"Jackson!" Cameron bellowed, stepping forward. But he was too late. The flames had already engulfed Daniel.

"He's not dead," Adria said, walking towards the wall of fire. Cameron shot her a glare.

"What makes you say that?" he demanded. She met his glare, frowning.

"There were no screams," she answered simply. Then she turned and stepped into the fire. Cameron stepped closer to stop her but halted, swearing under his breath.

"Perhaps she is right," Ba'al mused, waltzing to the fire. Cameron glared at him.

"Well I don't care if you go and kill yourself," he spat. Ba'al smiled at him coolly and followed Adria and Daniel's lead.

"I've never walked through fire before," Vala commented excitedly, bouncing past Cameron. The colonel made a grab for her but failed and looked exasperatedly at Sam and Teal'c. Teal'c regarded the wall of fire briefly before striding through it. Sam smiled at Cameron's expression and shrugged.

"It's worth a shot," she said and grabbed his arm, pulling him along with her.

Timidly, Cameron opened his eyes, automatically locking onto Daniel's amused smile.

"Indiana Jones?" Cameron asked, relaxing. Daniel's smile grew.


"Wonder if Merlin saw that one," Cameron mused.

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