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Iruka- rabbit

Sakura- Queen of Hearts

Sai- Chesire Cat

Gai and Lee- Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Shikamaru- That worm dude... person. Name?

Kakashi- Mad Hatter

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1 Month Later

Tsunade opened the door to Sai's apartment, smiling to the boy who was in the kitchen trying desperately to get dinner made, his crutches getting in the way of every little thing he did. The raven cursed and tossed his spatula in the sink.

"This is the first time I've seen you in years and you're exactly the same as I remember," she chuckled as Sai turned and gave her a surprised look, "Naruto sent me. He couldn't check up on you himself, so he sent me instead," she smirked, "and someone else is here to visit you as well. He said he wanted to see how you were doing."

Sai made sure the dumplings weren't going to burn, then steadied his crutches and moved into the living room, "Thanks, Tsunade-san," he smiled and glanced outside, his eyes widening a fraction, "Hidan?"

"Yo, Sai," the silver-haired man grinned. He was sitting in a wheelchair, his hair hanging in thick waves down to mid-neck and his eyes as bright as ever, "I've been stuck at the hospital since the incident, so I never got a chance to drop by and see how you were doing," he stated while throwing a quick glance at Tsunade.

"Huh? Oh..." Tsunade smirked, "want some alone time? Fine, I'll just call Naruto and tell him you're doing alright, Sai," she waved back to the two men before exiting the room.

"You were in the hospital? Why didn't the doctors tell me? You were the one who saved me... you'd think they would've--"

"I was lying. Deidara got me outta that damn place before they could even ask me my name," Hidan interrupted.

"D-Deidara?" Sai growled, "that blond who--"

"He's a good guy. He helped out from behind the scenes, ya know? He was on Itachi..." he stopped himself, knowing he shouldn't have mentioned the other's name, "well, he was on our side the entire time. He was the one who called the cops to tell them where Sasuke and Naruto were."

"Oh..." Sai looked down, his mood darkening and he went back into the kitchen.

"I know I shouldn't mention him... but just so you know, Itachi never thought he would actually die... he thought he was so much better than Leader," Hidan snorted, "You know he wanted to be with you, right?"

Sai smiled bitterly.

"He told me you made him happy..." he chuckled, "and sane. That's not an easy thing to do."

"Can we please... not talk about him?"

Hidan blinked, then frowned, "Whatever... Um, do you need help?"

Sai laughed slightly, "What can you help me with? You're in a wheelchair."

"Hey! That doesn't mean I'm not capable of kitchen work, sir!" Hidan laughed with him and rolled onto the tiled floor, coming to a stop next to Sai, "so, what can I do?"

"Well... watch the dumplings, how about that?" Sai asked, leaning on one crutch so he could chop of some broccoli.

Hidan sat back and boredly eyed the simmering dumplings, his fingers tapping on the arm of his wheelchair.

Sai felt curiousity get the better of him and started a new conversation, "So... what exactly happened to you? I heard you saved me, but I was never told what kind of injuries you had."

"I'm paralyzed from the waist down."

The raven winced at the news, "Oh... I'm sorry..."

"Don't be, it wasn't your fault," Hidan shrugged, leaning forward to turn off the oven when he saw that the dumplings were done. He grabbed the glove off of the counter and put it on, opening the oven and pulling the food out, sitting them by the sink, "And what about you? By what I can see... you have a broken leg?"

"Yeah, but it's getting better," Sai said, feeling bad. His broken leg didn't compare to Hidan's problem.

"That's good. Glad to see you're alright," Hidan smiled and rolled back until he was against the far wall, his arms crossed.

Sai suddenly felt happy, He's not angry with me... and he cares... "Hey, since you have nothing else to do... why don't you go look for something good on t.v? I'll join you in a bit after I set the dumplings up to cool off."

The older man shrugged, "Sure, why not? I have nothing better to do today," he wheeled into the living room.

Sai smiled.


"Mmm, Sasuke..." Naruto moaned, his hands buried in raven locks as his boyfriend deep-throated him. He was staring blankly at the ceiling, his mouth open as he panted and groaned, So much for me not being an exhibitionist...

Sasuke nipped at the slick erection and prepared himself for his lover's orgasm, which took place not even two seconds later. Cum filled the raven's mouth and he swallowed greedily, his tongue lapping at the head of the softening member, "Second round?" he suggested.

"A-ah..." Naruto felt himself fall back down from his pleasure high and his eyes immediately shot over to the door as it opened, his cheeks flushing a bright red, "Yah!" he shouted, shoving Sasuke back and pulling up his jeans.

