Because some VERY nice people reviewed this, here is a second chapter, of a sort.

Disclaimer (because I forgot this): I swear, I don't own it.

And so the knight galloped off into the starry forest with the fair maiden in his arms...

Oops, wrong story. everyone ate the cheese crackers the llama so thoughtfully provided when...THEY EXPLODED! No! NO! I mean THEY TURNED INTO FROGS! So everyone was steering clear of the green, jumping cheese crackers when THEY EXPLODED! No...wait...ok, they did. So Alanna turned the llama into a frog and what do you know, it EXPLODED!

Sorry the author was a bit hyper there. So everybody was bored and Peachblossom had indigestion. And then something moderatly intresting happened. It started raining.

"Oh, great." said Alanna, who's the main charecter after Neal got eaten. "I hate getting wet."

And then Neal appeared.

"Hey, how come you're not dead?" said Alanna crossly.

"I dunno, I didn't feel like it" said he.

And then, something EXPLODED! (big suprise there)

And turned into a LLAMA!

And then the rain stopped and the sun shone and the birdies came out and the was a rainbow spanning the sky...

And Alanna, cynics she is (yay for cynics!) glared at the pwetty birdies.

And Neal wrote a poem about the, but he was as bad at poetry as Jon so he sucked.

"You should stop writing 'And's in front of sentences" said my English teacher "SO ingrammatical"

AND (HA Ms. C!) then she disappeared.

The llama lived happily ever after. And moved to Bolivia.

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