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Summary: For Harry Potter 6th year has been nothing but hell. Friends that he held dear died and the ones that are left bear the permanent scars of war. The only thing that holds the key is a mirror that grants Harry's wish, to have his friends back. But even Harry Potter can't escape that easily...

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Hermione/Ron, Dean/Seamus, and more later on ...on with the story!



Chapter 1

Leaving And Arriving


Harry stood in his dorm room, looking at the empty beds before him. It was the end of 6th year, and instead of the Gryffindor Dorms being in uproar with farewells and loud laughing, it was deadly silent. Only a few students were left in the Dorm, most were killed or still in St. Mungos. The past few months had been nothing but bloodshed and pain.

"Mate, you done?" The voice of Ron Weasley asked, leaning against the door, a cane in his hand and his school trunk on the floor. The left side of Ron's face has a jagged scar running down it, and the bones in his knee had been shattered beyond healing, so he had to use a cane to aid him in his walking. The war had been cruel.

Harry nodded his head. "Yeah just a few more things. Want to visit 'Mione before we leave?"

Ron nodded, instant tears welling up in his eyes as he looked down at his wedding band. His wife of only 4 months had been tragically murdered at the hands of Voldemort only 3 months ago. It had been heartbreaking to watch the life drain from her body as he held her in his arms and screamed for her to hold on. He withdrew himself from his torturing thoughts as he watched Harry pick up a framed picture of the three of them, smiling into the camera, their arms slung around each other. It had been taken during the summer before their 6th year. They had taken a trip to help Harry deal with Sirius' death, and it had worked. They had went to Hawaii and the picture had been taken with a muggle camera, capturing the moment perfectly.

"I miss her." Ron said, his voice thick with tears and pain.

"I do too." Harry answered tears streaming down his face. He placed the picture lovingly into his trunk and put a spell on it so it wouldn't break. He tried to get Hermione's brown eyes from his mind but he couldn't, he still remembered that day as if it happened 30 minutes ago.


The war had broken out on Hogwarts grounds and Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Draco all stood tall using their training to the fullest, killing as many Death Eaters as they could. But pretty soon they had all been outnumbered and before anyone knew what was happening Voldemort caught sight of Hermione.

"Stay away from her you bastard!" Harry screamed as he tried to get up from the floor as he held his scar in pain. A Death Eater hit him with the Cruciatus Curse and he fell to the floor writing and trying hard not to scream out. Ron was trying to break free of his captors, screaming Hermione's name as Voldemort closed in on her.

"NO!" Harry yelled as the Death Eater ended the curse. He ignored his own pain and ran over to Hermione. He pulled her behind him and quickly killed the Death Eaters holding Ron. Ron pushed Hermione behind him as well and stood glaring at Voldemort like Harry.

Voldemort laughed evilly and instantly got rid of the two boys by throwing them a few feet away. Hermione was left Unprotected and she showed her defiance.

"You're going to rot in hell you ugly son of a bitch!" She screamed.

"Hermione!" Harry yelled as he tried to get his aching limbs up off the floor. Hermione turned back to look at him and as she turned around she was hit with a spell that made her body crumple to the floor.

"No!" Ron screamed firing off a curse at Voldemort as he ran to his wife's side. She was bleeding profusely and Harry rushed over as well using his wand to try and heal her, but it didn't have an effect. Harry looked over at Voldemort who was enjoying the spectacle.

"The little Mudblood will bleed to death." He said with a smile. Harry raced off to Voldemort and they began battling. It wasn't until a few minutes later he heard a pained scream fill the air.


And it was then that he knew his best friend was dead. With a anger filled scream he pocketed his wand and went after Voldemort combat style, disregarding wands, he wanted to beat the man to a bloody pulp.


"You ok there Harry?" Ron asked, snapping Harry out of his memories.

"Yeah, I'm ok. Come on, lets get going." Harry said as he looked once more at the empty beds. Seamus had been killed earlier in the year, and Dean had committed suicide in grief over the death of his boyfriend. Neville had died protecting Ginny on the battlefield, and Ginny had been put into a coma. Lavender had turned Death Eater, killed Parvati and Colin. She had been killed by Padma who sought revenge for her twin. Padma had then been tortured insane by a Death Eater who had been killed by Draco. Draco had went up against his father and...Harry felt the tears as he thought of his blonde headed friend.

It was then that Harry realized that he was at Hermione's tombstone on Hogwarts ground. She was placed beside Minerva and the one next to hers drew Harry's attention. He left his friend to grief over his wife alone and he stood next to the other tombstone, head hung low, tears falling from his emerald pools. The memory of the this person's death came flashing into his mind.