Sasuke glared up at the ceiling when he fell on his back, Dobe!

The nurse blinked and shyly entered the room, "Um, Uchiha-san, I wanted to tell you that the doctors would like to speak to you about your leaving of the hospital," she smiled politely.

Naruto fixed his hair and shirt, his flush finally leaving his face, replaced with a bright smile.

Sasuke sat up and smiled faintly, I'm finally leaving this damn place...


"Welcome to your new home, Sasuke-kun!" Ino shouted and shot off a party popper.

"How troublesome..." Shikamaru grumbled, his hands in his pockets.

Kiba and Lee went over to the entering couple and congradulated Sasuke on getting out of the "crazy home". Lee cheerfully told the raven about how nice it was to live with the person who made you feel the highest level of youth, while Kiba and Naruto just stared at him, very much used to his behavior. Sasuke couldn't help but give him a "what the fuck" look.

Hinata, Shino, and Gaara approached them slowly, not in a hurry to greet them. Gaara and Shino could care less, and Hinata saw the couple almost every day, so there was no need to rush. She had done plenty of that during the incident with the Akatsuki.

"How'd you guys even get in here?" Naruto asked, throwing a glare at Ino. The blond girl giggled, her fingers laced with Shikamaru's.

"It's a secret!" she said with a grin, "but if you must know, Shikamaru was the one who got us all in."

The lazy man sighed, I knew she would mention that.

"Shikamaru! I gave you that key in confidence!" the blond whined.

"Can we stop yelling? I want to look around," Sasuke said, annoyed. He went past them and began his own tour, noticing that their bedroom was right next to the kitchen, Hn, how convenient, then he went in the room and he smiled softly when he saw all of the photos on the two dressers. They were all of him, but he noticed with a small frown that there were still pictures of Sai.


Sasuke turned and scoffed at Naruto, "Why would I be?"

"Quit being a teme," Naruto snickered, "and they're there because Sai's still a really good friend. If you haven't noticed, I have pictures of Ino and Kiba too. As well as everyone else."

"I don't see Kakashi and Iruka," the raven said.

"They're in the bathroom."

Sasuke raised a thin brow.

"I didn't have any room left in here, ok?" Naruto blushed.

Sasuke chuckled. Yes, he was looking forward to growing old with his dobe.


"Hey there, Weasel-san," Hidan greeted the grave with a huge grin, "I brought you some smokes and wine!" he handed the bag to Sai and the boy quietly took the items out, placing them by the carved stone, his eyes downcast. Hidan chuckled, "and I brought your emo boyfriend."

Sai glared at no one in particular as he pulled out a container from the bag hanging at his side, sitting on next to the wine. He smiled slightly, "I brought you some of my dumplings... you told me once... that you wanted to try them sometime..."

"So eat and get fat," Hidan looked up at the sky, the gray clouds covering the sun, "huh... looks like it's gonna rain soon."

Sai opened his bag one last time and pulled out a small photo. It was one they took during their first date. It had started drizzling during the evening, so they had taken shelter in one of those photo booths on the docks. Finding nothing else to do, they decided to take pictures.

The raven smiled at that memory. In the picture, he was smiling slightly while Itachi had one of those thoughtful looks he always had, It still hurts to think about him...

Thunder rumbled throughout the area and Hidan laughed, puzzling Sai, "How much do you wanna bet that's Weasel-san?"

Sai frowned and stood up, supported by his crutches, "I highly doubt it."

"Sure it is! He's pissed because you're being so mopey," the silver-haired man grinned, "so cheer up. You know, he always hated people who could actually have happiness, but chose to be sad."

"I can hear him saying that," the younger of the two laughed softly, then looked up when he felt a drop of ran on his arm. He smiled when a drop splashed onto his cheek, I'll be happy...

"But he could also be angry 'cause you're alone," Hidan shrugged, "and if that's the case, he shouldn't worry. I already promised him that I'd watch over you for him. Even though he denied the fact that he was concerned, I know he was," he grinned again.

Sai lowered his head and looked over at Hidan with a smile.

As the rain began to fall harder, the raven pushed his friend's wheelchair,( which was a pretty hard task since he had crutches,) under the roof of the church, the both of them thankful for each others' presence. Hidan kept Sai from breaking down into tears and Sai kept Hidan from babbling on and on about how he could've saved Itachi... Yes, they were both thankful they had each other.


"Hey, Iruka!" Naruto greeted the man happily over the phone, "how are you and Kakashi? I haven't seen you two since you guys last visited me at the hospital!"

