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"Before the cock crew I was born

Far are the paths that I follow

My mother was dead before the dawn

Long, long she awaited her sorrow.

My father traveled the country 'round,

An ill stepmother to me he found

Into a needle she conjured me

And said that longing would torture me.

And then she turned me into a knife

And said I would suffer all my life.

She turned me into a pair of shears

And said I'd be stunted all my years.

A grey wolf then she made of me,

And said no good would come of me.

Under this curse I was to suffer

Till I drank the blood of my own brother.

So then I lay in hiding

Till my stepmother came riding.

By the bridgehead I lay watching

Till I saw her horse approaching.

And as she passed I caught her

And down from her horse I brought her.

In vengeance cruel and bloody

I took the child from her body.

And when I had drunk my brother's blood

I became a knight, gallant and good.(1)"

"That was your award winning poem?" Sai chuckled.

"Don't laugh!" Naruto punched his boyfriend on the shoulder and pouted as they boarded the morning plane to Japan.

They had just graduated from college and Naruto wanted to move back to Ikebukuro, since he promised all of his friends he'd come back after a good four years. Sai was reluctant to agree since he was rather fond of "life" in America. He didn't like all of the constant fears they fed people on t.v. though, but other than that, it was nice.

"But it's funny," Sai smiled.

"Whatever," the blond crossed his arms and fell back into his assigned seat on the plane, his bottom lip jutting out cutely. Even though he'd lost his baby fat over the past few years, he was still cute. His blue eyes were more slanted, his unruly blond hair was actually tamed, and his skin was a shade darker, making him look like a bronze god... so the girls next to his dorm had said.

"Don't get mad, Naruto-san," Sai tried to sound upset, but it didn't work. He was never upset and Naruto knew it. The boy was all smiles 24/7.

"If you don't want me mad, then don't be such an ass!"

Sai reached over and wrapped an arm around his lover's shoulders, leaning forward to give a soft nip on the blond's ear. He smirked at the small groan he received and sat back, "I'm sorry," he said, his voice not very convincing.

Naruto grinned and playfully shoved the raven, "Prick."

The atmosphere around them was light and warm, accepting and peaceful, but... something was slightly off... something was missing...

"I love you too," Sai chuckled.

Naruto's fingers twitched at his sides, but he kept up his smile and false laughter.


"Oh my god! Naruto?.!" Ino leaped onto her friend and squeeled, making most of the people at the airport wince, "y-you're so handsome! And tall!"

"Um... thanks?" Naruto laughed sheepishly, "you're pretty good looking yourself."

"You know, that means nothing coming from a gay guy," Ino pulled away and giggled at her friend's scandalized look.

"That's not nice, Ino," Shikamaru said from behind her. He strolled past the pouting girl and was about to give Naruto a handshake, but he found his arms full with a grinning blond before he was able to.

"Nice to see you again, Shika!" Naruto cooed teasingly.

The lazy teen sighed and hugged back, "yeah, you too."

Naruto pulled back and looked over his shoulder at the other members of the "welcome back, Naruto" fanclub, "Ohayo, minna!" he waved.

Kiba ran over, dragging Shino behind him, and slapped Naruto hard on the back, making him stumble forward, "Look at you, man! A stud! I didn't think an idget like you would've grown this much!"

"Idget?" he growled.

Sai stood in the background, watching the reunion with a hint of a smile. It was Naruto's time to shine, not his. He'd get his huge lump of love soon enough. Pale blue eyes turned his way and he chuckled mentally, Speak of the devil...

"Sorry I ignored you, Sai!" Ino ran to the boy and gave him puppy dog eyes, "you'll forgive me, ne?"

"I always do."

"Good!" she jumped on him and squeeled happily once again, making most of the people in the area glare at the group, their eyes wishing them a slow death, "you've changed too! Your hair is a bit longer... you look so pretty!" the girl played with a short lock of his hair and giggled.

When Naruto and him had become a couple, he was happy that his plan had worked, and especially overjoyed with the fact that Sasuke was permanently out of the picture... but... his lust for the blond had sort of blossomed into love and his thoughts on Naruto no longer contained the impure images of fornication, but the oddly refreshing scenes of his boyfriend smiling and laughing. It was... strange, and scary, Sai admitted. He had never felt love, never received it, never returned it... so when he had begun to feel warmth boil in the pit of his stomach everytime he saw Naruto, he got scared.

He eventaully got used to it and became comfortable with the affection he wanted to praise upon the beauty that was his, and when Naruto's friends saw the sudden yet positive change, they had went from uncaring about him... to open and kind. Especially Ino. The girl had clung to him for hours, babbling on and on about how she was so happy he was able to give Naruto the happiness he needed after the Sasuke incident.

