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"You all ready to go?" The voice made the teenage boy wake up from his daydreams. He checked to make sure his black drumsticks in his back pocket; he'd take them out once they got on the bus. It was a large bus as many student loaded their luggage and instruments into the area under. He sighed and went inside the school knowing he had to help with everything. It was night around 7pm though it was fairly dark he had, had supper a few hours before and now this was it. The boy placed his pillow and carry on bag down as he walked down the hallway, he turned the corner down into another hall way lined with lockers on his right. There was a door but it was closed at the time. He walked past the hallways where the hallway split into two ways one went straight the other to his right, now beside a large door. It was open and a few students were attempting to move timpani's out. He recognized them all they were the band. Grade 8 and 9 band students were heading on a band trip for a week. Most of the students were grade 8 not many grade 9s were going on this trip, he was one of the 9's on this trip. He recognized one person pushing one of the timpani's, a trumpet player and his best friend.

"Hey Riku," the boy greeted happily.

"Hey Roxas," Riku looked up as he pushed the large percussion piece, Roxas smiled and went beside his friend and pushed.

"One week on a bus and hotels think you can handle that?" Riku looked at Roxas.

"On the bus and the hotel no problem. With you? Maybe not," Roxas smiled.

Riku laughed as they pushed the timpani down the hall, "Hey Sora is coming on this trip right?"

"Yep," Roxas replied, Sora was Roxas's little brother by one year he was a grade 8 trumpet player.

"Where is he?" Riku asked, "He must have shown up with you."

"Oh course he did, but he ran off somewhere," Roxas said as they started to near the doors leading out to the doors.

"Hey guys," A cheerful voice greeted.

"Hey Kairi," Roxas nodded to the girl who ran up to the two friends she was closely followed by her twin sister. Roxas noticed her and blushed a bit when she smiled at him, "Hey Namine."

"Dude you're blushing again," Riku snickered.

"I am not!" Roxas yelled, "Where is the tenor saxophone player?"

"You mean Hayner," Riku said, "who knows."

"Our clarinet?" Roxas asked.

"Pence is probably getting something to eat," Riku replied, they rarely called each other by their real names when they were not around they called them by their instrument. They lifted the timpani up onto the bus.

"Go get your music kids!" The voice of they band teacher, Mr. Xigbar called.

Roxas and Riku smiled and ran up to Xigbar. "Can we bring the Jazz hats?" Roxas and Riku asked at once.

Xigbar smiled sort of an insane let's have some weird fun smile, "Why not!"

Roxas headed to the doors to get his music and the hats then he heard Riku ask another question to Xigbar, "Are we gonna need band ties?"

"Sadly yes," Xigbar said.

Riku and Roxas both slightly depressed no one liked wearing the band ties as they walked back inside the others went to grab their music. "Hey, Roxas," Riku spoke finally breaking the silence of the ties.

"Yeah?" Roxas responded.

"You ever think you'd play trumpet again?" Riku asked, "If memory serves you were a blood good player, your fingers were fast and you had good breath support. You gave me good competition for 1st trumpet."

"I might," Roxas said thoughtfully, "I like being on percussion though."

"Okay," Riku responded, "just so you know your brother is barely half the trumpet player you were."

"He'd give you a run for you money if I helped him," Roxas said.

"Yeah but I still got a year on him," Riku said they had reached the band room. In secret Roxas always had his trumpet mouthpiece in a carrier hidden in his bag, and his old trumpet was under his bed, there were times when Roxas would pull it out a play when no one was home. He had never lost his touch, almost every instrument Roxas ever picked up he could play how he landed with percussion in the end he never understood himself but now he was.

"So 24 hours on a bus," The voice of their friend Hayner spoke up as he walked out holding his tenor sax case and music.

"Grade 9s get first dibs on seats," Roxas smiled.

"How many of us are there?" Riku asked.

"A few more then last year but more then half the band is staying behind," Roxas replied.

"Who do we got?" Hayner asked looking at the two.

"For grade 9 we have, the three of us, Pence and," Roxas paused thinking. When voices snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Forget it we'll find out once we're on the bus, claim the back but leave at least one row in-between us and that washroom," Riku said running into the band room closely followed by Roxas. They grabbed the hats, and music as Riku grabbed his Trumpet and Roxas helped with the boxes of ties.

The friends rushed out to the bus and soon were surrounded by swarms of grade 8s. They placed their stuff in the area below the bus as the doors were closed, they still had ties and hats at hand, which they were instructed to drop off at the first row of seats. They pushed their way to the front as they grabbed their carry on bag and their pillow and for some a blanket to keep warm on the bus. Pushing their way to the front was no problem, once at the front they were given a random number on a booklet, which showed what they were doing.

Within the next few minutes the doors opened and the grade 9s were on the bus. Taken the 2nd row from the back they started to take seats. Riku and Roxas took the 3rd row as Hayner sat behind with Pence who had finally arrived a few minutes ago. They promised Namine and Kairi could join them if they chose to. Soon one other joined them, Yuffie. Though kind and genial Yuffie was known for talking with people she could get along with well and wasn't one for being in the large group. She was also well known for random hyper bursts and normally got along well with Leon but as he had said many times before band wasn't his thing. She left the space across from Riku and Roxas empty and sat in front of it silently with her bag and pillow.

