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Kenichi drew in a shuddering breath, wiping his eyes and brows on his sleeves. The smoky, frigid air was freezing his lungs and making his eyes water. He'd been out on the pile for hours this time, much longer than Shunsaku had advised him. He had to find Her. He had to.

Pulling his gloves tighter on his hands, he lifted another piece of scrap metal and shoved it aside. This big pile of metal was the very last section in the destruction site that had yet to be checked. When he started taking the pile apart, he was enthusiastic, sure that Tima had to be here. Now, nearly nine hours later, he had barely made a dent in the pile, and he wasn't so sure anymore.

Kenichi plopped down and let his head fall to his hands. It seemed hopeless, almost, that he would find Tima out here. He wanted to cry. It had been months since the fall, and there was no sign of her, the Duke, or even Rock. Kenichi and Shunsaku had taken part in the volunteer organization designed to help get rid of the tower's remains, but so far little had been done.

With smoke stinging his eyes and dust drawing into his chest with every breath, Kenichi stood and made his way back down the sloping pile of debris. It was hopeless. He'd have to come to terms with that.

Stepping cautiously, he toed a flat piece of metal to check for stability. Assuring himself that it was safe, he stepped down on it. Immediately the metal gave way, slipping from beneath his feet. Kenichi tumbled twenty or so feet down the hulking pile, lying there motionless after he landed. He could feel blood seeping down into his eyes, probably from a cut on his forehead. His right ankle and wrist were throbbing, and the fall had knocked him breathless.

Slowly Kenichi pulled himself up into a crouch, coughing to clear his throat and wiping at his eyes with the hem of his shirt. He felt dizzy, but already he could feel himself regaining composure. While he was squatting there, however, something caught his eye.

The little face stared up at him from somewhere around his feet. Its glassy eyes were unmarred, unnatural in the half-melted face. Golden strands of hair curled out over the small forehead and around what little bit of ear there was. The nose was burnt, blackened; the once fresh, pink lips were cinder red.


Kenichi choked, covering his mouth with one arm. He reached out and gently picked up her face. His eyes were brimming with tears as he looked closely over her intact features, taking in her blank expression and lack of body. Where was the rest of her? Had it been painful? Could she have felt pain? He ran his glove-clad finger over the rough metal back of the face. She had been a robot; how could she have felt pain?

Kenichi jumped, dropping the face as she blinked. Slowly her lids rose until she was staring back up at him. Her lips spread into a smile. Tears were now rolling easily over Kenichi's round cheek. He fell to his knees, running his fingertips through her few strands of hair.

"Tima," he whispered, voice choking. Still she stared at him eerily, smiling. Then she spoke.

"Papa … you told me I was special."

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