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The First Hunt

"Okay Sammy, you remember what we went over." Sam looked up at his father and nodded as his father continued, "You stay here by the truck, I'll chase the Agrios to you. When you see it, you shoot and you keep shooting till it's down."

Sam looked down at the large revolver in his hands. Biting his lip, he looked back up at his father, "What if I miss?"

His dad shook his head, "You won't miss kiddo. You're a good shot. You just have to hit the Agrios anywhere. It's the silver in the bullet that kills; it's like poison to them. It doesn't matter where you hit it."

Sam watched as his father went to the back of the truck to gather the weapons that he and Dean would need for their part of the hunt. Fighting his nervousness, Sam took a deep breath, blowing the hair out of his eyes as he exhaled. He looked over and Dean smiled at him.

"You excited Sammy? First hunt…biggest day of your life." Dean grinned proudly at him. Sam gave a hesitant smile back, excited wasn't the word he would have chosen. Terrified would have been a better word. Tonight was to be his first hunt; his first kill. Sam desperately wanted to be successful, to make his father and brother proud. After tonight he would be one of them…no longer a baby. He wouldn't have to wait with one of his dad's friends while his father and brother hunted together. After tonight he would be able to share with his family the most important part of being a Winchester. Tonight he would become a hunter.

That, of course, was provided he didn't screw up, miss the shot, or get killed.

Despite his father's assurances that Agrios Giants were among the easiest creatures to kill (one shot anywhere), going face to face with a creature that was half man, half bear, six feet tall, and fed on human flesh was not something he was looking forward to. He had seen pictures of the beast, but Sam wondered what the creature would look like when it was only a few feet in front of him and looking to kill him.

A strong hand on his shoulder ended his reverie. "Sammy, Dean will wait over there in those trees; I'm gonna go in now and draw the beast out. You ready?"

Sam looked up and nodded. His father smiled and squeezed his shoulder before marching into the forest. Desperately nervous, Sam moved backwards until he felt the truck up at his back and then slid down. With an effort, he lifted the heavy gun, checking to make sure it was ready. The safety was off, but it needed to be cocked. Unable to cock the gun with one hand, Sam turned to his brother. "Dean?"

Dean turned around from where he was staring into the forest, "Yeah Sammy."

Sam held up the gun, "I can't cock this. It's too heavy."

Dean sighed and walked over, crouching down by his brother, "Well why didn't you tell dad? If you can't ready the gun then you should have a smaller one."

Sam shrugged, "I didn't want him to get mad at me."

Dean rolled his eyes, "I think he'd be more mad at the fact that you went on a hunt with a gun that you can't handle. That's not responsible Sammy."

Sam exhaled loudly and looked to his brother for help. Dean saw the look and nodded, "Okay. Here. Put the gun like this." Dean laid the gun on the ground and placed Sam's foot on top of the muzzle. "Now, hold the gun down with your foot and use both your hands to push the hammer back." Sam followed his brother's instructions with a look of intense concentration. He pushed on the hammer with as much effort as he could muster and was rewarded with a click. Relieved, he smiled up at Dean.

Dean looked at him seriously, "Is this the gun you've been practicing with?"

Sam nodded and then looked unsure, "I think so."

"You think so? This isn't a game Sammy. We're counting on you to kill this thing. Have you ever fired this gun before?"

Sam shrugged, "I guess it's the one I practiced with…daddy gave it to me tonight when we got here."

Dean continued to look serious. If their father had given it to Sam, then it was probably Sam's gun, but it was disconcerting to Dean that his brother didn't seem to positively recognize it. Again he spoke seriously to his brother, "This is a big gun. It's packs a lot of recoil. You ready for that?"

Sam nodded, "I'm gonna sit against the truck so I don't fall back."

Dean seemed pleased with that answer, "Okay. Let me see how you hold it."

Sam licked his lips and held the gun out in front of him, forearms on his knees to help distribute the weight. Dean smiled and tousled his hair, "Yep, you're all ready."

Dean got up to walk to his position and Sam frowned. Noticing the frown, Dean questioned his brother. "What's with the face?"

Sam looked up at his brother, "I'm scared."

Dean crouched back down in front of him. "You'll be fine Sammy. There's nothing for you to worry about. I've got your back."

