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Rain's POV

I was thrown into a pile of rubble. Dust swirled around me, choking me and clouding my vision. I opened a bleary eye to see the Sneasel charging at me at full speed. I dived out of the way, smacking into a concrete pillar.

The impact knocked the breath out of me, leaving me gasping for air. I wiped away an angry tear of pain. This was unfair. I had been shot at, crushed, almost fallen to my death, and abused by the constant pain that plagued me.

I had survived everything thrown at me, just to be torn apart by some petty little girl and her rat.

Every move hurt me more, irritating all the injuries and pain I had sustained. I could barely make a proper attack back, just dodge and duck, until finally, my enemy overcame me.

And they knew it. The Sneasel gave me an evil smile, bouncing from toe to toe. It still had as much energy and strength as when the battle began.

I felt a vibration in the back of my neck, and I dived away. The floor shattered as a bullet drilled through, missing my head by an inch.

"Come on Rain! Put up a fight!" The trainer called to me. "I thought you would be better than this."

But I had no time to listen. The Sneasel's claws raked across my back, and blood streamed out in hot rivulets. I fell to my knees, crying in pain, and trying to recover.

The Sneasel let me fall. It knew it had beaten me. Its tongue ran over its bloody claws, savouring the taste. It slowly raised a paw, poised to strike.

"Finish him."

The Sneasel let out a cruel laugh, and its claw fell, ready to slice through my throat. Death would be instant.

I raised my hand, and fired a beam of electricity point-blank at my enemy. It dodged effortlessly, and swiped a claw upwards, to gut me with a vicious uppercut.

But I had anticipated this. I jumped. The cool air rippled across my blood-soaked back. I felt a movement to my left. My reaction was swift.

My tail whipped out, and powered towards the Sneasel. It was impossibly fast, too fast for the Sneasel to dodge, and my tail crunched into the Sneasel's head, knocking it off its feet.

As soon as the trainer saw this, she fired, her bullet flying at me. But I was nowhere to be seen by the time the bullet would have reached me.

I breathed slowly, making as little noise as possible. The woman could not see me, and neither could her infuriated Pokemon. I collapsed against the rubble I was hiding behind, and rested.

I needed to hold out as long as possible. My friends must escape.


Firestorm's POV

I rushed to the edge of the pit, and watched as the Corsair bomb dropped out of sight into the darkness below. Suddenly, there was a brief flash as the bomb exploded, and then nothing.

We had failed. My heart turned to stone, weighing heavily in my chest. I felt exhausted, and my head raced and swirled, the only constant thought was my sudden despair.

We were trapped. Trainers outside would kill me as soon as they found me. Rain was probably already dead, killed by that… whatever it was. And nothing would count against that.

I would die a young Charmander lost in a world of pain. Nothing would stop that. My parents would be left without child, their hopes and dreams for me lost and forgotten. No one would care.

So this is defeat, I thought to myself. A flame sparked in my mind. The lead in my heart melted away, my thoughts became focused, and my judgement became true.

If this was defeat, I will show them defiance. I looked at my claws, plated in steel. I had learned that trick from my father, who had in turn learned it from his forefathers. It was my power; a secret power known only in my bloodline.

(When I die,) I shouted to no one, (These claws will be covered in my enemy's blood!!)

And with that, I charged out of the room, to face down death.


Rain's POV

They had not found me. The Sneasel had searched amongst the rubble, bent low, snuffling amongst the ground, and cursing me, clutching the bump on its head.

Its owner was looking for me from the relative safety of the floor above. They would not find me, not for a good while, at least.

I was hidden inside the burnt-out helicopter, stashed amongst emergency supplies in a secret compartment. I pressed my back against the warm metal, cauterising my open wounds.

I felt the soft padding of the Sneasel as it scouted the wreckage. The woman's footsteps seemed far off, but I could still feel them pounding in my heart.

I have always been able to sense things around me. That has been my talent. It has saved my life time and time again. Throughout the world, there had been small mutations found within a species of Pokemon. They are unusual, but nowadays, not uncommon.

For some, this talent has evolved to cross an entire species. Spearow have evolved to have an amazing innate sense of direction. For others, this talent is very unique, only found within a small bloodline.

I was an example of this. Firestorm was another, being able to cover his claws in metal. We were the next generation of a bloodline of powerful Pokemon. And from the way things were going, it looked like we would be the last.

The Sneasel snuffled, its nose pressing against the helicopter's hull. My heart froze. If it found me, there was little chance I would survive.

I could feel a smile come onto the Sneasel's face. A light came to life in my palm, resonating in my chest. My eyes slowly shut. I felt each heartbeat, touching each wound with my mind. These would be my last feelings, I knew.

Suddenly, a blast rocked the helicopter. I was suddenly thrown against a bundle of flares. A roar of unparalleled fury was heard, as an unknown attacker entered the room.


There was another blast, and the metal hull beside me was blown open. The Sneasel had dived away, and was now busy evading a series of fireballs, fired by… Firestorm?


I peered out of the hole. Firestorm was standing in a doorway, shooting a stream of fireballs at the Sneasel from his fists and mouth, occasionally stopping to hurl abuse.

A crater erupted beside him, showering him with dust and shards of concrete; the human had opened fire. Firestorm did not waver, continuing his blazing volley. He fired at the human, sending her back into cover.