Harry lay on the ground, after he had successfully hurt Voldemort Lucius had decided to save his master and cursed Harry until he could barely move. "Harry!" Draco called as he rushed over to his friend.

Harry looked over at Draco and tried to sit up. "Draco get out of here. Grab anyone you can and apparate away, I have to kill Voldemort, once and for all."

"I can't do that Harry. I will stay by you till the end. I'm going to fight my Father."

"Draco no! Just leave...I couldn't bear to lose another friend." Harry cried. Draco look down at the boy and without warning he captured the green-eyed boy's lips. The kiss lasted for a few seconds before Draco pulled back. "Draco..."

"Don't. Harry I love you. Not just as your friend, I wanted to be more. If we survive this...will you be mine?"

Harry swallowed hard and nodded his head. "Of course."

Draco smiled and stood. "Bye Harry."

"Draco no! Please ...just go!"

Draco just walked away after one last look, and as Harry tried his hardest to get off the floor he couldn't stop his heart from thundering in panic. His friends were dropping like flies and he wanted to save Draco more than anything. He picked himself off the floor and saw was instantly cursed by a Death Eater. Harry killed him quickly and made his way across the Hogwarts grounds were he saw many people fighting and some people dead.

One particular body stopped Harry dead in his tracks. He looked down into Remus's dead eyes and felt his whole body crumble. He cradled his second godfather in his arms and a scream of agony escaped his lips. He kissed the dead man's forehead and picked a few blades of grass. He transfigured it into a shoe and made it into a portkey. He placed the portkey on Remus's body and watched it disappear. Harry had set the portkey to St. Mungos and with sad eyes Harry stood once more and continued on his trek to find Draco.

After killing more than a dozen Death Eaters Harry found Draco, battling with his Father a few yards away. Harry tried to hurry his pace, and watched with horror as Voldemort attacked the blonde Slytherin from the side. It wasn't long until Lucius and Voldemort over powered Draco and when Harry got into good enough distance he fired the killing curse at Lucius and watched as he fell. But Voldemort quickly said the killing curse as well, and it hit Draco in the chest. Harry watched as the blonde fell to the floor and he turned angry eyes to the Dark Lord and summoned up every ounce of magic in his body.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" He yelled with all his might and watched as a huge ball of green light shot from his body and slammed into the Dark Lord, consuming him whole. When the green light vanished, Voldemort lay on the floor, dead as a doornail.

Harry ran to Draco's body and pulled it onto his lap. The silver orbs stared up at him lifeless and Harry broke down. He cried as he held the dead body close to him, his heart breaking into a thousand pieces. He didn't even know that he felt this way or this strongly about the blonde, and when he finally noticed, it was too late. Draco was dead, and he was never coming back.


"We should probably go Harry." Ron said. It had been an hour and it was starting to rain. Harry nodded his head and turned away from the graves, wiping his tears away. Ron threw an arm around his friend, making sure not to brush up too much to Harry's side, which had been laced with long gashes and scars that weren't going away.

Hogwarts school was closing down, and it wasn't going to be anything but a memory of what had happened that day. Harry and Ron looked at the school, and watched the little bit of kids that were left, leave out the doors and head towards the carriages that would take them to the train. With one last look, the two friends walked away, saying goodbye to the big Castle.


"Ah my boys! Your rooms have been straightened out, make yourselves comfortable." Albus Dumbledore said with a slight smile as he stood rather shakingly against his walking stick inside Sirius's old house.

Harry inclined his head to the former Headmaster and looked at him with concern. "I don't think you should be standing Albus."

"Nonsense. Do not worry about my health dear boy."

"I think Harry's right. Can we get you some tea?" Ron asked reaching forward to help the old man.

"I'm fine. Go upstairs and rest, you both need it. The others will be here later on tonight."

Knowing that they shouldn't argue, they went upstairs with their trunks and went to their separate rooms.

Harry's eyes darkened with grief as he was assaulted with pictures that had been put up in the room. There was a picture of him and the entire Weasley family. Tears rushed to his eyes as he thought of how Charlie was given a kiss by a Dementor acting out Voldemort's orders, and his heart clenched painfully as he remembered Mrs. Weasley's body being dropped in front of Gringotts. Her body was mutilated and butchered and there was evidence of rape.

