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When Did That Happen?

Wakka couldn't remember being happier. He was sitting in the kitchen across from Lulu, who had invited him to come get ice cream. They were both eating their cones peacefully. Wakka noticed that Lulu was shifting in her chair and looking a little nervous. He knew what was coming. She was going to say something about Chappu he just knew it.

"So I really like you Wakka" Lulu said.

Wakka blinked and his ice cream almost fell off of the cone.

Lulu looked away after he didn't say anything for a while. "I just thought it was best to get that out there. You know, avoid any awkward feelings, or confusion, so yeah." It sounded like a good idea in her head, but she should have just stayed quiet.

"You like me?" Wakka said incredulously. He saved his cone from its inevitable fall to the floor and looked up at her. "Really?"

Lulu laughed at his accusing tone. He really didn't believe her. "Yeah, I've had a crush on you since that game you played two years ago in Luca."

Lulu was wondering if she should have said that when Wakka threw his ice cream aside and kissed her deeply.

Yuna and Tidus were still making out in the hall when they were interrupted by Issaru. The summoner smirked at the pair and knew he never had a fighting chance.

"Ahem" he interrupted.

Tidus and Yuna broke apart and looked at him. Yuna in embarrassment and Tidus in triumph.

"Braska needs you both. Rikku and Auron too if you see them." Issaru said.

Rikku woke up wrapped up in Auron's arms. She smiled widely and rolled over to face the sleeping man. In some crazy way, by the hand of a fake marriage, she had fallen in love. Auron shifted slightly and rolled onto her more. Rikku giggled a little and started to nibble on his earlobe. Auron woke up abruptly and looked down to see a smiling Rikku under him. He smiled right back and kissed her. They were lost in the kiss when they heard a knock at the door.

Auron groaned and lifted himself up, trailing kisses down her torso as he left the bed. Rikku giggled at him and kicked his tight butt when he stood up, almost causing him to fall over as he was putting on his pants.

"You just wait until I get back..." he warned her as he walked to the door. He opened it to see the annoyingly bright faces of his sister and Tidus.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Braska needs us. Rikku in there?" Tidus asked, trying to see over the larger man's shoulder. Auron pushed him back down so he wouldn't see Rikku in the bed.

"We'll be right there"

The four walked into the conference room to see a very grim looking Braska.

"What happened Father?" Yuna asked. Everyone gathered around the table and waited for the news.

"You're father is an idiot!" Braska announced pointing at Rikku and Tidus. "He took a couple of airships to the Southern Ocean to look for the base."

"WHAT!" Rikku screeched. "What an idiot!"

"That's what I said" Braska nodded. "To top it off, he went down to get a look at the base and we lost communication."

Rikku and Tidus felt their blood run cold. "What happened?" Tidus asked.

"I took those bastards down!" Cid yelled from the commsphere. "Turns out I crashed right into the main room and there the twins of terror were looking at me like chocobo caught in the headlights!"

"What?" the four friends yelled in disbelief. Cid laughed and started his story over.

Braska leaned over and turned the sphere down rolling his eyes. "The point is Cid is a lucky idiot. But he does have Seymour and Sin Guado in custody and they will go to the holding cells when Cid returns. You all get some sleep and I'll talk to you in the morning."

"Will Cid be back by then?" Auron asked. Braska nodded as they left the room.

In the hall, Rikku was fuming. "He told us he wasn't going to go alone! He could be dead right now!"

Auron picked Rikku up in his arms and lifted her so their faces were level. "There is no use dwelling on the past Rikku. Your father did do something foolish, but he's okay now. That's what is important." Rikku sighed and rubbed her nose across Auron's cheek. He smiled and kissed her before setting her back on the ground.

Tidus and Yuna stared. "When did that happen?" they both asked.

Rikku and Auron turned their attention to the other pair and noticed that they were holding hands. "When did that happen?" they asked.

The next morning, Cid was back and very proud of himself. "Then I looked at them and they looked at me and I knew, it was gonna be them or me!"

He was telling his tale for the third time to Barthello and Issaru. Rikku, Yuna, Tidus, Auron, and Braska were at the table waiting for him to finish. A few seconds later Lulu and Wakka came in the room, arm in arm.

"When did that happen?" Rikku and Tidus asked. Cid stopped his story to see what his kids were talking about and Braska took the opportunity to jump in the conversation.

"Well, with the Guado leaders in our custody, our major problem is solved. But we have a long way to go if we want to see unity in Spira." he said.

"Well, I suppose Rikku and Auorn will have to decide if they want to start touring Spira now that it's safer.

"That sounds like fun" Auron said leaning over and kissing Rikku sweetly.

"Yeah, a vacation with you!" she replied, kissing him back.

"When did that happen!" Braska and Cid yelled.

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