Chapter One- No Surprises

Oh and I don't know, I don't know what he's after, but he's so beautiful, such a beautiful disaster. And if I could hold on through the tears and the laughter, would it be beautiful? Or just a beautiful disaster

Here I am, lying down on my bed, staring aimlessly at a cracked ceiling. Me, Lily Evans, staring at a ceiling, you'd think I'd have something better to do? Wrong. So you might ask what I'm waiting for. Well preferably a life, but I'd settle for a letter from one of my friends. Now you might ask who waits for a letter. Well, being that I get my post from an owl flying through my bedroom window, it's safer this way… No birds running into windows you know.

So, I glance out the window and guess what! Dreams do come true. I spot not only one owl, but three owls flying towards my window. I barely manage to open the window before the bird conveniently crashes into my face… stupid feathers. Anyways, here I was waiting for one letter and now I have three! Funny how things work out like that. So, after I relieve the owls of their burdensome letters, they all decide to crowd around the one water bowl I have. Now I'm forced to get 2 more bowls of water instead of reading the letters I've been waiting for all morning. Stupid owls. Well the freakin' birds are satisfied now; Yes! I get to read my letters! I immediately grab for the scroll of parchment with the familiar cursive handwriting. From my best friend, Ashley Layne. Unfortunately, she tends to write short, uninformative letters. So I'm left holding a scrap of paper instead of a normal length letter.


You're sending me on a guilt trip! Sorry you're having such a lousy summer. I wish we could've taken you to France with us, but instead you're stuck in the Muggle world. I promise sometime we will have to vacation together. Have you heard from anyone else at school? Well, let me know. Miss you!



That's it. I'm not even lying… some best friend. Hopefully James's letter has a bit more too it. Oh you don't know James. Well he's this guy, at my school Hogwarts that is deeply infatuated with me. Up until the end of last year, I hated him. Well beside the part where I was completely in love with him. But me, tell him that? And giving him the satisfaction that he can get any girl to go out with him. Yeah right… he is gorgeous though. Anyways, so flashback here, end of last year leaving the train, we for once in our lives, have a civil conversation.

James: Hey Lily?

Me: Yeah Potter?

James: Would you mind if I wrote you this summer?

Me: Why would you want to do that?

James: Because I want to try and actually be friends.

Me: Are you sure this isn't some plan to ask me out for the 945th time?

James: Well, it might lead to that, but for now friends?

Me: Well, alright… I suppose we can write to each other.

James: Great Lil! Well, I guess I'll see you in September.

Me: I guess I'll have to, not much choice.

James: Don't act like you don't enjoy seeing me. (This is where he winks suggestively at me, and I almost key word almost fall for it.) Bye Lily.

Me: Bye James. See you in September.

So, due to one civil conversation, James Potter and I have become what you could call friends. Anyways enough of the flashbacks, I want to read that letter. James, unlike Ashley, seems to have written slightly more.


Sorry you're having such a boring summer. If it helps at all it isn't much better over here. I have to live with Sirius… Can't get much worse huh? Well, at least I'm not stuck with that sister of yours. Didn't she move out recently? With that muggle you were telling me about? Well, I suppose a house with out her has got to be better than a house with her? Anyways, since you're summer isn't much better than mine, do you want to meet up in Diagon Alley to get our school things? I'm going the last week in August. Let me know if you want to meet up. See you soon!


I'd consider that friendly, wouldn't you? It's much better than the usual hexing we usually go through. Maybe he's finally deflated that fat, abnormally large attractive head of his. Or maybe, don't want to get too hopeful though, maybe he even matured a little bit. Well, the friendly relationship is definitely a change for the better, after last year… Eh don't get me started. Anyways I quickly jot off a couple letters to James and Ashley, and turn towards the expected Hogwarts letter.

Ms Lily Evans,

It is my extreme pleasure to announce that you have been chosen as this year's Head Girl. This requires a large amount of responsibility, so I hope you are ready for the additional prefect duties. A prefect meeting will be arranged on the Hogwarts Express, and the Head Boy and your self are to delegate tasks for the start of term.

Enjoy the rest of you're holidays, and note the attached book and equipment lists.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

Me? Head Girl? Okay, okay… I expected it, but it's still nice to know its official. I wonder who made Head Boy; probably Remus, he was a prefect last year. Anyways, after receiving this wonderful, even though it wasn't a surprise, news, I quickly add a postscript to both my letters informing them that Yours Truly was made Head Girl. I expect it won't be a surprise for them either. Anyways, off to break the good news to my mom, I think I just heard her pull up.