Title: Murdoc's dirty magazines

Genre: Humor

Characters: Murdoc, Noodle

Rating: K+

Summary: Some things are best kept hidden from the world. I'm not very good at summaries. Please R & R!

It was Tuesday and Noodle had to stay with Murdoc while 2-D and Russell had to go out to buy food and stuff. Murdoc was against it at first, but after some 'persuasion' from Russell, Murdoc was left with a bloody nose, a black eye, and a hyper little kid running around his studio.

Murdoc sighed, sat down in his chair, and turned on the T.V.

"Hey, Murdoc-san! What are these?"

Murdoc looked away from the T.V. and saw Noodle reading one of his…special magazines.

Murdoc cursed and quickly grabbed the magazines. "WHERE DID YOU GET THESE?" he shouted.

Noodle smiled innocently and replied, "I found them on your bed!"

Murdoc clenched his teeth and thought, 'I told that dumbas 2-D to hide those things! Damn him! He's getting a special smack-down from me tonight!' Noodle just shrugged and walked off into the kitchen.

After an hour of silence, Murdoc knew that something was up.

Murdoc stood up and headed to his room, thinking, 'That kid better not have found my magazines again!'

When he entered the room, he saw Noodle on his computer. He sighed in relief, but then Noodle said, "Murdoc-san, why aren't any of these people wearing clothes?"

Murdoc quickly grabbed Noodle and pushed her out of the room. He then turned the computer off and went back into the T.V. room.

When he entered the room, he saw that Noodle was looking at the DVDs he owned. "Murdoc-san, can we watch this one?" Noodle asked as she shoved a disk into Murdoc's hands.

Murdoc looked at the disk and gasped. It said, 'Anal Sex for Beginners! Step 1: Rubbing!'.

Murdoc quickly threw the disk out the window and said, "Sorry, luv! I accidentally threw the disk out 'da window!"

Noodle just sighed and muttered, "You're too easy, sucker…" "What was dat?" Murdoc asked. Noodle smiled and exclaimed, "It's okay, Murdoc-san!"

Murdoc glared suspiciously at Noodle for a bit before walking into the kitchen to make some sandwiches for them.

Once the demon-man gone, Noodle sneered maliciously and pulled out the real 'Anal Sex' disk.

She had switched the covers earlier, so Murdoc had ended up throwing out the disk with the video of his fifth birthday on it!

Noodle slipped the CD back into her pocket and went to help Murdoc make the sandwiches…