Sometime during Castle Oblivion

"Marluxia, you can't, you just can't do it!"

"I don't care and I'm telling!"

"You're so immature, so the clone was a failure! Big deal, you just wanted Sora anyways."

"…That's not true… I wanted both Riku and Sora for my own selfish purposes!"

Vexen does a double take

"But you already have Namine!"

"I don't need her I want Sora!"

"Can I go?" Namine asked


"Look, if you want to destroy or rule the order, you know they won't listen to your orders unless you're more intelligent and powerful then them!" Vexen explained.

"Of course I know that! I have to be a lying manipulative person to get what I want, I know how it works! That's why number 13 left."

"You mean…"

Axel appears

"Sora is proceeding quite fast; we have to take immediate action!"

"You think I don't know that?" Marluxia asked, like it was a rhetorical question.

"Yeah" Axel said with honesty

All three are silent

"So I'm going to tell, unless you get rid of Sora, or get him to do my bidding"

"Alright fine, just stop being so bossy…"


"Boy toy?" Larxene interrupted

"You're not going to run the order like that…" Vexen said

"That's it I'm—

Meanwhile in the corner

Namine has a bored expression on her face

"I wonder if I should kill myself or wait for Sora to rescue me…"