to say," Pausing, his eyes gave Ryou a full body scan. "I was wrong. You actually are as cute-if not moreso-than he said." Ryou wasn't sure how to take this in. So…this wasn't Alfredo? Then who…

Ryou gasped, face flushing. He was so stupid… How did he not realize it before? He felt so embarrassed now that he had fallen for it and hadn't figured it out! He was just…like Diabound described. Shaking his head, Ryou set his face in his free hand, grinning a bit shakily. "I feel like…such a fool." Yet, for the first time in his life, Ryou wasn't sure he had ever been more relieved to have acted in such a way. Yes, he had wanted to meet Bakura before, but now that he had, it was worth every moment of his obliviousness and the time he had wasted on those notes. This male…he made him feel something he hadn't, possibly ever. Besides, Bakura had just called him…cute? As cute as Diabound had said he was? What did that mean? That Bakura…

"Mm, well…it was all in good nature, wasn't it?" Bakura purred back, hand now fully taking Ryou's in his own. Soft eyes peered up into his own questionably, as if to see what Bakura's next move would be. Their fingers laced and suddenly, Bakura knew he was heading right in the direction he wanted to go.

"Is that…what you would say?" Where was this leading to? Why was holding this male's hand making Ryou's heart absolutely pound within his chest? His lips parted, forming an 'o' shape as Bakura's free hand came to glide a gentle finger tip across his jaw. Bakura's eyes washed over Ryou's face in an elusive manner and an aloof smirk spread across his lips.

"I'd say…" Trailing off huskily, this sentence was never quite answered because before another word could get out of Bakura's mouth, his lips were gently pressed up against Ryou's. It didn't matter that they had only met minutes before. Already, Bakura was hooked. Obviously Ryou wasn't too disappointed with this fact either because he was kissing right back. It wasn't more than a second before a breathy moan was leaving Ryou's throat and he was pressing himself closer to Bakura, free hand grasping Bakura's shoulder to pull him in closer.

'Fuck…how can someone be so damn -delicious-?' Another mewl left Ryou's mouth and Bakura was much closer than before now, pressing Ryouback into the couch forcefully, regaining his dominance. His tongue slid out and gave Ryou's bottom lick a lap and right away, he was accepted. Entering the boy's mouth, a small growl of delight escaped him. Bakura pressed on doing whatever he could just to get more of the sweet taste of the boy, kissing him senseless.

'Oh m-my god, what am I doing? Why a-am I…ahn…' "Bakura," an airy mewl and one quick breath, and Bakura was attacking Ryou's mouth again, tongue sweeping against Ryou's, showing him wordlessly how much he desired the male. Ryou didn't even know what to think. This wasn't the type of person he was! Never before had he done anything to this extent! Sure, he had liked other males and had relationships before, but never had he actually let anyone kiss him without actually being with them first! He hadn't even thought about it because to him, it was just plain wrong. Yet…with Bakura, and this unbelievably warm, tantalizing scent he was giving off…

Ryou wasn't satisfied; he wanted more. This was so unlike him; why was Bakura making him do this? Fingers trailed down Ryou's side, sparking a flame within Ryou. Bakura's fingers had managed to rummage over one of the boy's sensitive sides and Ryou couldn't help but shiver. Bakura couldn't help himself though; he couldn't keep his hands off Ryou, not even if he wanted to. Even as he managed to press Ryou down further, almost practically laying atop the boy, it wasn't enough. Bakura needed him and he had a mind to get exactly what he wanted. Letting Ryou breathe, his mouth began to press fluttery kisses down Ryou's jaw line to his throat. A number of soft, unsure moans left Ryou's mouth. He knew they shouldn't be doing this, especially in somewhere as public as the living room couch but it felt so unbelievably right. How could he make Bakura stop when he was loving it so much?

Nibbling along Ryou's neck, Ryou knew he had to stop this soon or else he wasn't sure he'd be able to stop. A cry left Ryou, and he was abruptly clinging to Bakura's lithe figure, pressing him closer. 'Nothing has ever f-felt this good… Please, never stop.' This thought never evaporated from Ryou's mind, even as Bakura's hands dared to sneak up under his clothing. Feeling Bakura's appendages against his skin made him writhe. Never in his life could he remember someone's hands making him feel so unblessedly weak.

"Ryou…" Bakura whispered against the creamy flesh of Ryou's throat. Pressing little kisses to the small bites along Ryou's neck, Bakura gave the skin a nuzzle with his nose tip, making goose bumps form all over Ryou's body.

