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Chapter One

Heart Ache

I lay down on the gym room floor. It was dusty and dirty, but I didn't seem to notice, I was to far deep into my own pain to really care anyways. Looking up into the rain splattered windows; I could tell that it was almost twilight.

Edward's favorite time.

I clutched my arms tighter around myself, scared that if I didn't have the strength to hold my pain in, I would fall to pieces.

It didn't matter that people were probably looking for me, or that my hair was littered with dust, or even that it was probably illegal to be on school grounds when the bell releasing everyone has rung hours ago. I just needed to be where nothing would remind me of him.

But then there was twilight.

Always reminding me that no matter where I was, I would have to run from my self. Sinking into nothingness had worked for those few months, until the pain got to where I had to physically hold myself to insure my own protection…from myself.

So this was where I was- hiding from the world in the Gym room of Forks High School. How sad.

The metal doors banged loudly as someone entered the room. "Bella…? Bella!" The voice called. I heard squeaks as wet tennis shoes made their way across the wood floor towards me.

"Bella, what are you doing in here? I've been looking for you everywhere…Bella?" I recognized the voice of Jacob and opened my eyes. He stood above me, slick wet hair pulled back at his neck, black T shirt soaked through, jacket over his shoulder…I could go on with the details- but it was just Jacob Black.

He crouched down and reached out his hand. "Come on Bella, let's get you home." I nodded solemnly and took his hand, my own lost in his russet colored one. He pulled me up easily and smiled.

"What were you doing in here anyways?" he asked.

"Just…listening to the rain."



"Well- could you give me a ride home?" he asked sheepishly.

I snapped out of my trance. "Yeah, sorry I totally forgot. I just came in here for a moment...and I must have fallen asleep…sorry."

I knew I hadn't fallen asleep; I had fallen into my world of Edward, a world which consisted of thoughts of why he had left, what I had done wrong, and, most importantly, what he was doing right now. Was he thinking of me? Probably not. Was he going to come back? Should I go looking for him? What would I do for the rest of my life? Is he-


"Hmmm? Oh- sorry. Yeah, let's go." I said, picking up my rain coat.

"You seem a little out of it." Jacob remarked as we walked through the parking lot. As usual, it was drizzling like mad. "Want me to drive?"

"Sure, and sorry…I'm just a little distracted." I replied quietly.

"Yeah, I could see why. But hey, if you ever need to talk about anything…I'm here, OK?"

I opened my passenger side door, but stopped. "Ok, thanks." I smiled. It almost hurt to smile, and it almost felt wrong, like I was betraying Edward somehow.

Jacob grinned back and hopped in the car. I did the same.

"So…How's The Thing coming along?" Jacob asked as he revved the engine.

"She is just fine, thank you very much. She needs more gas though, she's close to empty."

"Lets go and get some then."

"Ok, sure." I replied.

We pulled out of the parking lot and onto the main highway. It was almost dark so Jacob flicked the headlights on. We rode in silence for a minute.

"So. Anything you want to talk about right now?" Jacob inquired.


"Are you sure, because you seem pretty…upset…lately."

"Really?" I asked absent mindedly.

"Yeah. Ever since Cullen left, you seem so depressed."

I flinched automatically. Any mention of them- any of them- brought the hole in my chest that threatened to swallow me. I wrapped my arms around myself tightly and brought my knees up to my chin.

"Depressed…?" I asked quietly, no longer following the comversation.

"Yeah. It's upsetting Bella. You used to be so happy, but now it's like you're not even there." His eyes flicked to me, and then back to the stretch of road. I swallowed and took deep breaths, silently sinking back into my Edward zone.

Why did he leave me? Is he feeling the same way, wherever he is? Does he have a new girlfriend? Could Alice possibly persuade him to come back? Why did-

"Bella?" Jacob asked quietly.


"We're here." I nodded and looked out the window at Jacob's house. Lights twinkled through curtained windows and a TV flashed blue from one of the bedrooms.

I opened the truck door and jumped out, Jacob following suit. I slowly walked around to the driver's side where Jacob was holding my keys.

"Bella…" he began. I just stood numbly by my car. He took a step closer, so close our chests were almost touching. I took a deep breath.

"Bella. I know you miss…him. But, maybe we could be friends. Good friends…?" I nodded dumbly. Of course, he would never be Edward, but being with Jacob seemed to lessen the pain and numb the agony.

He smiled and leaned down to meet my lips with his, gently brushing against me. He tasted sweet, like syrup. Then it was over. He leaned back and stood up straight.

"See you tomorrow?" He asked..

I nodded and he gave me one last smile before he walked away.

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