Soon the grades 8s were unleashed upon the bus filling most of the rest of the seats Namine and Kairi joined them at the back, as did Sora. Sora took the seat across from Hayner and Pence. After a quick attendance the doors were closed and the bus began to move.

"Alright grades 8s and 9s we are off on a long trip," Mr. Xigbar said over the speaker installed in the bus, "In about 10 minutes we will put on a movie, if you forgot your music then to bad share with someone, if you forgot your instrument then we'll throw you out the window. Any questions? Good! No singing until we get out of town and it's not late, in fact no singing until the ride home, that means you Riku and Roxas."

Riku and Roxas snickered in their seats. The bus lights were turned on so everyone could see happily and talking began.

"Anyone have any plans?" Roxas asked.

"I always have a plan," Hayner said with a smirk.

"Oh right, anyone have any good plans that are not the works of the knucklehead," Roxas asked.

"You're the only knucklehead I see here Roxas," Hayner said lightly punching Roxas in the arm. Riku stared out the window watching the lights pass by.

The talking died down after a while they were happy to be on the road. They now and then moved seats the bus was large enough that they could have two seats to themselves so they could lie down. Riku and Roxas moved up a seat as Kairi moved over to their old seat. She had brought some covers and soon wrapped them around herself with a pillow behind her head they talked a little more. A movie was put on but none of them were interested in it. Namine also had a pillow and covers and soon had the covers around her and used her knees to support some paper as she happily drew pictures.

Roxas sighed, he pulled out his MP3 player before he put the headphones on and was lost to his music he looked to his left seeing Yuffie there. She had her back to the window and had put her pillow there, her feet up on the seat on leg extended slightly the other close to her body he could see that she had a Nintendo DS.

"What game?" Roxas asked questioning what she had.

Yuffie looked up, "What? Oh this. Just a mini game in Super Mario DS."

"You have any others?" Roxas asked Riku noticed and was interested suddenly.

"Tons," was the only answer.

"Like?" Roxas asked.

"Take a look," Yuffie sat up a bit and handed her backpack over to Roxas. It was heavy as he looked inside he saw why. There were a lot of games, batteries, a CD player, paper, pencils and pens, a CD holder, a Gameboy Advance, a Gameboy Color and a link cable.

Roxas looked at the bag and then back at Yuffie, "Mind if I play something?"

"No problem," Yuffie replied, "There should be two copies of Tetris in there if you want to verse someone."

"Play you," Roxas said looking at Riku.

"There's also a deck of cards in there," Yuffie said looking at her game, "and later when I'm done with my DS you can play 2 player Mario Kart."

"Can we borrow the cards back here?" Hayner called up.

"Sure," Yuffie nodded. Roxas looked at her then reached into the bag pulling out a card box and throwing it to Hayner.

"Poker," Hayner announced, "who's in?"

"I am," Sora said.

"Sure," Pence said he slid by Hayner and moved back a seat, though it was close to the washroom it became a easier way to play.

"Why not," Kairi smiled sitting up. They used a pillow for a table and started their game. It stayed like that for many hours, after a while until Yuffie stopped playing her DS and Riku and Roxas found two different copies of Nintendogs in the bag and suddenly had an hour of fun playing with her virtual dogs and buying a new dog for one of them. It was a side of them no one ever, ever needed to see again. It was getting close to midnight when the games and cards were returned. They stopped to change drivers when Xigbar started to talk to everyone again.

"Alright everyone's getting tired," Xigbar said.

"We're not!" Hayner called.

"All the humans are getting tired," Xigbar, "the grade 9s are completely different. Once we get going again it's gonna be sleepy time which means turn you electronic devices off, no talking and above all try to sleep before we ever have breakfast we have a performance tomorrow morning."

Roxas sighed as the lights of the bus were turned off as he looked out the window at the outline of mountains, Riku hadn't brought his pillow and was trying to get comfortable curled tightly trying to keep warm his head ended up along the arm rest and the bus. Roxas tapped Riku after a sigh and handed him his pillow.

"You use it and I'll lay on you for a pillow," Roxas whispered with a smile.

"Sounds like a deal," Riku whispered back as Roxas reached into his bag where he had wrapped up a small blanket.

"There should be enough to cover the two of us," Roxas whispered, as Riku got comfortable on the pillow slightly lying down his feet were off the seats for the time. Roxas laid down on Riku's side he was able to get his feet on the seat.

"Here move up," Riku whispered. Roxas edged his way up to just under Riku's shoulder, "Okay now just lay there on your side like that with your feet on the seat and I'll bring my feet up." Within a few minutes they were both comfortable.

"Riku just so you know," Roxas whispered, "this doesn't mean I like you any more then a friend and it does not count as sleeping together."

"What ever you say Roxas," Riku whispered, "What ever you say."

"Hey Riku, Roxas I have duck tape up here if you don't stop talking," Xigbar called from the front of the bus.

"Sorry," Roxas called.

"Sleep!" Xigbar yelled. Riku and Roxas tried not to laugh as they got comfortable.