"I…I-I…" Ryou tried to form sentences, yet this second, words seemed to be failing him. He didn't know what to say. This situation was so awkward, yet somehow, even if he couldn't speak, he couldn't actually stop. Hungry lips pressed against his own and suddenly they were making out again, passion looming all around them.


Coming out of his bedroom, Diabound decided it was about time he checked on the two. He had a feeling he had been right in setting that up, at least with the way his brother was eyeing Ryou. Shit, he'd never seen his brother undress anyone with his eyes quite like he had Ryou. He could tell his brother was horny from just seeing Ryou's face for a split second. With the way Bakura had been eyeing him, there was no way nothing happened.

Padding out and down the hall, Diabound peeked his head into the living room. He didn't see a thing from the couch. The only sounds coming were the living room was the soft lull of Hilary Duff's vocal styling and what was that? A soft, lulling cry and the shuffle of bodies.

Grinning wildly, Diabound took a step closer. 'Perfect'. God, he was a damned genius. He swore he deserved some kind of award for this sort of thing. There Ryou and Bakura were, practically getting it on laying on the couch, eating each other's faces off. Snorting, Diabound set a tanned hand upon his hip amusedly. "Ahh…this must be a new method of tutoring?"

Not even hearing the entrance of Diabound, Bakura and Ryou practically took a dive off the couch. A blush spread rapidly across Ryou's cheeks making him turn the color of a ripe tomato. Bakura wasn't quite embarrassed but was just growing plain irritated, because he was so into it and his brother had to just waltz in and fucking blow it.

"D-Diabound! Oh, u-uhm…" Ryou turned away, hands crossing on his lap, eyes burning a whole in the carpet. What had he just been doing?

Rolling his eyes, a sulk formed on Bakura's lips as he glared to his brother. "Shit, this was your idea! The least you could do is stay the hell away!" 'Just wait until Ryou leaves. I'm going to murder you for ruining that and then absolutely bow down to you for even bringing him here.'

Diabound chuckled, gazing between the two with a proud smirk. Bakura owed him big time for this and he hoped his little brother knew that. At least now the first task was out of the way. They were both already extremely into each other and he was sure before the night was over, Bakura would make sure Ryou left his. The only problem after that was how to teach Bakura to treat Ryou the way he deserved and not like the little pieces of trash he had dated before. He'd make Bakura fall deeply for Ryou, he was already sure of that. The hardest part was definitely going to be getting Bakura to actually be able to keep Ryou without breaking his heart. He had confidence though. Bakura would learn and who knew? Maybe his gut feeling wasn't the only reason he felt he should bring the two together. Maybe for Bakura, Ryou could be…everything. That was a bit off though. For now, he just wanted to make sure they were together. "Jeez, little bro, you could at least be the littlest bit thankful!" Gasping, as if surprised by this outburst, he turned around, throwing a hand dramatically in the air. "You never appreciate my efforts, do you Bakura!" Snickering, he dashed back to his bedroom, leaving the two alone again. Now all he had to do was wait for Ryou to leave and see just how it went. If he was right, Bakura would be wrapped around Ryou's innocent finger in no time.

"Ugh…" Bakura shook his head, resting his forehead in the palm of his hand. Even he hadn't meant to let himself get that out-of-control. If he had known he was going to feel like that and not be able to stop, he would've taken Ryou up to his room sooner. He realized now that Ryou was being very silent. He felt a little worried, eyes turning to look over him. Ryou's hair was a tousled mess and the blush still hadn't left him completely. He was staring at the ground, as if afraid to look up. 'I wonder…what he's thinking.' Reaching his hand over, he set it atop one of Ryou's palms, making the boy look his way. "How about we go upstairs, mm? Obviously we won't be left alone down here."

But…should he go? Ryou had this strange feeling welling in his stomach, as if he should leave. Meeting Bakura's eyes, he wondered what would go on if he went up there. Would they start that all over again? How far would Bakura take him and if…he couldn't stop it, would they go all the way? He didn't want to go though. He wanted to see where this was headed and be able to spend more time with him. Did Bakura want that too or was Bakura only taking him because he was offering himself freely?

Sensing Ryou's hesitance, Bakura leant in to place a kiss on the corner of Ryou's mouth. Smiling slightly, he moved to stand, tugging Ryou's hand for him to do the same. "We don't have to do anything but you can't turn me down yet. I haven't even gotten the chance to annoy you." Ryou, at this gentle tug, managed a smile of relief.

"Alright…" Standing as well, he let Bakura lead him to the hallway feeling a bit more self-assured.

