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The Birthday Celebrations of Lady Yuna

The Palace of Saint Bevelle. Auron could think of no place more majestic, more spiritual, more wonderful. He stood tall and strong staring at the massive structure. If he was a little more observant, he would have noticed that he had a audience. Several girls from the local school were passing his silent form and giggling amongst themselves.

It was no secret that Auron was the most eligible bachelor in Bevelle. Almost every female in the city lusted after the Grand Maester's only son, and with good reasoning. He was smart, strong, and absolutely gorgeous. Definitely the tall, dark, and handsome type. He was a very serious man, but that made his smile all the more desirable. He was stronger than any warrior monk, but he had a hidden soft side for those he loved and every girl dreamed to be his. And fortunately for them, he was still single. For now.

Since Grand Maester Braska announced that he was looking to marry his son off, panic spread throughout the city. Women made sure to try and find themselves in Auron's company, in an attempt to win him over before he was off the market. If Auron was aware of his admirers, he didn't let it show. The only person that knew him well enough to tell was his little sister. It was that little sister he was waiting for that day in front of the Palace of Saint Bevelle.

"Where is she?" the twenty-five year old wondered out loud. He was supposed to meet his sister and take her out for a quick birthday lunch before their parents got a hold of them.


Auron smiled and turned around in time to catch his sister in mid air as she jumped up to hug him.

"Yuna!" he laughed as he spun her around. It had been almost a whole week since they had seen each other and he missed her terribly. "I was just about to leave and go to lunch myself"

"No you were not!" she cried as he set her down. After smacking him on the chest, Yuna smiled up at him. "How were you going to keep the women off of you without my help?"

"Ha ha. Very funny." he joked as they started to walk to their favorite café. Yuna smiled at all the girls eyeing her brother.

"It's true!" Yuna teased. There was nothing she loved to do more than tease her brother.

"Yuna, where were you?" Auron asked, suddenly remembering her tardiness. "We were supposed to meet at noon."

Yuna rolled her eyes and sighed a little. "I just stopped to talk to a friend I saw in a shop"

"Well, I was worried you had gotten hurt" Auron told her as they entered the café.

"You're always worried I'll get hurt" Yuna mumbled to herself. As much as she appreciated her brother's protective streak, she felt that he was worrying over nothing. Yuna learned from a young age that as the Grand Maester's daughter, she had to be a little more cautious in life than most girls her age. She followed Auron to their booth and smiled at Calli, her favorite waitress.

"Hey Yuna! Happy birthday! It's on the house today!" Calli smiled. Auron thanked the young waitress and ordered. He turned to his sister and noticed the far away look in her eyes.

"So, how does it feel to be twenty-one?"

"Move it or lose it!"

"Shut up!"

"You shut up!"

"You shut up!"


Rikku rolled her eyes at her father's lack of patience. She and her brother were no where near done arguing.

"Aww, come on Pops!" she pleaded, hoping her father would see the sunnier side of life and help her kick her brother's butt.

Cid crossed his arms and looked sternly at his daughter. "Rikku, you two have been arguing all day ever since you two lost that blitzball game. I'm tired of hearing about it!" With that, Cid turned and left his kids to fight it out.

"Man! Is he a drama queen or what?"

Rikku turned towards Tidus and arched and eyebrow. "Well I'm glad you see where you got it from!"

"HEY! I am not a drama queen!"

"Are to!"

"Are not!"

Outside the room, Cid ran into one of his crew members and a woman he had never seen before.

Buddy was smirking at an annoyed Cid and the women looked slightly uncomfortable listening to the arguing going on in the room behind Cid.

"Cid, this is Shelinda. She's a messenger from Bevelle." Buddy stated simply. Cid nodded and turned to the woman.

"Hi there. What can I do for ya?" Cid asked.

The woman looked at the Al-Bhed leader with a mix of curiosity and fear, as did many people. Most people, especially Yevonites, expected hostility from the colorful man that was Cid.

"Hello" Shelinda smiled, deciding that she liked this man, "I came to make sure you had received your invitation to the birthday celebrations of Lady Yuna this evening. We did not receive a confirmation from you and were wondering if you were to come."

"Holy hell!" Cid barked out, causing the woman to jump slightly. "Of course! I completely forgot to send the confirmation!" Laughing a little, Cid smiled at the nervous woman.

"My apologies. We have been so busy here with the construction it must have slipped my mind. Of course we will come. It may take me a little while to get my kids to settle down though!" Cid chuckled.

Shelinda nodded in understanding. "Yes I understand completely. Just so you know, we will have plenty of activities at the celebration for kids, balloons, clowns, that sort of thing. Also, we will have a full staff of people that can watch them if they get out of hand."

Cid's eye twinkled in amusement. "Of course. Tidus! Rikku! Come out here and greet Miss Shelinda!"

Shelinda smiled and prepared to bend down to greet the kids that were to come out the door, but soon stood up in shock.

"Oh my!" she said as she covered her mouth. From the arguing she heard, she expected kids no more than ten to come out of the room, not almost full grown adults.

Cid chuckled again and put a hand on Shelinda's shoulder. "Shelinda this is my son Tidus and my daughter Rikku. They are twenty-three and nineteen, respectively."

Shelinda smiled realizing her mistake. "Nice to meet you both. I really must be going now. I look forward to seeing you tonight!"

"Us as well, Buddy please see Miss Shelinda out. Until later."

Rikku and Tidus waited until the woman was gone until asking questions. "What's tonight?"

"The birthday celebration of Lady Yuna" Cid repeated.

"Oh well, that should be a lot of fun" Rikku said knowing that there was no way to get out of this one.

"Can't wait Cid!" Tidus lied.

"Good! Be ready by seven and stop calling me Cid!"

"My lord?"

"Shelinda! How was your trip?"

"Good my lord. Cid and his family are coming." Shelinda relayed.

"Wonderful! Thank you Shelinda!" Braska smiled. Shelinda nodded and left the Grand Maester to his busy schedule.

Braska watched her leave and smiled to himself. It had been a long time since he had seen Cid. It was going to be a great party

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