Sam looked down at the large gun in his hands, "But what if I miss the shot? What if I screw up?"

Dean smoothed out his hair and squeezed his shoulder, "If that happens, which it won't, I've got you covered. If you miss, I'll shoot it. I promise. Nothing bad's gonna happen to you." Adolescent Dean flashed a trademark grin, "Not while I'm around."

Sam smiled at his brother, grateful for the support and reassurance. Dean winked and took up his position in the woods. Once again Sam was left to his own thoughts, but not for long. Within a few minutes of Dean's departure, Sam heard the sounds of something running and crashing threw the forest. Realizing that the Agrios was coming, Sam bit his lip, straightened his arms, and lined up his sight.

A large mass of fur gradually appeared through the outline of the forest. The fur grew bigger as the creature ran closer, headed directly for Sam. Not wanting to miss the shot and scare away the beast, Sam bided his time until the creature was close enough that Sam was confident he could hit it.

The creature came closer and Sam held his breath. The beast was huge. Long brown, coarse fur covered its body and three inch sharp claws hung from its hands. The Agrios glared fiercely at Sam, running with its mouth open, hundreds of sharp teeth dripping with saliva. Sam focused on the terrifying teeth as the creature ran towards him. Then, when almost all of his visual field was encompassed by fur, Sam fired, aiming for the beast's chest.

The gun recoiled, but Sam had a good grip and was propped up against the truck, so he was able to easily steady himself. Upon being hit by the bullet, the beast flew back and skidded on the ground finally coming to a stop about 10 feet from the truck. Sam readied his gun again, waiting for more movement…but none came. The beast was dead.

Breathing an enormous sigh of relief, Sam uncocked his gun, pushed on the safety, and placed the weapon in the back of his pants, like his father and brother had shown him. Weapon now secure, Sam cautiously stood up.

Standing on his toes, he peered over at the dead beast. It still hadn't moved. Assured that the creature was dead, Sam became excited.

"I did it! I did it!" Sam looked around wildly for his father and brother as he jumped up and down. Suddenly his father came into view and lifted him high in the air, hugging him.

Sam's smile covered his face as his dad beamed proudly at him, "Did you see dad? I did it!"

Sam shook up and down with excitement in his father's arms. "Yeah I saw. You did real good Sammy."

"Hey! Check it out! You shot it right in the heart!" Sam looked over to where his brother was inspecting the dead creature. Wanting to see more, Sam wiggled in his father's hold until he was placed back on the ground. Immediately he ran over to his brother to try to see his shot in the creature's chest.

Sam stared hard, trying to see the hole or the blood that his brother was seeing, but the darkness of night impeded his vision. He couldn't see the shot, but Dean said it went through the creature's heart, so it must have been there.

Sam began jumping again, "Dean! Did you see me? Did you see me shoot it!"

Dean laughed, reached out an arm, and pulled his brother into a one armed hug. "Yeah Sammy, I saw you." Sam wrapped his arms around his brother's midsection and squeezed with all his might. Dean ruffled his hair and Sam squeezed harder.

"Owff" Dean laughed and pushed his brother back. "Geeze Sammy, when'd you get so strong?"

Sam giggled and resumed looking at the creature. Still not finding his shot, Sam walked around to the other side of the hairy beast as Dean and his father discussed something by the truck. From the other side of the creature, Sam still couldn't see his shot. Cautiously, he leaned closer to the beast's chest, periodically checking the creature's face to make sure it wasn't going to spring back to life.

With his face 6 inches from the beast's chest, Sam finally saw a bloody hole in the fur. Delighted that he had found the hole, he immediately jumped back up and called to his family, "Look! I shot it in the heart!"

Too engrossed in their own conversation, Sam was ignored. Looking back at the hole as though to be sure it was still there, Sam called out again, "Dad! Dean!" Once again he was ignored.

Tired of being ignored, Sam ran over to his father and brother, grabbed one hand each and began to pull them towards the dead beast. "Come on. I wanna show you. Come here."

His family sighed, still smiling and allowed themselves to be dragged over to the creature. Sam pointed at the bullet hole, "Look! I shot it in the heart!"

His father laughed and nodded, "Yeah, I see. You did good Sammy. You did real good. You really pulled your weight tonight." Sam beamed under his father's praise.