"So Ryou," Bakura started as they made their way up the stairway. "How old are you anyway?" He thought Ryou was at least 17 but he wasn't for sure. Ryou looked extremely youthful so he could've been even younger. He hoped Ryou wasn't, though. Dating someone under 17 just seemed a bit funny to him. He didn't want to be seen as some sort of pervert.

"18. I just turned 18...the same day as you." Raising an eyebrow, Bakura turned to his quieter count part as they reached the top of the stairs.

"Really?" Ryou gave a soft nod. That was weird. How many times does it so happen that you actually meet someone with the same birthday as yours and actually like them?

"Yes, I think it's a bit strange but…" Making eye contact as Ryou stepped in closer, the shy boy stood up on the balls of his feet, pressing a small kiss to Bakura's chin. "I think…it also makes you so much more alluring." He gave Bakura a timid smile, eyes peering from Bakura to the floor in front of him.

Smirking slightly, Bakura's hand rose and he let finger pads draw along Ryou's soft cheek. "Does it now?" Tilting into the warm touch, Ryou gave a quiet nod, teeth beginning to nibble at his own bottom lip in anticipation. Placid chocolate orbs shifted upwards to lock with Bakura's own eyes. Bakura already wanted to kiss the life out of Ryou again. Ryou didn't even have to do a thing to be sexy. Here he was, just being rather shy and Bakura was already so turned on. Fuck. A conflict was arising though. He could either do it like he usually did and go with what his body wanted…but that could end up pushing Ryou away and screwing him out of something that could be very great. How long could he wait before getting that though and would he really be able to hold out? For once in his life, he had to try. 'I think…I could handle a challenge.' And it was set. Instead of attempting to get into Ryou's pants, he'd play a different card and get to know the boy a bit first. 'Damn drool-worthy boy and his morals…'

Breaking the eye contact, he gave Ryou's hand a squeeze and led him into his bedroom.


Bakura's bedroom was just as messy as one might've expected. It was chaotic, just like he was. The walls were halfway painted a dark pine green. The paint stopped half way across the ceiling though unevenly and one and a half walls still were not done. In fact, Bakura wasn't sure they'd ever get done. Two years ago, his friends and he had started to paint his wall, but had taken to have a drink or two instead, and it just sort-of went on from there. His parents used to yell and fight with him to get it done since they had paid for the paint but…after a year, they had just given up. If Bakura wanted his room to look like a disaster, there wasn't a thing they could to do stop it.

Papers, magazines, soda cans, old wrappers, and clothing both clean and dirty were spread out all over his room, even atop his dressers. There were a couple of old ramen noodle cups that especially caught Ryou's eye. They both had sat there so long, the remaining broth and noodles had turned a mossy green color. This made Ryou's nose wrinkle. He didn't want to say anything, but just being in this room made Ryou want to start cleaning. Even Bakura's bed was a mess! His twin size mattress was showing and the actual sheets were joined with everything else upon the floor. Half of the bed was covered in clothing and shoes and the other half…

One Batman comforter was sprawled out lazily across where Bakura obviously laid, along with two pillows which were plain black. The real comforter for Bakura's bed was…Ryou gazed around the room, astounded. It was beneath Bakura's stereo, which had obviously gotten knocked down to the floor somehow. Instead of picking it up and placing it back on the dresser where it had been, he just turned it the right way and left it there.

The strangest part? The only thing that was actually clean was his computer desk. The whole thing was very tidy, the only thing atop besides the actual computer being a pop can. "Ehh, sorry it's kinda sick in here. I always mean to clean but…" Shrugging, Bakura gave a light laugh. "I never quite got to it." He let go of Ryou's hand in case the boy wanted to look around, and jumped atop his comfortable, yet disarrayed bed.

A smile spread on Ryou's face. He hoped Bakura wouldn't get mad at him for asking but… "How long has it been since you even attempted to pick up?"

A blank look crossed Bakura's face. When -was- the last time he had actually tried to clean? It wasn't over the Summer because he had either been with Malik or working. It wasn't Christmas because he and his family had gone out to Osaka to visit relatives. It wasn't last Summer either because… "Uhh…at least a year or so?" He replied cluelessly, gazing to the boy.

Ryou couldn't help himself. He let out a soft laugh, shaking his head as he made him way to the bed, sitting beside Bakura. "Seriously? Doesn't it…ever bug you?" Wrinkling his nose, Bakura shook his head.

