Critically studying her reflection, Angelica stared into the bathroom mirror and carefully applied a particularly flattering shade of lipstick. She wanted to look good for tonight. Tonight was important.

The sound of knocking shook her concentration, and she cut her eyes angrily to the door. "What do you want?" she yelled.

From the other side came Susie's exasperated voice: "I want you to get your ass moving! It's time to go, girlfriend!"

Sighing, Angelica put away her lipstick and exited the bathroom. Susie stood there with arms crossed over her chest but chose not to further harangue her friend. Instead, she simply handed the other girl a gun, and together they made their way downstairs. They shouted a quick good-bye to their other sorority sisters before dashing out the door, down to where Chaz Finster's beaten-up old van waited in the driveway.

As they slid into the rear seats, Kim turned around to shoot them both an annoyed look but said nothing. Beside her, in the passenger seat, Lil merely sniffed, "It's about damn time."

Angelica glared at the back of Lillian's head. "Now look here," she said testily. "Do you think I just wake up looking this gorgeous? It may astound you, but the answer is no. No, I do not." She waved a hand for emphasis, concluding, "Beauty is an art."

Just as Lil opened her mouth to respond, Kim cut her off. "Knock it off," she barked, turning the ignition. She glanced back at Angelica. "And that means everyone."

The van's ancient engine roared to life, momentarily cutting off all conversation. After the initial roar died down to a loud rumble, Lil muttered, "You're only taking her side because she's dating your brother."

"I am so totally not taking her side, Lillian." Kim made a face. "And for the record, if anything, her dating my brother would only lead me to actively side against her. Also, there's the fact that she's evil."

Angrily Angelica leaned forward. "Now, wait a minute—"

Susie yanked Angelica back. "Calm down. And don't forget the mission." She gestured to the gun that lay in her lap. "This is for Chuck, remember?"

"Oh, all right. For Chuck." Angelica leaned back with a heavy sigh.

Craning forward to look at the two front seat passenger, Susie prompted, "Kim? Lil?"

Two more sighs followed.

"For Chuck."

"For Chuckie."

The rest of the van ride passed without incidence. Up front Lil fiddled with the radio, scanning through the available stations, while Kim drove. She eventually landed on a station that was playing an old Blondie song.

Angelica burst out laughing, while Susie cheerfully sang along, "One way or another, I'm gonna get ya ... I'm gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya … "

Up front, Lil grinned and observed, "How appropriate."

When they finally reached their destination and Kim cut the engine, the girls remained in the van for several long moments, not speaking. Then Lil turned to the van's other occupants and said, "So! How do I look?"

The two sorority sisters looked her over. French-braided hair? Check. Make-up? Check. Long red dress? Check. Matching red heels? Check. Utterly insincere yet flirtatious smile? Double-check.

"You look fantastic," said Susie with an approving grin.

"You look passable," said Angelica. But then again, she, Susie, and Kim were hardly better. They were clad all in black, black turtlenecks and black cargo pants. Not the most feminine attire, Angelica thought sourly, but at least black was a slimming color.

Meanwhile, after removing the keys and handing them to Lil, Kim reached for her own gun. "All right, team. Let's do this."

Lil stepped out of the van, dropped the keys into her purse, and began walking down the sidewalk towards the fraternity house. The other three took a side route, carefully keeping to the shadows. It just wouldn't do to be spotted while carrying their weapons.

Once she'd reached the door, Lil reached into her purse and pulled out a compact. She opened it and pretended to check her mascara, while using the mirror to make sure the other three were in position. When she saw Kim give the go-ahead signal, Lil put away the compact. She took a few breaths to calm her nerves. Then she lifted one perfectly manicured hand to knock on the door.

She didn't recognize the brother who answered, but regardless of that fact, he took the opportunity to stare her up and down. She forced a smile and asked through gritted teeth whether her date was ready. The ogling frat brother didn't even invite her in but left her standing on the front porch while he wandered off to fetch her date.

Ugh. At least Tom wasn't here to see any of this.

Then her date arrived, looking rather dashing in a well-tailored charcoal gray suit with crisp white shirt and blue silk tie. Lil found herself reluctantly admitting that Angelica had been right—Matt was awfully good-looking, at least from a distance. But up close, like he now was, ickily taking her hand and kissing it like he was some European noble instead of a creepy college guy, there was something distinctly off about him. While Angelica had complained about his soulless smile, Lil thought that it might actually be his eyes that bothered her the most. They seemed cold. Hollow, like a bullet.

She let him slip her arm through his as they left the porch. Carefully she counted their steps down the walkway. One. Two. Three. Four, and—with a sudden jerk, Lil pulled away and dove for some nearby bushes. As she scrambled to get away, the three gunners popped out from behind the yard's trees and began opened fire. Matt stumbled backwards, his white shirt suddenly dripping red.

After the gunners were out of ammo, they hightailed it to the van. Lil was already there, sitting in the driver's seat and revving the engine. They threw their guns into the back then scrambled in. With a squeal, Lil pulled out and floored it.

Back at the fraternity house, Matt stood in shock. What the—who were those girls with the guns? Where had his date gone? And what was all over his shirt? He wiped a finger across the dark red liquid, already soaking in, and sniffed at it. Then he frowned. Shaking his head in confusion, he trooped back up to the porch and let himself back inside the house. One of his brothers looked up, did a double-take, and asked, "What happened to you?"

"You don't wanna know," Matt growled, heading up the stairs.

Across campus at the sorority house that was currently doubling as a covert base of operations, the four girls sat in an old beat-up van, exhilarated at their triumph. They traded congratulations in between peals of uncontrollable laughter.

"Serves the bastard right," gasped out Kim, a steely tone underlying her laughter.


"He could've broken Chuck's nose! Or worse!"

Susie grimaced. "Not to mention what he tried to pull with Angie. Ugh. How gross."

Angelica shot Lil a grin. "I gotta admit," she said, "you did good, DeVille."

Lil pretended to fluff her hair and preen. Then she grinned too. "No, no, Angelica. Credit where credit's due. You are, after all, the one who thought up what to use weapons-wise."

Even Kim nodded at that, shooting Angelica a look of grudging admiration.

With a satisfied smile, Angelica sat back in her seat. She suddenly wished that someone had thought to bring a camera, but perhaps that was for the best. After all, if any of their boyfriends found out, they would almost certainly disapprove. But the look on Matt's face had been priceless and deserving of immortalization on film. A shame they wouldn't have any photos.

"Red wine was a perfect choice of ammo," Susie reflected, affectionately patting the water gun on the seat beside her.

Angelica chuckled. "Vengeance is ours. Because good old Matt? Will never, ever get red wine stains out of that shirt."


Author's Notes: Last chapter! Thank you so much to everyone who's made it this far, and a special thanks to those who've taken a moment or two to review. I hope you've enjoyed the story. I tried to do the Rugrats/AGU gang some justice.

For those interested, I have another C/A story in the works. It's a bit more serious and darker in tone and entitled "Anatomy of a Hangover."