"Naruto-san said he enjoyed the feel of long hair," Sai shared with no hesitation, "more so in bed."

"Sai!" Naruto was a dark red, making him look like an overgrown and oddly shaped tomato.

"Naruto-san!.!" a familiar voice boomed.

All six teens turned to see a flash of green speed their way. Well, it seemed like Lee's sense of style still needed improvement. Following slowly behind him was none other than Gaara, the red-head's hair slightly longer like Sai's, bringing out the handsome and sharp curves of his facial structure.

"Fuzzy brows!" Naruto grinned, meeting his buddy in a highfive.

How lame, Kiba thought with a slight frown, who high fives anymore? Old, washed out geezers, that's who.

"I see you're still with Gaara!"

"Hai!" Lee blushed lightly, "a-and I was finally able to pay all of his expenses and get him out of the pleasure house!" he flashed a triumphant and proud smile, "he's in his last year of college now!"

"Really?" Naruto looked over Lee's shoulder at Gaara, "how's college life treating you, huh?" he laughed.

"It's pleasant enough," Gaara replied softly, choosing not to indulge himself in a conversation that would probably lead to Kiba mentioning gay bars and strip clubs. The perverted bastard had gotten even dirtier in the past four years.

"Naruto-san," Sai said softly from the side, trying not to interrupt rudely, "we have to be at the apartment before noon. The movers will--"

"Shit! A-ah, guys..."

"We know, we know," Ino said with a bright smile, "now let's get you guys to your knew apartment!" she cheered, "everyone else will be there before us if we don't get a move on!"



"Christ!" Lee finished off Naruto's sentence proudly.

"This place is frickin' huge! I know we paid for a nice cozy condo outlooking the city, but damn!"

"I might actually get lost in here..." Sai commented mostly to himself as he searched around, but most of the group heard, and laughed.

"Think of it this way, man," Kiba started, "you two now have more room to screw each other senseless!"

"..." Naruto held back a blush and slammed his fist into the back of the brunette's head, "pervert! The hell happened to you while I was gone?.!"

"Shino molested him all hours of the day and converted him into a full time super pervert," Ino grinned, "I rather like his change of personality. More fanservice for me!"

"All of you... have changed," Naruto frowned, "that's not cool."

"Hey! You changed too!" Ino countered back.

"Yeah, but only physically! You guys.. you guys are all hentais!"

Gaara sent him a piercing glare, his light green eyes oh so menacing... as always.

"I-I mean, most of you... Gaara doesn't count!" another glare from the red-head, "a-and Fuzzy brows, too!"

"Ah... we have a fish tank. I enjoy fish," Sai walked around the large tank in the living room, watching the colorful sea creatures wade around.

Everyone stared at the fascinated raven with raised eyebrows.

"He's like an old man, Naruto... who enjoys fish?" Kiba snorted, amused.

"Fish is delicious, I'll have you know!" Naruto growled, "grouper happens to be my favorite food!"

"Why if it isn't Naruto!" a feminine voice laughed from the entrance hallway. Ten Ten was standing there next to Chouji and Neji, the pale eyed boy nodding curtly while the other two practically slammed each other into the wall trying to get to their beloved friend.

"How was your trip?" Chouji asked, for once not chowing down on a bag of chips. He seemed a lot skinnier too.

"It was good!" Naruto replied.

"Did you two join the mile high club?" Ten Ten giggled cutely, a pretty blush adorning her cheeks.

"Y-You all are a bunch of sick-minded freaks!" Naruto shouted, pointing at the now confused Ten Ten, "I suddenly move away and you all decide to become fond of using gay innuendos, talking about sex, and asking how much Sai and I do it!"

There was a silence, then a small snort of immature laughter on Ino's behalf.

"No one asked you two how much you... did it," Shikamaru heaved a small sigh at how troublesome the blond was. Really, other than his body, he didn't grow at all.

A blush.


"I don't mind sharing, though," Sai commented while testing the softness of their white leather couch. He tucked a lock of black hair behind his ear and smiled to the group.

"You'll keep your big mouth shut, Sai!" Naruto warned, a vein throbbing in his head, I just wanted a normal reunion! Jeez, no matter where I go, there's perverts everywhere!

"A-ano," a quiet, stuttering voice said from the front door. It was Hinata, the girl's dark blue hair now just below her shoulder blades.

"Hinata!" Naruto grinned, running over to the girl, his whispering friends not far behind, "how have you been?"