"Nah, I only really come in here to use my computer. I'm never at home usually. I'm either at friend's or…I was at Malik's. This is probably the longest time I've been home in a while, these past few days." All thanks to someone being an absolute idiot. It was weird though, from the moment he had seen Ryou, Malik hadn't even crossed his mind until that second.

"Oh, I see. I guess it's just different for me! I uhm…kinda stay home a lot and I've always been a bit of a neat-freak, mostly because I love to clean for some reason. I'm sure that makes me seem crazy but…" Ryou smiled, turning away from Bakura to look over the room again. Even know they had just met, now that they were talking, it wasn't that hard to actually converse with Bakura.

"Yeah, that does make you a little insane." Nudging Ryou with his shoulder, he smirked slightly at the boy. "Well, you're welcome to stay around and make all the fun out of cleaning my room you like." He was only half-kidding, too. It would be nice to actually be able to find his things, for the first time in his life. If his room wasn't so horrible, he might have actually cleaned himself, but hell. The floor was at least a few inches deep in clutter. It would literally take a complete weekend to just be able to see the damned floor again!

"Well…if you wanted me to…come over again, I would." Biting his lower lip nervously, Ryou felt a little dorky for saying that. If it took cleaning Bakura's room to see the male again, he couldn't lie; he'd clean the whole house and yard just to be able to see Bakura.

"Then, I guess it's settled, isn't it?" Grinning, Bakura wrapped an arm lightly around Ryou's shoulders. "Friday night, after we go out, you'll just have to come back and spend all weekend here, won't you? It's going to take that long to clean this mofo. I can't promise I'll help the whole time, but I can promise to find other ways to keep you entertained and make you food…" Leaning in, Bakura nudged against Ryou's ear with his nose, purring slightly. Ryou, smiling wholeheartedly turned around and gave a vigorous nod.

"Definitely but…what about after the weekend?" Ryou asked curiously. Bakura gave the other a hollow look.

"What about it? I would think you'd already know…it's going to need plenty of upkeep…" Pressing his lips against Ryou's lips, Bakura brushed his nose against the boy's own, making Ryou grin. "Ryou-mine, you're a little dense, aren't you?"

"Maybe a little…but Bakura?"


A serious look spawned on Ryou's face. "Can I please get rid of those Cup O' Noodles cups today?"

Laughing, Bakura kissed the boy again. "I thought those helped decorate the room quite nicely though-they match the carpets. You can get rid of whatever you want to in this hellhole, as long as you don't throw away my old Batman comforter."

Giggling, Ryou nodded. "Deal!"


Bakura wasn't sure he'd ever had a more fun evening doing absolutely nothing. It was nearing 8 pm and Ryou was still there with him, lying beside him. Even after four hours of just laying there and talking, Bakura still felt like he had so much to say. He knew a lot more about Ryou now besides just his name and it seemed like his interest in the teen just kept on growing.

Bakura had never, ever gotten with a person quite like this before. Usually his relationships all were about the same; they met, went out, and an hour or two later they were either drunk or screwing. It didn't take a genius to figure out Ryou was different though, very different from anyone he had ever even thought about dating. Ryou loved the History channel for one. He spent most Saturdays either at work or at home studying. For fun, Ryou either read or went for walks. Ryou had never been to a club, Ryou had never been to a rave; Ryou had only tried one drink of a beer once and then had completely given up on alcohol. He didn't like drug-use and liked school a lot. He hated shrimp and any kind of raw fish but loved cream puffs and anything grape flavored. He didn't listen to music a lot and had a Myspace he checked once a month. He wasn't even sure Ryou had ever had sex but wasn't sure if he should ask or not. Part of him almost hoped he'd say no…why he wasn't sure. Either way, Ryou was different from every single person he had ever become friends with. He wasn't sure he'd ever met anyone so squeaky-clean that he had liked so much. Maybe it was just how Ryou acted. He wasn't so forceful or disapproving. Even know Bakura had told him a few stupid things he had done in the past, Ryou didn't judge him but laughed along with him. How could someone be so playful, yet so serious at the same time? Why was this kid still so into him even though he was exactly the opposite of Ryou?

Gazing downwards, Bakura looked over Ryou's soft hair and ran his fingers through it. It was still so soft, even after being messed with for hours straight. Bakura couldn't keep his fingers out of Ryou's hair. It was like Malik's but better. Malik hated to have his hair touched or messed up but Ryou only snuggled closer, practically dosing off because of it every time they'd go quiet. In fact, this was usually the sort of thing Bakura hated to do, be close to anyone. Yet…with Ryou, it was somehow entertaining? Even if all they were doing was laying there, talking…

Somehow, Bakura was having more fun than he'd had in months.

