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The squadron of helicopters flitted over the dense wilderness that spanned Sunburst Island. Their long propellers, like huge spinning, dragonfly wings, made barely a sound as they zoomed around the shoreline.

I gazed gloomily down at the ocean below. The helicopters had were flying into the wind, going at the quick, guarded speed that warranted no pursuit, and there was human around who could spot it: Slan, our grouchy lookout, had confirmed it himself.

So why was I afraid? Because. Every day, I knew thousands of trainers and Pokemon had me on their death list, and every mission was one where I may not return. Whether it was a bullet to the heart, a slice to my throat, nor an agonising, slow poison, I knew my end wouldn't be pleasant.

I looked at my friends. Slan, a Hypno, who seemed to grumble about everything and everything, Firestorm, the youthful Charmander barely out of childhood, blazing with energy, Hayl, a Scizor, her coal eyes burning with an eternal fury, and Kindron, a Swampert, an expert in every thing he did.

And I. Rain. Some say I am saviour, others a renegade and murderer. I myself am not sure who I am. I have saved thousands of Pokemon, with bold defiance and subtle planning. Many trainers and Pokemon have died by my hand, though, and many more Pokemon have had to be enslaved.

Back then, I thought it was just me or them. Now I realise my mistake. So many messed-up chances. Pokemon look up to me, and though I do not deny that by killing their trainers, I have saved them from a lifetime of torment and misery, I wonder if it was the right choice.

I look out the window again. Nothing for it.

Suddenly a hot, sharp pain entered my back, like a spear slowly impaling me. I doubled over, crying in pain. My friends rushed over. They knew what I suffered. Several years ago, the humans tested one of their cruel devices on me.

It warped me, stretching my body into a twisted and hideous shape. Once I was a Pikachu. Now, they call me Raichu. This was why the humans must pay.

They enslave Pokemon, forcing them to fight as gladiators, with the prize and glory going to the trainer. Often the losing Pokemon will be beaten to death. If that wasn't enough, they've been doing it for thousands of years, and they've found a whole style of torture: elementary stones.

They twist the Pokemon's body, warping flesh and bone. Sometimes the humans do it to their Pokemon for a perverse sense of beauty, others to make their Pokemon as powerful as nature allows them to be.

Many don't survive this evolution. The others are left scarred for the rest of their life, living in unbearable pain. Pain that I was feeling now.

(I'm all right guys.) I moaned.

(Not when you're writhing on the floor, boss.) Hayl commented.

Firestorm and Kindron helped me up into a seat. I saw into the pilot's cockpit. We weren't far from our destination.

(I'm okay. We need to go over our plan, anyway.)

(Oh goodie. We have a plan to get slaughtered?) Slan growled.

(Not really. At least if the plan works.)

My team looked expectantly. Two screens on each side of the helicopter flickered on, and I had my whole team, standing before me, awaiting my orders. I breathed in a deep breath, my eyes sweeping each Pokemon. Some of those Pokemon wouldn't be returning home.

The least I could do is remember their faces, and the sacrifices they made.

(Listen up, guys. We're attacking a Pokeball deposit guarded like a fort. Inside this fort is what we're after.

It's called a Corsair bomb, and it's blast works like a massive Pokeball. It's going to be directed into a cave containing thousands of Pokemon who don't know the danger, including one that's very special to them.

They say it's a crystal Onix, or something, but that's not our concern. Our job is to get in, destroy the device, and get out.)

A Kadabra on one of the screens spoke: (Do we have any men on the inside?)

(No, Craese. It's just us. The only things we have is ourselves, and surprise.)

He raised an eyebrow.

(None of our soldiers hiding in those gloves of yours?)

Another of the humans experiments was a pair of mechanical gloves that could hold one hundred Pokemon inside them. They were virtually indestructible, and in human hands, they would have been an awesome weapon.

But in my hands, they had become a symbol of Pokemon freedom, of the bane of all trainers. How ironic that they have enslaved Pokemon themselves.

I shook my head. (None except a Nidoking named Vorten. He's almost dead from the human's stone. He wanted to take part in this assault before he died.)

We all bowed our heads solemnly. Nothing could be heard for a minute, except for the whirring blades of the three helicopters.

I looked up.

(Craese, lead your team down to ground level. You support Vorten in breaking down the wall, before charging in yourself. Dorn, you must infiltrate the lab's ventilation system and make your way towards the bomb.

My team will provide covering fire from above.)

The two screens blacked out, and I could see through the windows that the other two helicopters were breaking off to land in the forest below.

I tensed myself for the bloodbath to come.


The blazing sun burned the concrete blocks that formed the lab. Barbed wire and an electric fence encircled the set of buildings, behind which lay towering walls. Guard towers were stationed around this for every hundred metres.

It was like I said. This laboratory may as well be a fort. Inside were an army of guards, and a horde of their slave Pokemon.

Each one of those Pokemon, I vowed, will be free by the time I leave.

The helicopter zoomed overhead, and alarms began to ring. I aimed to the ground, and pressed a small trigger inside my glove. A red spark jumped out of my knuckle and dived towards the earth.

Vorten materialised in a flash of light. He glared at the walls, and gave a deafening roar of fury. The guards instantly opened fire on him, but their bullets could not penetrate Vorten's tough hide.

He charged at the wall, sweeping away the barbed wire fence with a swing of his massive fist. Bolts of energy began flying into the walls. One of them hit a guard, tearing into his flesh.

Beams of energy burst from the trees, cutting into the enemy. Before long, blood drenched the walls. From the helicopter I saw one of my Pokemon go down, lead ripping into her body.

Lightening crackled in my hand. I sent a lance of electricity into the man who slew her, allowing a grim smile to appear on my lips.

Explosions rocked the helicopter. The enemy were firing Voltorbs at us! I peered out the window, looking for the source of the Voltorbs, when the other side of the helicopter got torn off. Hayl was killed instantly.

Slan was incinerated in a ball of fire. Those that survived plunged out of the sky, trapped inside the helicopter. The roof of the facility raced towards us.

I looked from Firestorm to Kindron. We all knew what was going to happen. A small tear, a sparkling, liquid gem rolled from Firestorm's eye. I put my hand on his shoulder.

It was the only consolation I could give him.

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