The Sneasel suddenly materialised in front of him, its blade-claws ready to rend Firestorm's head from his shoulders. I jumped out of the helicopter, the package of flares in hand.

I fired one, sending flying into the Sneasel's back. It doubled up. It was the last thing it did. Firestorm incinerated it before it could move.

I fired the rest of the flares at the floor above. There was a blinding flash of light that burnt my eyes. I raced towards one of the pillars, and sprinted up its side. Through the smoke left by the flares, I could see the Sneasel's trainer, trying to see through the thick dust.

Her eyes found me, and a bullet scraped across my back. Ignoring the pain, I kept going. I pounced at her. She aimed the shotgun.

I could see down the barrel, and through the darkness, the glimmer of its lead bullet.

Time stopped. If I was faster, the woman would die, and I could walk free. She was faster, I would die, and Firestorm with me. My mouth opened to reveal a row of teeth, forming a wide grin.

My tail shot out, puncturing her skin and ripping through her flesh. I could now feel her heart beating weakly around my tail.

There was a thunderous roar in my ear as the gun spat out its deadly payload. But it was wide of its mark.

I landed on the human's shoulders and grabbed hold of her head. I could hear the sickening snap as I broke the woman's neck.

I leapt off, down, towards Firestorm. I felt a thump on the floor behind as the human fell to the ground, dead.

I hit the ground, feeling the shudder of pain ripple up my legs. But I did not care. All the pain had been washed away. I was victorious.

(DIE YOU STUPID RAT!!) Firestorm raged, still shooting fire at the crumpled, smoking remains of the Sneasel.

(It's dead, Storm.)

He stopped. I put my hand on his shoulder. I could feel his hot skin from under my glove. He looked at me, and burst out in tears. This day had been a hard one. I let him cry on my shoulder.

(I… I thought you were dead.)

(I'm not. That surprised me too, you know.)

(So how are we getting out?)

I pulled away from the embrace, and crossed the room over to a thick, steel wall. I could feel a helicopter's propellers on the other side, spinning through the air. They shone in the hot sun.

In fact, I could almost feel its warm, metallic surface as it sliced through the air. Could feel the humid ocean breeze as it wafted over the building. It was so close I could almost taste it.

I have one other talent apart from those I have already described. I can control magnetism. I can make electrons flow towards or away from me, and so direct the path of a magnetic force.

Though it costs a great deal of energy, and I was unexperienced in its use, I think it would be worth the risk.

I told Firestorm this, and began giving him my orders.

He shook his head, (This is crazy, if you ask me.)

(Do it, kid.)

He complied, and began breathing flame onto the wall. Slowly, it became hotter and hotter, as well as softer and softer. The section of the wall Firestorm was heating began to glow a fiery red. I smiled.

Reaching out with my magnetic energies, I threw with all my might. There was a ripple through the air. It hit the wall. Then the entire section was blown away, leaving a smouldering hole.

Firestorm gasped in amazement. In the helicopter outside, the Pokemon stared in wonder at my extraordinary feat. Craese, the Kadabra and my second-in-command, gave me a rare grin.

I let out a heavy breath, and along with it, all my anxieties and agonies I'd experienced during the past hour. Sunshine poured into the facility, washing away all my fears.

Though there was still a battle raging around us all, I knew I was safe. I had escaped with my life.


Transmission CXR1017: Relating to the attack on Sunburst Island

Giovanni, H.Q. Team Rocket,

As you expected, there was a public outrage in the news over a murderous assault on the Daycare Centre for the Sick and Injured: Trainers and their Pokemon. The culprit has at last been named: Rain.

Among this Pokemon's acts are the cruelty and abuse of this Pokemon's subordinates; an army of enslaved Pokemon, the relentless slaughter of innocent trainers and Pokemon, and the constant resitance against the law.

Many of these claims are doubtful: many of the trainers were never 'innocent', I can assure you. And there is no such facility mentioned in the reports: It is in fact a Pokeball distribution plant, the one that recently deleloped a Corsair bomb for use.

The details are short and, for the most part, not worth bringing to your attention.

The bomb was detonated, as you anticipated, and the crystal Onix now resides in the Fuschia City Zoo. There were heavy casualties on both sides, though the most notable was Ms Pureaux, a government agent sent after Rain – you know of her?

Rain slew her, before making his escape. He is still unable to be found, much to this organisation's despair, but this leads me to our most important discovery for months.

The Elite Trainers: Lorelie, Bruno, Agatha, Lance, Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, Drake and Wallace have declared Rain a Pokemon Darkling.

As you know, Pokemon Darklings came into being firstly when one Professor Green entered the Pokemon League. He was unbelievably cruel to his Pokemon: unusual even by today's standards, and he often resorted to violence and aggression when others questioned his methods. As a result, he was named a Pokemon Darkling, and ever since, he has never been seen.

Green was a myth to frighten children into being 'good' Pokemon trainers, but we know better, don't we? The title of Pokemon Darkling has only been given a few times since – eleven times, if I recall, often to trainers like Green, but also to trainers like Rain (if the term applies): revolutionaries.

Because of this sudden wave of fear, I suggest it is a wonderful time to proceed with some of our most prominent operations.

May wisdom guide your hand, my leader!

Agent 666, Team Rocket

Transmission ended

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