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Chapter Six

The next morning, both Yami and Seto could feel a difference in the house. There seemed to be a aura of tranquility, like something or someone had changed things for the better. Joey woke first and he looked at Seto and smiled. "How are you feeling?" Seto asked Joey as he kissed him. "You're not going to believe me, but what I'm about to say is the truth. My parents were here last night and they told me that they wanted me to go on with my life and not to grieve myself to death." Seto smiled at him and said "I believe you." Yugi touched Yami's arm and when Yami opened his eyes, Yugi smiled at him. "How are you feeling?" Yami asked him. "Last night, something happened and I can't explain what it was except this morning I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from my heart and I want to go back to the Shop and Yugi had to stop and wipe the tears from his face, I want to go home." He told Yami. "Then that's what we'll do" Yami said. Joey and Seto went to Serenity's room to see how she was, as he opened the door Joey felt that something was different. Serenity was sitting in bed and she was looking at the picture of her parents and she was smiling. She looked up and saw her brother and said "Joey mom and dad was here last night and they told me that they wanted me and you to keep living and that someday we would all be together." Joey walked over to the bed and sat down and took his sister in his arms. Joey said "Honey I'm so damn glad that you're better" and then he kissed her and tears were in his eyes when he looked at Seto. "Seto, can you please ask Roland to come here?" Serenity asked him. Seto walked over to the intercom and pushed a button and told "Roland that Serenity would like to see him." Roland came to see what was the matter, and Serenity got out of bed and walked over to Roland and held out her arms and he picked her up. "Thanks for being so good to me these past few weeks" she said and kissed his cheek. Roland had tears running down his face as he said, "honey that's alright I'm just glad that you're going to be alright now." Seto turned to Joey and said, "I need to contact Dr. Faust and let him know what has been happening because I have a feeling that none of you will be needing his help anymore." Serenity looked at her brother and said, "was it the letters?" Joey went over to his sister and said, "maybe it was but again I think it was their love for all of us and they wanted us to carry on so they came here to help us heal." So Yugi, Joey and Serenity were able to go on with their lives knowing that if at anytime something bad would happen to them, they could always close their eyes and talk to their loved ones in heaven.

Yugi did go back and is now running the Shop and Yami is there to help him. Yugi discovered that he loves Yami and that Yami loves him. As Yugi said to Yami "I know that Grandpa is smiling down on us and he is giving us his blessings. Seto has asked Joey to marry him and Joey said "yes" and Serenity is living with them and she has gone back to school where she discovered she wanted to go on to College and study to become a Psycologist and help other young people deal with the loss of a loved one, and Joey, Seto and Roland were so proud of her. Also, Mokuba came home from boarding school and now he and Serenity have started seeing each other and there might even be love on the horizon for them. Roland is still watching over them and each and every night he says a prayer for each of them and as he goes to sleep, he smiles because he knows that they all are on the road to becoming the people they were meant to be……

A/N: I know that writing letters to someone you lost does help. I lost my mother and it nearly killed me and someone suggested that I write to her and it did help. I still write to my mother whenever I'm feeling down or lonely and believe it or not she will touch me some how and I will feel better.

The End………

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