Rodney McKay was not a superstitious man.

He didn't subscribe to the beliefs usually associated with the term 'superstition'. If he spilled salt, he just swept it aside out of his way. If a black cat crossed his path he just gave it a friendly pat on the head.

He did avoid walking under ladders, but not because of some mystical belief that it would give him a years worth of bad karma. Instead, it was because one never knew when some working grunt atop the ladder might drop something heavy (a wrench or can of paint, for instance) and it land on your head as you walked beneath them.

So that was only logical.

That being said, Rodney never classified himself as being superstitious.

Just because it was Friday The Thirteenth and he was being extra cautious didn't make him superstitious. It was only natural to be on your guard when everyone else on the base was acting like a bunch of baboons over every little thing.

He wasn't bothered by the idea that it was Friday the thirteenth. Not in the least.

He hadn't been watching for sudden movement out of the corner of his eye. Nope. Not at all.

And he most certainly wasn't watching for huge, lumbering men in hockey masks carrying machetes.

That would be insane.

Almost as insane as the huge lumbering man in a hockey mask carrying a machete who was waiting for him when he opened the door to his quarters.

Rodney screamed, squealed and flailed before fainting dead away at the sight of a very real Jason Voorhees inside his room.

'Jason' tilted his head and looked down at the unconscious physicist before breaking out in peals of laughter.

A young boy's head popped out from behind the homicidal monster and glanced down at McKay, interested.

The wielder of the machete slipped off his mask and fluffed his hair, grinning the whole while.

"You see, Jinto," Sheppard said, his face lit up with his mischievous smile, "I told you it was scary."


A/N:Inspired by the scene in the season one episode Hide And Seek when Sheppard is trying to explain the concept of Jason Voorhees to the Athosian kids and also by the fact that Friday the thirteenth is fast approaching. I love Friday the thirteenth...people are almost as easy to freak out on that day as they are on Halloween. It was short and stupid, I know. I, once again, have forgone sleep in favor of writing. One day that'll catch up with me, I more ways than just me writing crappy stories at three in the morning.