"G-good," she smiled shyly, tapping her pointer fingers together cutely, "I-I heard you were back in Ikebukuro and I wanted to say hello... and I also w-wanted to speak to you about something.. w-well, a someone..." she looked down at her sandals, but she could feel the heat of Naruto's gaze.

"I see... as much as I'd enjoy that talk, I decline."

Hinata's gaze snapped up and she reached out to latch a fragile hand around Naruto's wrist, "P-Please, Naruto-kun... he's getting worse every day... e-even though we weren't that close... I still care for him," her pale white eyes were pleading, "y-you're all he has..."

"I'm all he had. If you didn't already know, our relationship ended the day he decided to get fucked by his brother," Naruto whispered harshly, making sure no one else heard their conversation.

Hinata's grip tightened and she narrowed her eyes slightly, her sweet image burned away instantly, frightening the blond a bit, "Did you ever take the time to think about the kind of relationship he had with his brother? I'm sure he told you once... that Itachi knew how to break him down and control him... and I'm sure you already knew that his control on Uchiha-san wasn't completely severed..." her eyes softened, "Naruto-kun... I know for a fact that he would never hurt you intentionally..."


"Would you risk losing the only person who knew you were alive?" the girl asked quietly.

Naruto immediately thought about Ino and Kiba, the only people to ever notice him, to ever care about him...

"No, I wouldn't..."

"You were the only person who truly cared about Uchiha-san... other than Kakashi-sama, but Uchiha-san... he wanted to be loved, not like a son, but he really wanted to find someone that loved him... h-he would never jeopardize his relationship with you, Naruto-kun, because he truly loved you," her eyes were watering, "he still does... j-just please... go visit him... even if you don't love him anymore, just go to let him know you still think about him..."

Naruto felt his heart clench, "I don't think about him. I never do," I'm such a liar... I think about him every day... even when I'm with Sai...

"Oh..." Hinata released her grip and stepped back.

"I'm sorry, Hinata, I really am, but Sasuke isn't a part of my life anymore. Why, when I've finally gotten over him, would I go back to see him? To bring back memories I've almost completely forgotten?"

"I just... I-I don't want to see him like he is now... so thin and fragile..." she bit her bottom lip, "when I talk to him, sometimes I think he's going to break. I... I only wanted you to go so you could maybe bring life back into his eyes... it's as if he's already dead."

"Wait... already?"

"Lately, h-he's been refusing his medication and the food he's been given. And when they try to force feed him, he inhales the food and chokes on purpose so they'll leave him alone..." her thin frame trembled, "They told me that he's a lost cause... and that there's no way for them to save him at the rate he's going... H-he's so close to death, Naruto-kun..."

Naruto's eyes began to burn. Sasuke stuck in a pure white room, his skin pasty white, his hair dirty, his body thinner than a small child's... it scared him.

"Maybe I should... go see him..."

Hinata smiled thankfully, "Arigato, Naruto-kun," she said warmly.

Sai learned to read lips in his freshman year at college, a bunch of cheerleaders had taught him. They had said it was good to know how to do that since the skill could let you know what other people were talking about, giving you more gossip material. And now... he wished he didn't know how to... knowing that his boyfriend was going back to see Sasuke... it lit the burnt out flame of hatred that had so long been forgotten in the recesses of his mind.


Sasuke was bent over in the corner of his room, his mouth open, as if waiting for something to come out. His stomach gurgled loudly as he tried to empty himself of the medicine the doctors had finally been able to shove down his throat. When nothing came out, he growled. He didn't want the medicine! He wanted to die already!

"Sasuke-kun, you have some vistors--ahh!" the nurse ended her sentence with a screech as she saw the raven on the floor trying to throw up, "S-sensei!" she called, an older man immediately rushing in.

Sasuke became dizzy as his stomach jumped, his throat burning, but nothing coming up. Everything in the room was spinning as he was lifted onto his bed by his usual doctor. He tried to focus on a bright color in the hallway, it was a sunny yellow.

So familiar...

"Naruto..." he murmered, weak and completely light-headed. The familiar figure came in and he let a surprised gasp slip from between his dry and cracked lips as he saw beautiful cerulean eyes, "N-Naruto..." he called out again, his voice hoarse.

"Y-you really are dying," the voice that Sasuke missed so much and dreamt about was trembling, filled with pain.

It made him inwardly smile. Naruto still cared... he cared enough to cry... "Dobe..." he closed his eyes, letting himself once again fall into dreams where he was with the one he loved. And this time, he didn't want to slip away in his sleep... he wanted to wake up in the morning and see those beautiful ocean blue eyes that always haunted him...

(1) a song by the Swedish band Garmarna called Vengeance

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