Before he could submerge himself into his dark thoughts his eyes caught something that he had never seen before. It was a gold mirror sitting up tall in his room near the closet. There was writing on it in a language he didn't understand and he was distinctly reminded of the Mirror Of Erised, but this was not that mirror. This was another mirror, and he was slightly curious on how it got into his room.

Harry put down his trunk and walked over to the mirror. As soon as he got close, he saw images of everyone that died reflect back at him. Sirius, his parents, Remus, Parvati, Colin, Neville, Molly, Hermione, Tonks, Hermione, Draco...Draco...

"Oh God! Oh Merlin!" Harry murmured as he looked at Draco's image staring back at him. He touched the mirror where the blonde was and instead of feeling the warmth of the Slytherin, he felt the cold glass beneath his fingertips. A sob escaped his lips as he sunk to his knees, kneeling in front of the mirror and hugging himself. More images of his dead friends and people he knew began appearing, but his eyes stayed focused on Draco. "If only I would have realized how much you really meant to me...If only I could have saved you, I'm sorry." Harry choked out.

The image of Draco shook his head and looked at him sadly, his eyes narrowed a bit. Harry knew that Draco hade always gave him that look when he thought the Gryffindor was being foolish. Hermione moved over to Draco and threw an arm around him and laid her head on his shoulder. Her eyes were filled with tears and she began twisting her wedding ring around on her finger. Harry stared at the two with glistening eyes, feeling his despair close in on him.

"I just want you guys back. I miss you all so much...just...I want everything to be ok. I wish everything could be ok and we were all enjoying our time at Hogwarts instead of dealing with his pain."

Harry's voice seized up and he lowered his head and let the tears fall. When he looked back up at the mirror, Hermione and Draco were smiling at him. Hermione began jumping up and down and she pulled Lily Potter over to her and hugged her. Sirius smiled and clapped a hand on Draco's back while James Potter's eyes glittered with amusement as he eyed Tonks changing her hair to puke-ish yellow, while Remus said something excitedly to Molly.

Harry gave a confused look at the mirror images and cocked his head to the side, wondering what the hell was going on. You've finally lost it old boy! I suggest you lay down and get some sleep. You're obviously hallucinating. Harry's inner voice commented.

Harry heard footsteps in the hall and he turned to look at the door but no one came in his room. He looked back at the mirror and was shocked to see the images walk away from the mirror and disappear. "No wait! Don't leave!" Harry cried out.

Hermione's image waved her fingers and walked backwards and disappeared, leaving Draco's image. Draco gave Harry a smile and put a finger to his lips. He then blew him a kiss and disappeared as well.

It was like losing them all over again and Harry removed himself from the mirror and went over to his bed. He would have to ask Dumbledore what that mirror was. So with tired eyes he turned on his side, looked at the picture of Hermione, Ron, and Ginny at the Breakfast Table at lunch, and promptly fell asleep.


"H.J. wake up! Wake up!" A female voice screamed into his ear.

Harry groaned and turned on his side. His eyes opened and he was looking back at the same picture he had fell asleep looking at.

"H.J! Now! Breakfast is getting cold!" The voice continued as the girl shook him.

Harry sighed and rolled over wondering who the hell was bothering his much needed sleep. His eyes widened as he stared at the girl standing above him with her hands on her hips. Her warm brown eyes looked at him with slight irritation. Her bushy hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she released her hands from her hips to pick up a book that she had placed at the foot of the bed. "Hermione!"

Hermione smiled at him. "Were you expecting someone else? Get a move on or we will be late catching the train."

"But...you're not supposed to be here." Harry said confused.

"I know, but my parents decided that they didn't need to take me to the platform so they agreed to let me come back. Now enough chatter, 6th year awaits!" Hermione finished happily as she bounded out of the room.

"What the hell...am I dreaming?" Harry asked as he stood up. He looked over to where the mirror had been the night before and was surprised to see that it wasn't there. "What the fuck?" He asked in confusion.

He walked out of his room and headed to the bathroom, where he stopped dead in his tracks as he looked at his reflection. Long raven hair cascaded down his back, with a few red streaks throughout it. Green eyes stared back at him without glasses, and his lips were much fuller than he could remember. But that wasn't all...his eyes traveled down and he saw unmistakable lumps that he knew were breasts. He touched them, and sure enough they were there and they were real.

"No...no...this can't be!" Harry said in a panic. He looked down and his eyes widened as he saw he was wearing a pair of shorts that way too short for his tastes. With trepidation he pulled his shorts away from his body and peeked inside.

A loud piercing scream echoed from the bathroom seconds later, and it was only ended with the person responsible for the shrill noise fell in a dead faint on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor.


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