"Mm…I can't believe it's already so late," Ryou murmured, nuzzling against Bakura's shoulder.

"Me either. It's already 8 pm. I think this is the longest time I've ever been able to talk to someone without growing bored out of my mind." Ryou gave a soft laugh, lifting his head. Spreading his arm out across Bakura's chest, he made it so it was more comfortable for himself to sit up without hurting Bakura. Smiling happily, Ryou kissed Bakura's cheek.

"I think…it's the most painful my jaw has ever been from laughing so much." Wrapping his arm around Ryou, he stretched his neck up to be able to get a real kiss, giving Ryou's bottom lip a little nip.

"Then I've obviously done alright for myself. At least I'm a good joke.." Laughing softly, mewled and kissed back, eyes closing.

"Not…what I meant. I meant…you've given me the best time I've had…in a long time." Arm getting a better hold of Ryou, Bakura kissed and forced the other onto his back so Bakura could take the dominant position on top. Licking the other's bottom lip, he went in and kissed Ryou deeply for a moment, hands running down his sides.

"I'd say…the same goes for you." Ryou's eyes opened slowly, surprised to find Bakura staring right back at him. Their gazes locked and suddenly, Ryou felt himself melting beneath the male, wanting yet another bundle of kisses. Why did it already have to be so late! Ryou began to frown, letting out a soft sigh.

"I don't want to go…" Kissing at the corner of Ryou's mouth, Bakura gave a low purr.

"No one is forcing you to." Fingers sliding up Ryou's clothing, Bakura dabbled his fingers along Ryou's stomach flesh, making the male shiver again.

"Mm…I have a lot of homework though and I need to study." This was the first time in his life that he had ever hated being an 'A' student. He wanted to stay and spend the rest of the evening here with Bakura. Why couldn't school and work not be tomorrow? Ryou pouted looking up to the other.

"I know what you mean. I have crap to do before class too but that isn't stopping me…" Laughing, Ryou closed his eyes as his nose tip was kissed. He couldn't believe he was even trying to leave this. He had to be crazy to want to go home instead of stay here! "But…I get it. I guess you can ditch me, but only if you call me tomorrow." Ryou nodded, eyes shining bright as he opened them.

"Definitely! I just…need your cell phone number so I can?" Climbing off of Ryou, Bakura hopped off the bed. Padding carefully over to his desk because he wasn't sure what the hell could've been under the clothing on the floor, he opened his top drawer and pulled out a note pad and pen. Quickly, he jotted down his cellular and home number. Hurrying back, he handed the now sitting up Ryou his number, who grinned and stuck it in his coat pocket.

"There you are, so you have no excuse." Smiling slightly, he helped Ryou up to his feet, watching him carefully in case he stumbled on anything.

"Wouldn't make one anyway…" As Bakura took Ryou's hands, he led him backwards to the bedroom door, stepping out. "It was really nice…to meet you Bakura." Before Bakura could answer back, he was already kissing Ryou again, murmuring against the boy's lips.

"Mm…get out of here before I don't let you go," Bakura countered, smirking slightly. Ryou laughed and nodded, taking a step back, hands leaving Bakura's. Suddenly, he felt very cold.

"Bye…Bakura. I'll see you Friday." Smiling warmly, he gave Bakura a wave before turning around, arms crossing over his chest.

"Don't forget to get your best cleaning supplies ready!"


About 20 minutes later Bakura found himself laying in the exact spot Ryou had been. He hadn't even noticed it before, but Ryou had this significant scent that drove Bakura wild. He could've been blind-folded and he would've known what he was smelling. Ugh; this kid was driving him crazy. Why hadn't Diabound mentioned him before? He'd never spent this much time thinking about someone in his life. It wasn't even about the time in which Ryou hadn't been there, but the whole time. There had been nothing on Bakura's mind besides Ryou. What was wrong with him? Was he always like that when he liked someone? He swore he fucking wasn't. He usually didn't even give a crap. He liked making out and sex and everything else was okay. But this…

Talking with Ryou was great. Kissing Ryou was spectacular. What would the sex be like..? And suddenly Bakura wanted to drool at the idea of Ryou so vulnerable, begging for him…


It was a long way to Friday, even to tomorrow. This was effing pathetic. It had only been 20 minutes and he already wanted to hear Ryou's voice. This was getting a little too deep for his liking. He needed a beer and something to take his mind off the whole ordeal.

Jumping up, he decided it was time to go irritate Diabound.


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