Looking up, he turned to Dean, "Dean! Did you see? I shot it in the heart!"

Dean rolled his eyes and put his hand on Sam's shoulder, "Yeah already. I saw it Sammy. It was a great shot…don't let it go to your head."

Once again Sam hugged his brother with all his might and Dean similarly hugged him back.

His father spoke, "Okay guys. Sammy took care of the mother, so there's three cubs out there. I know where their cave is and without her they're defenseless. So, let's lock and load."

The smile vanished from Sam's face and his arms left Dean's waist and fell limply to his sides. Dean followed their father back to the truck to get the weapons out of the back, but Sam hardly noticed. Fear and sadness was creeping through his body and straight into his heart. The creature, which had once been deadly and scary with its hairy body and sharp teeth seemed to change. The hair and the teeth remained, but now Sam wasn't looking at the evil beast that he had killed. Now he was looking at the mother that he had murdered.

Sam could easily identify with the creature's cubs. They were somewhere out there, alone and afraid and pretty soon they would be hunted and killed, with no one to protect them…because Sam had killed their protector.

Dean's voice rang out, "Hey Sammy! Stop gloating over your kill and come on."

Still staring at the dead mother, Sam quickly shook his head. Dean ran over to him and pulled on his shirt, "Let's go Sammy. We got three more to kill." He looked up at his brother as Dean finished, "One for each of us."

With a miserable look on his face, Sam shook his head again, and looked back down. Their father approached, "Look alive Sammy. We don't have all night. We need to get the cubs before sun up."

"I don't want to." Sam kept his head down to avoid looking at his father. Dean put his hand on Sam's shoulder, "What's wrong Sammy? You were excited 2 seconds ago…"

"I don't want to kill the babies"

Sam heard his father sigh. "They're not babies, kiddo. They're evil and if they're allowed to lived past tonight, they'll grow up to kill and eat people."

Sam shook his head again, "But they didn't kill anything yet…maybe they won't."

"Sammy…" Their father was losing his patience. "They will; that's what Agrios Giant's do. They feed off human flesh. You want to wait until they kill someone and then kill them?" Sam looked up and nodded. His father nodded back, "Well then you can explain to that person's family why their mother, father, brother, sister is dead…because you wanted to wait. You explain to them how you could've prevented their death, but decided instead to do nothing."

Tears came to Sam's eyes and he bit his lip. He didn't want that to happen, but it just didn't feel right to him, killing a child, much less one that hadn't yet killed anything.

"Let's go Sammy. You've got a job to finish." Sam watched as his father and brother began to walk off. He was caught between wanting to please his father and not wanting to kill the cubs. He didn't know what to do, so he just stood next to the dead creature.

Apparently realizing that they weren't being followed, Dean and his father turned back to Sam. Dean sighed, trying to intervene before their father lost his temper, "Sammy come on. You did real good before. Don't mess it up."

Sam mashed his lips together and shook his head.

"Sam!" Sam flinched as his father spoke his name in an intimidating stern voice. "You take out your gun and you come with us now."

The words were spoken slowly and held an air of authority that refused argument. However, Sam didn't seem to hear the authority, "Can't I just wait in the truck?"

Sam watched Dean wince at the question. Their father's eyes became dark and their gaze seemed to pierce through Sam's soul. After several moments of controlled breathing, the man spoke. The words were quiet and calm, holding back a torrent of underlying rage, "Fine. You don't want to finish what you started? Fine. Go wait in the truck." Sam flinched and caught the keys his father threw at him. His hands shaking, Sam held his breath as his father continued. "You lock the doors and you don't move until we get back. You understand?"

Sam nodded, "Yes sir." Then he looked over at his brother for assurance…but there was none there. Dean looked upset- a combination of disappointed and worried. Sam's frown deepened; he had managed to anger his father and disappoint his brother…and they had been so proud of him before. He looked back down at the dead creature. Now that he knew she was a mother, he could see her breasts through the fur. That was somebody's mother. Despite what the Agrios had done, Sam reasoned that she couldn't have been all evil. She protected her children, which meant she loved her children and most likely, the people she had killed, she had killed to feed her children. How could someone who loved their babies be evil?

