Fathers and Daughters

Part 9

By MacGateFan

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I watched Dad's expression in awe. I was almost as speechless as him.


"Mom, of course I agree to this, but it's going to take some time for me to understand what happened between us. What happened between you and Dad? I don't know what either of us did wrong to cause you to act the way you did."

Mom had the grace to look embarrassed. "I don't know, sweetheart," she replied. "I guess I just freaked out when you moved out to Eureka. It's just that when your Father was out working, it was just you and I and I relished that time I had with you. I just didn't want it to end."

"But what about Dad?" I asked.

"Zoë," Dad answered instead. "Your Mom and I had a long conversation about our relationship before I was able to track down where you went off to. It just wasn't working out. We still do care for one another, but not as we once did. We both, however, love you more than words can express."

Mom nodded. "He's right. We love you."

I smiled at them; happy things were going to be remotely normal between them. Well, as normal as things can get when your parents get a divorce. I know I was ready to get back to Eureka, back to my friends, and even back to trying to hook Dad up with Allison.

"Hi SARAH!" I exclaimed. I had been happy to learn that Fargo fixed whatever that guy did to our house.

"Welcome home, Zoë, Sheriff Carter. Would either of you like a cold drink?"

"Ice cream for me," I replied.

"Beer, please."

I shook my head. "Cancel the beer for Dad, SARAH, and get him an iced tea."

"What?" Dad looked at me innocently. Did he really think I was that dense? A few minutes later he realized why I had countered his beverage selection. "Damn pain killers," he muttered.

"Allison Blake called while you were away, Sheriff. She states that Braydon Thompson committed suicide last evening. She also states that you have an appointment with your physician tomorrow at 9 am."

Dad seemed a little relieved that Thompson wasn't going to be bothering us anymore, and I can't say that I blame him. The man almost killed my Father. Not that I want him dead, it's just knowing the guy who shot someone you cared about wouldn't be coming around again… yeah, it was just relief.

"Sheriff, Allison Blake added that she will be by at 8:15 am to bring you to your appointment."

I laughed. "You're not getting out of this one!"

"Shut up, Zoë," he replied with a sour look on his face.


I gingerly got up from bed when the alarm (curiously loud) went off. Pain meds were definitely wearing off. I only hope the doctor could hook me up with more. "Excuse me, Sheriff."

"Yeah, SARAH?"

"Allison Blake is here."

"Pour her some coffee," I replied, rolling my eyes. "I'll be down in a few minutes."

Allison. I seem to attract strong willed women. Not that that's a bad thing, but I didn't really expect to find someone in Eureka of all places, yet, here I was pining over one of the first women I met out here.

Yeah, and there's Jo. No way in hell I'd wonder into a relationship with her. Of course she has a sexy body, I'd hardly be a man if I didn't notice, but she kind of scares me.

As soon as I'm dressed, I had downstairs to see Allison sitting at the kitchen table with Zoë. "Ladies," I said with a nod, grabbing the coffee SARAH just poured for me.

"Zoë was just telling me that everything has settled between you and Abby. I'm happy to hear that."

I could have imagined it, but I seemed to have sensed relief in her voice. "It's good to not be at odds with her. I know we don't agree on a lot of things, but at least Zoë isn't in the middle anymore."

Zoë got up and smiled with a nod, kissing me on the cheek. "Me too, Dad. I'd better get ready for school. Bye, Allison."

"Bye, Zoë. Have a good day." She looked up at me. "How are you feeling physically?"

"A little sore."

"I have to admit, I'm a little surprised you admitted to it," Allison confessed.

I hesitated, wondering if I should tell her why. Finally, I gave in when I looked into her curious brown eyes. "You can't be too careful about your health these days. Especially when you have a daughter to look out for." I paused. "And maybe trying to find a step mother for her."

"Really?" Allison asked with a smile, trying to sound nonchalant.