Something Happens...


Something happens is a story of two best friends whose love for each other is tested. Cloud and Aerith were close friends growing up. They went to the same college and enjoyed the same activities but when a lovely young Tifa enters Cloud's life he makes a drastic choice. Will he pick friendship or love?


Something happens is the story of Cloud and Aerith. Both of them are students at Shinra College. Aerith being a tomboy gets along very well with Cloud and the other boys. Cloud and Aerith are also the best of friends. Being so close to each other, Cloud and Aerith would probably fall in love however they were to busy enjoying themselves being best buddies. And then Tifa the principal's niece came into their lives. For Aerith, Tifa was a third member of their gang, however, for Cloud, his life was never the same after meeting her. He fell in love with Tifa. Aerith was finally beginning to fall in love with Cloud and when she finally does manage to sum up the courage to tell Cloud about her feelings, Cloud tells her in his usually friendly manner; that he is falling in love with Tifa. Totally oblivious to him he broke Aerith's heart. Broken hearted Aerith decides to leave the college mid-term making an excuse. It is this point that Tifa's suspicions come true.


Cloud and Tifa were inseparable they were together ever since college. They made a perfect family out of the run down bar and even had 2 adopted orphans living with them and Tifa's mom (Tanya) who took care of them. She treated Cloud like her own son and Denzel and Marlene called her grandma. Everything seemed perfect the whole group would come visit (Yuffie, Vincent, Barret, Red XIII, Cait Sith, and Cid). Then on that tragic day Tifa fell ill. The hospital keep her there for a while, Marlene would go almost everyday to visit her and Tifa would tell her stories about college.

Then it happened the doctors figured out that Tifa has internal bleeding and didn't have much longer to live. Everyone was devastated especially Cloud. He loved Tifa and couldn't bear to see her that way. Tanya walks into the room where her daughter lay smiling at her. They are both holding back their tears, She sits next to her daughter where Tifa hands her mother a note she tells her to give it to Marlene on her 8th birthday. She bids her farwell not really saying a real goodbye and hugs her daughter.

Cloud walks in and sees Tifa. Tanya leaves, Cloud sits next to her tears building in his eyes, she slowly begins to cry as death begins to take control. "Hey your going to be okay, you're Cloud Strife you will pull through this. Plus Denzel and Marlene are going to need you to be strong" Tifa smiles stroking Cloud's arm. Cloud turns to face her Tifa's eyes are filled with tears as so is Cloud's.

In an instant he hugs Tifa. He buries his face in her hair saying, "Please don't leave me" a single tear rolls down Tifa cheek, she closes her eyes and dies in Cloud's arms. Two years pass since Tifa's death but Cloud is managing the best he can. Tanya still stays with them and helps around the house. Marlene is standing around waiting for Cloud. You can tell she is getting very impatient by the look on her face. She can hear Cloud's motorcycle pulling up behind her she turns away mad that Cloud was late again. He apologizes and they ride off home. Denzel and Tanya are home cooking dinner. Marlene reminds them that her birthday is tomorrow.

Denzel turned 8 two months prior so he reminds her who is older. Marlene really isn't excited about the decorations or cake but the letter from Tifa. Tanya told her all about it on her 7th birthday and poor Cloud knows nothing about it. Buzz Buzz Buzz the alarm goes off. Marlene turns the alarm which reads 12:00am she shoots out of bed and rushes downstairs. She pushes away the birthday cards and presents and reaches for one letter, Tifa's letter.

She opens it and read it, "Hello Marlene Happy Birthday. You are 8 today wow you must have grown into a beautiful young lady? How is grandma? You two aren't bugging her right? How is Denzel? He must be a handsome smart boy now? And how is my Cloud? Still quiet and too himself?Make sure you remind him to be strong okay? I also wonder how the gang is doing? Tell them all I said hi and that I miss you all. I wanted you to get this letter because you know when I told you those stories about college well I never told you the most important part about a girl. Cloud's best friend Aerith Gainsborogh. She was the one Cloud really loved. Let me tell you our story."