Sasuke said his farewells to their guests as they left, shutting the door behind them and locking it. He looked into the kitchen and saw Naruto on the phone, his mouth moving fast and his free arm flailing about animatedly.

"Hah, no, I don't plan on coming back to finish my work at the pleasure house. I'll be starting my job as a doctor soon and I'll just pay Kakashi back with that money," he paused as Iruka spoke and laughed, "I know, but with everything that happened... I'm a little tired," he scratched the back of his head, an old habit he still had from his younger years, "Oh, sure, tell him I said 'hi'! Bai bai Iruka!" he hung up the phone, but blinked when it rang again. Lifting it from the hook, he answered it, "Hello?"

"Who is it?" Sasuke asked as he poured himself some water.

"It's Sai," Naruto whispered, his brows furrowed together as he listened to his friend on the other line, "so... you two want to come over? I don't mind. After all, both Sasuke and I know what it's like after you visit someone's grave... Sure, I'll see you guys in a bit," he placed the phone back on the hook and turned to his boyfriend, "Hidan and Sai are coming over for a bit. They just went to Itachi's grave and they're a bit... lonely."

"I understand," Sasuke said quietly, taking a sip of his water, "I don't like being alone either after I visit my parents' graves," but he suddenly looked up and his gaze met Naruto's, "did you say Hidan?"

"I did... didn't I?"


"So... if you would've stayed at the hospital, you would've been arrested after your treatment?" Naruto asked, curious. They were all currently sitting on the living room couch, the t.v. turned on, but on mute.

"The same goes for Deidara and Sasori," Hidan began, "anyone in the Akatsuki would probably get the death penalty if they were ever caught. Luckily for me, Deidara knew where I was and rescued me before the doctors could ask me who I was."

"Then how did you get medical treatment?" Sasuke asked.

"Sasori's pretty good in that field. I was thankful that he even helped me in the first place. He was firm on staying on Leader's side, but because Deidara chose betrayal over following Leader, he changed his mind as well. Not because he wanted to, but because he didn't want to be seperated from Deidara. They're childhood friends and you know how strong those bonds are," he tapped his fingers on his numb legs, still amused with the fact that he'd never feel down there again, No more hot sex for me, "he was pretty pissed off with me since I purposely went against Leader."

"Where are they now?" Naruto wondered.

Next to them, Sai kept quiet. He wasn't in the mood for chat about the other Akatsuki members.

"They're probably in Kyushu," Hidan shrugged, "I dunno, I don't keep tabs on them."

"Hn," Sasuke grunted and sat back, turning the mute button off and flipping through the channels.

"Let's watch some gore!" Hidan suggested, suddenly excited, "blood always cheers me up," he grinned.

"No thank you," both Sasuke and Naruto said in unison.

After a few minutes, they all settled with watching a humorous American movie. That was the only way Naruto knew how to cheer Sai up. The raven had always loved American humor, saying it was much more unique than what was considered funny in Japan.

As the movie progressed, Naruto dozed off, his head on Sasuke's shoulder and his mouth hanging open as he snored lightly, drool threatening to spill over his bottom lip. Sasuke rolled his eyes and lifted the sleeping beauty up.

"I'm going to throw him in bed. I'll be right back," the truth was, he didn't want to come back at all. He wasn't too fond of Sai and Hidan, and all he really wanted to do was snuggle in bed with his lover.

"We both know you won't," Hidan snickered, "just go cuddle with your love bunny. We'll be fine."

Sasuke's right eye twitched, Love bunny? "Thanks," he muttered, carrying Naruto to their room and shutting the wooden door.

Hidan looked over at Sai, noticing that the man was on the verge of falling asleep, "Sleepy, princess?" he teased.

"Mnnn," Sai fell over, his head landing on Hidan's shoulder, his eyes slowly closing.

The silver-haired ex-Akatsuki member smiled and turned the t.v. off, pulling the raven against him and closing his eyes as well, the both of them listening to the thunder and rain outside.


Sasuke crawled into bed with Naruto and wrapped his arms around the other's waist, smiling when he heard a content sigh leave his lover's lips.

"I love you..." he whispered into the darkness of the room, lightning flashing and illuminating both of their faces. Sasuke closed his eyes when he saw the hint of a smile on Naruto's sleeping face, his consciousness slipping away.


"Y-you hit on me!" Naruto hollered.

"I didn't hit on you, Dobe!"

"Yes you did, you arrogant bastard!"




"I love you."


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