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Chapter 4

After awhile, Brennan cleaned everything up in the lab, reorganised some of the files on her desk and grabbed a few to take with her, and then left the office. There was no more that she could do at work until the morning in her current state, after all. If she stayed any longer she'd most likely collapse of exhaustion.

Too tired to face Booth and his usual rowdiness, she got in her car and headed straight for home, forgoing her previously desired dinner at Wong Foo's. It took less time than normal to get to her apartment, due to the late hour and smaller number of people out on the streets. The usual traffic congestion of the city was nigh on absent, leaving Brennan a clear and fast drive through.

Reaching her street, she pulled up and parked her car in its usual spot, locking it behind her and walking slowly to her apartment. She didn't bother bringing up any files with her and left them in the car instead. Unless the nightmares plagued her again, she was planning on using the next few hours to catch up on some much needed sleep.

She arrived at her front door and let herself in, closing the door and moving straight into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Taking it with her, she walked dazedly to her room. She placed the glass on the bedside table before collapsing wearily onto the thick comforter on her bed.

No sooner had she gotten comfortable, did she fall asleep.

She was in the woods. It was night and the only source of light was the luminescent glow of the full moon above and the pinpricks of radiance that were the stars. Around her, trees and bushes grew in thick clumps that surrounded her and threatened to suffocate her.

A narrow break in the woods to her right gave way to a clearing, where a group of teenagers were assembled, perhaps 8 or 9 in all. She moved closer to get a better look, eventually making out a small bonfire in the centre of them along with a gnarled old tree stump covered in candles and other ritualistic items.

Magick of the black variety immediately came to mind. She herself had participated in similar rituals when she was their age. She knew how stupid and immature it was from experience. The whole thing was imaginative and only resulted in an irrational fear of the unknown, which was in no way as fulfilling as one might expect it to be.

One of the teens spoke up suddenly, his voice cascading harmoniously over the crackling of the fire and the rustling of leaves in the wind. It was then that she realised that it wasn't just a dream: she was reliving one her past experiences. The voice belonged to Tray Coleridge, former friend whom she had met in high school.

She hadn't been close to Tray, but they had talked a bit and it had been him who had convinced her to join in the ritualistic act those many years earlier. Tuning back into the dream, she strained her ears to hear what the teen had to say.

Despite her best efforts, the best she could make out was a string of words including 'demons', 'magick', 'darkness' and 'death'. The last word stung through her chest and she fought the fear that was threatened to take over her and clouding her judgement in the process.

She glanced around to see if there was any way for her to get closer. There wasn't, unless she revealed herself to the teenagers. She wasn't ready to do that. Sighing, she brushed her hands against her jeans, as if to shake off the fear and her curiosity.

She felt something sticky cover her fingers and immediately pulled back. When she brought her hands up in front of her face, there was blood all over them.

Brennan woke with a start and jostled out of bed, her eyes darting nervously around her room. It had darkened considerably since she'd fallen asleep and the last light of day was barely visible through her curtains. She glanced over at her alarm clock, the flashing red numbers glaring evilly back at her. 4:30 am.

Shaking off the last of her fear and convincing herself that nothing was wrong, she pulled herself up. There was really no point in trying to go back to sleep after that. She knew that it would be pointless to even try. Wiping her eyes tiredly, she made her way to the kitchen and picked up the phone.