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x--- colourblind.

With a stern look in his eye, Xenmas unfolded the first piece of paper.



Blink. "Emo."

And the third.


A raised eyebrow accompanied the fourth:

"No colour again, just 'emo'."










"Ahh. Another 'lilac'."







Thirteenth was actually Naminé's.


Sullen deep blue eyes lifted; the mouth beneath them blew a long wisp of hair out of his face quickly.

Xenmas smirked.

"Two 'emo's. Four 'lilac's. One 'purple'. And six 'silver's. Face it, Zexion. You're gay and an old man, according to the two largest results."

Man in question scowled – something that appeared as more of a pout – and pushed his chair back, storming rather sulkily from the room.

Axel cackled delightedly as Larxene handed over five hundred munny.

Demyx blinked ocean eyes once, the slight smile never leaving his face, then silently rose and followed the young man out of the hall.

So. This story shall be a two or threeshot, righty? XD Line up the numbers with their corresponding characters, but take out Zexion and continue (making Demyx eight, and Naminé thirteen). This was fun, and this first chapter was for my lovely Rika. Miss and love you. Next chapter for Chigai, since I felt like it. Watch out, girl…

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