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Spoilers: Faking It. Just like many so-called screamers, boys.

Summary: Drabble, so, no.

He'd been playing true or false with her all day. He was finding that he couldn't trip her up.

My favorite food is pizza. True.

Skiing is my ideal vacation. False.

Briefs. False.

Okay, she'd had personal experience with that last one, but still. She was fearless in her responses, completely sure of herself. She scared the hell out of him. He was thankful he hadn't suggested truth or dare.

I've never taken a date to the zoo. False.

I own a Celine Dion CD. False.

But I've seen her in concert. True.

He'd didn't bother to ask if he'd do anything to get laid. She could figure that one out on her own. She seemed to have him pretty well understood anyhow.

I've seen every James Bond movie at least once. True.

Ditto on Austin Powers movies. False.

I've also seen every movie Sandra Bullock has ever made. True.

She was like a human lie detector. He decided not to test her on whether he'd seen Meet the Parents. He could say anything. She'd know the truth.

My favorite animal is the tiger. False.

I've never watched Spongebob Squarepants. False.

I will never read Moby Dick. You should.

He'd been trying to control his tell, staring straight into her eyes has he made his statements. He knew he had to be doing something she wasn't telling him about, because he was sure he wasn't looking down and to the left anymore.

I prefer Stolichnaya to Grey Goose. True.

I want it mixed with cranberry juice. True.

I won't have more than three. False.

On a first date. True.

He was alone with her in the elevator. He was still asking questions, still trying to make her guess wrong. To make her guess at all. To say something she couldn't possibly fake knowing or figure out. Or dare answer.

I'm currently on a secret undercover mission assigned by the director. False.

I love you.

She exited the elevator, walking quickly toward her car. He opened the door of his own car, secure in the knowledge that some of his secrets were safe.