A/N: Season 1 prom night! All of the dialogue is straight out of the episode.

I've always loved the idea of Hyde having unrequited love towards Jackie throughout her time with Kelso; I think it helps explain why he was such an ass about J/K once they got together. But when I write, their feelings are usually pretty mutual. So, here's something a little different. I'm pretty sure it's the beginning of a bittersweet series, but only if enough people are interested. Obviously, it will take a backseat to Hyde Bags Jackie and Do You Think It's Alright.

Taking Care of Pam

Hyde smiled at himself as he tightened his grip on Jackie's waist, reveling in the feeling of her body beneath the purple silk of her dress and the soft perfume she radiated. Sure, he had never quite imagined himself coming to a prom, especially not with Jackie Burkhardt, but he was enjoying the night more than he expected to. Looking down at her pouty lips and large, mismatched eyes, he wondered to himself how he had never noticed how freakin' gorgeous she was. It was her age, he guessed. His taste in women usually led him towards more mature…well traveled specimens. She was only a sophomore, almost two years younger, and the innocence of her face suggested that she'd seen almost nothing of the world.

His attraction to her scared him shitless, especially because he could tell she would only get hotter with time. What scared him even more, though, was the jealously he felt every time she glanced over at Kelso and Pam Macy.

"It's just that I always pictured Michael and I together at prom," she continued speaking about something he hadn't been listening to. "That's how it was supposed to be, you know?" Her eyes traveled longingly across the room to where the boy she loved was dancing with Pam.

"Yeah, I know," he answered, swallowing his jealously in an effort to make her feel better. "Well, hey, Pam's butt looks really big in that dress."

"No it doesn't," she shook her head, but she also smiled up at him in a way that almost made his heart stop.

"Yeah, no it doesn't," he replied, not sure what he was agreeing to because his hand had just slid over her butt.

"But thank you. Do you mind if we sit down?" She smiled at him, and it nearly crushed him because it was the kind of warm open smile she would give to a friend…not a lover.

"Yeah, okay…I'll go grab some punch." Hyde walked towards the table, paying no attention to the fact that Kelso was following behind him. Friend he told himself repeatedly. Jackie is my friend. God, why was that such a tough pill to swallow? He'd finally gotten over Donna, and now all the sudden he felt a magnetic pull towards a girl that had belonged to Michael Kelso since they were playing doctor in Foreman's basement a decade ago.

"Hyde!" Kelso's voice startled him out of his thoughts. "You brought Jackie to Prom? You're supposed to be my friend and you dogged me!" Kelso's words pissed him off. He wanted to punch the bastard and tell him he didn't deserve Jackie if he was pulling the kind of shit he had. He wanted to send him back to Pam Macy. He wanted to pull Jackie out of the dance and to a motel room. God, it pissed him off that he wanted her so badly. So instead of fighting, he just sighed with resignation.

"Hey, she cried, man," was his only answer as he looked over at her, even more beautiful in her sadness.

"Well, is she having a good time? Because she looks real pretty." Hyde nodded his head in agreement as they both stared at her. No matter how much he wanted her, he knew it would never happen. He was certainly not the kind of guy she wanted or needed. She was better off with the giant moron blubbering next to him. It was then that Hyde knew what he had to do.

"Alright, you big baby. She wants to be with you and you want to be with her, so go be with each other." He shook his head sadly. "Cause the whole thing sickens me!"

"Well, what am I going to do with Pam?" Kelso asked, never taking his eyes off of Jackie.

"Don't worry about it…I'll take care of Pam." Kelso hugged him briefly before making his way towards Jackie, taking his time and thinking over what he would say. Taking his eyes off of them, Hyde strode over to Pam. What was one more fake, whorey blonde?

"So, Pam… Have you ever seen the backseat of a Lincoln Continental?" He knew when he asked the question that the answer would be yes. Girls didn't gain reputations as sluts without seeing a lot of back seats. When did sluttiness become a negative attribute? he wondered to himself.

"Yeah, lots of times," came her predictable answer.

"Would you like to see another one?" His eyes raked over her frame. She was pretty, he supposed. But it was the kind of pretty that got her taken to the backseat of a car, whereas Jackie was the kind of pretty that would get her a mansion with a white picket fence. Well, good. He certainly wasn't qualified to give any girl much more than a night in the backseat of a car, so he would just stick to whorey bottled blondes. After all, Steven Hyde loved sluts.

"Sure," she smiled at him, trailing her eyes over his body. Smiling, he pulled her up and slung his arm lazily over her shoulder.

"Great," he answered, sincerely hoping that a night with Pam would ease the strange feelings he was having about Jackie.

On their way to the door, Pam and Hyde passed Jackie, still sitting by herself as Kelso took his time getting to her. Hyde's eyes met Jackie's as he walked with Pam, and the gratefulness he saw there nearly killed him. Setting his face towards indifference, Hyde told himself that this had nothing to do with Jackie. In fact, he was trading up. What man wouldn't prefer a blonde to a brunette?

As he fumbled with the keys to Jackie's Lincoln, he felt Pam's hands reach around him to rub up and down his chest, sending shivers down his spine. When he finally got the door open, the scent of Jackie's perfume wafted out of the car, and Hyde closed his eyes as the smell washed over him. Damn, it was intoxicating. For a moment, he imagined that the lips attached to his neck belonged to Jackie, that it was her silky brown hair tickling his chin. That illusion was shattered when Pam giggled, though, a truly annoying sound…well, at least she had that in common with Jackie.

Climbing into the car, Hyde pulled Pam into his lap and slammed the door closed before catching her lips with his. As he lifted her dress and found her lacking panties, he grinned and slid two fingers into her, reveling in the feeling of her writhing above him. Yeah, all he needed to drown out thoughts of Jackie was a hot chick bouncing above him. Moving quickly, Hyde slid a condom out of his wallet, freed himself from his pants, and sunk into Pam in one slow upwards thrust. He closed his eyes as she moved above him, and if he imagined a smaller girl with brunette curls framing her face…well, no one would ever know.

A/N2: Well, I said bittersweet, didn't I? If you've never looked into the whole history of 'Layla' (like what Clapton did after his years of unrequited love for Pattie Boyd) you should…because it's a rather apt comparison for our favorite couple, lemme tell you. If you think you might be able to put up with sad Hyde for a bunch more chapters, let me know, and if you can think of any other episodes you'd like to see put in this story, let me know that, too (seriously, it would help me a lot). Anonymous reviews accepted, so PLEASE let me know what you think. )