Realizing that his father and brother were waiting for him to make his final decision, Sam turned around, unlocked the passenger door and got into the truck. He then closed the door and locked it. Through the window, he made eye contact with his father and brother one last time before they turned and walked into the woods. His father's arm was around Dean's shoulder and Sam frowned at the sight. His father was proud of Dean because Dean could hunt- Dean could kill. Tonight was supposed to be his night. He was supposed to become one of them…and now, once again, he was watching from the window.

Sam looked through the window at his kill. He had done that…ended that beast's life and as a result, ended the lives of her children. Tears began to slip down Sam's cheeks. He knew that hunting would be scary, but he never expected it to be so sad. Whenever his father and brother returned from a hunt, they'd be happy. They'd be excited about how many things they'd killed. And even Pastor Jim, he'd be excited too. When Dean and their father were out hunting, Pastor Jim would tell Sam how exciting his first hunt would be- how 'there's nothing like your first kill…knowing you took some evil out of the world.'

Sam looked back down at the creature. He didn't feel happy or excited…not anymore. Sam wondered if this is what hunting was really like, if every evil thing that they killed had a family. Sam wondered about the demon that killed his mom…did it also have a family? Was every hunt going to leave him feeling like he was as evil as the creatures they were hunting? His father and brother were right now killing baby creatures that hadn't committed one evil act. What was the difference between what the Agrios were doing and what his family was doing? What made one side good and the other evil?

Sam's view through the window was suddenly filled with hair. Sam's eyes became wide and his breath stuck in his throat. It was another creature. Briefly Sam wondered if it was one of the babies, but then thought better of the idea. This creature was even larger than the one Sam had killed. "It must be the daddy."

Sam watched from the window as the creature made it's way over to its dead mate. It touched the dead beast and sniffed the air around it. Sam watched the beasts nostrils flare as it inhaled. Then the beast turned to the truck.

For a moment Sam made eye contact with the beast and in that moment an understanding was made. The Agrios knew that Sam had been the one to make that fatal shot- and Sam knew that the creature was going to kill him…avenge the mother of its children. Sam wondered if his father had given the demon that same look.

Breaking the eye contact, Sam pulled his gun from the back of his pants and slunk across the seat and under the truck's steering wheel. He held the too heavy gun out in front of him with his shaking hands as he looked up at the passenger side window. Sam strained his hearing, but couldn't make out where the sounds of crunching leaves were coming from. His hands shook and his heart pounded in his chest. He wished for his father- or Dean- either one- or maybe both. Desperately Sam tried to control his breathing, which was coming in gasps.

Then he saw it…a mist appeared in the center of the window and then cleared up. A few seconds later, it happened again. Sam checked his gun, quickly pushed the safety off. Then he put the gun on the floor of the truck, stepped on it, and cocked it…just like his brother had shown him. His gun now ready, Sam looked back up at the window. The creature was staring at him.

Sam shrieked and pushed back against the driver's door; tears filled his eyes. With his arms resting on his knees, he aimed his gun- two fingers on the trigger. He had a perfect shot of the creature's head, but the glass window was in the way. Sam remembered that if his bullet hit the beast anywhere it would kill, but would the bullet hit the beast if the glass was in the way? He didn't know what to do. And suddenly the creature was gone.

Sam sat shaking with his heart pounding in his chest. Once again he strained to hear the Agrios outside the truck, but he could hear nothing over the sound of his racing heart and gasps for breath.

Sam waited there, struggling to hear, focused on the window above him. Suddenly, the driver's door was ripped from the truck. Sam fell backwards and screamed as he felt claws rip into his back. Tears fell from his eyes and he twisted himself around pulling the trigger on the gun. It was a blind shot- fired in the general area of 'behind him'. Sam continued his tumble out of the truck, landing on his head and back. Immediately he sat himself up and pushed himself against the side of the truck, gun out in front.

Regaining his wits, Sam stared at the scene in front of him. The creature was lying on its back unmoving with the truck door still attached to its right hand. Part of the beast's body was obscured by the door lying on top of it. The Agrios' long ugly foot laid next to Sam, almost touching him.

Sam figured that the beast was most likely dead, given the fact that it wasn't moving, but he wasn't sure. Aiming his gun at the leg nearest to him, Sam fired. The gun hit him in the face as it recoiled and the leg jumped at the impact.

Now openly crying, Sam rubbed his head and accepted the fact that the Agrios daddy was dead.

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