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Chapter 1

Black Moon Rising

He had found it five years ago. A strange little being, human in features, yet so much power flowed within. It had been closed to death, living off the magic of some deceased woman; and Simelan had taken it, nourished it himself.

The magical presence had been enough to tell him, that he had found what countless demons had spent centuries, perhaps millennia searching for. "Seed of the Source and of them who are charmed thrice; that who is to be known only as The Black Moon," yes he was quoting; Simelan's mother would've choked on her own tongue to consider her son as one to even know how to read, let alone memorize such an ancient prophecy.

But it didn't matter given up by its mother, believed to have been consumed by the fire of their "good magic." They had no idea what they had put into the world, and no idea that such power could not easily be erased. The irony that blood would consume blood was as sweet nectar to his lips.

"The time has come Nuitari." The child stared up at him, icy blue eyes questioning. Simelan leaned over a smile playing on his face; the demonic look of fatherly love, mocking the child.

Simelan paused looking the child over. No, not like this; he could not bring a child in such appearance to such a joyous event, no he wanted to make sure that right off they knew who the boy was. To savor the look of agony that will rip through their faces, or perhaps the terror of thinking that The Source had returned. Whichever it was to be, he would enjoy it.

"Time...?" The five years old voice echoed throughout the hall; timid, yet clear.

"Yes time; you and I are going to say hi to mommy.

"Tell my why we are here again" Paige whispered angrily, as she stood out in the rain. Suddenly she sneezed and disappeared in a cloud of bright blue orbs, shaking her head Phoebe let out a sigh, "Darryl said there had been a string of murders, each female, each with a strange emblem etched into their skin. All of them had been known practitioners of witchcraft." Phoebe retorted after her sister appeared again; She sent Paige a glare, having had explained it to her the tenth time.

They walk quietly behind the ally, making sure no cops were left around, Darryl had promised to leave the door open; though Paige had tried to orb in the night before, suffice to say she still had the bruise on her forehead.

"I've been thinking it isn't a demon." Paige said, pointing out the obvious. If the barrier wouldn't let good magic in, why would it let evil?

"So what do you think we're dealing with?" Phoebe whispered back.

Paige shrugged in response. They continued down the alley until they reached the back door of the shop. It was surprisingly warm, despite the broken windows and overall mess of the place.

"Whoever did it, obviously wasn't trying to be subtle," Paige remarked grimacing from the blood stains that were dragged all over the room.

Phoebe shrugged, surprised herself that she wasn't completely grossed out by the splashes of blood that littered the ground.

"Definitely been doing this for too long," she muttered under her breath, Paige nodded her head in agreement.

"Alright Pheebs, I'll check downstairs, you can check upstairs." Phoebe stared at her sister, noting how she had said the whole thing all too much in a hurry.

She shrugged, it really didn't matter much to her really, but for some strange reason she wasn't comfortable going upstairs.

As she climbed the stairs uncertainty filled her, each step a growing fear ate away at her stomach; was it fear? Her empathy really couldn't even describe what the emotion was, what they were, a mixture of so much she could pick out longing…and a desire to part with...something...but even though her heart couldn't decide, her mind told her that whatever was up there she didn't want to face.

Unlike the rest of the house the staircase was a freezing cold, and she almost wished she had brought a sweater; it wasn't even that cold outside she thought, but the stair case felt as if it was board lining below zero; she wouldn't have been surprised to have seen icicles hanging from the banister.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she finally entered the hallway, light coming from a small bulb that swung from the ceiling.

She pushed open the door to the room, and stepped into the darkness, fumbling she managed to turn on a lamp, her eyes struggled to adjust to the sudden change, as she tried to make sense of what was around her.

She had seen many demonic murders before, but usually there were marks of a struggle, and of some innate mess, despite the gory death the woman had undergone, the room was surprisingly clean, only a few books were strewn on the floor.

Phoebe moved towards the books crouching to read through them; blood stains covered them, didn't matter though she could only make up some of the words, it was in Latin, and though she had hated school apparently some of it had stuck with her.

Something about moons of magic, three in total, which was strange as far as she could figure there, was only one moon, and its magical powers rarely awakened.

"PHOEBE!" Paige's voice reached her echoed throughout the apparent, and Phoebe stood up quickly, nearly crashing down as she rushed downstairs. Paige stood before the back wall, her flash lighting shining brightly.

She reached Paige's side staring up at the wall before her. A strange yet oddly familiar symbol was marked on the wall, three triangles connecting; intertwined, but yet still separate.

"Looks kinda familiar don't it..." Paige's voice shook her from thoughts.

"Yeah...it does."

He watched the boy barely moving vanquish demon, after countless demon, his hands orchestrating the destruction. He had to admit he was surprised, he wouldn't have expected so much control. The spell had worked quite successfully turning the five year old into a 17 year old teenager. Though not as powerful as he would be when he came to age of his own, the power was still there. His resemblance to his father was quite uncanny, barely a trace of the mother showed to his visage, except perhaps in the shape of his face.

"So Nuitari, did she get the message?" The boy stopped moving for an instant "well did she?" He questioned again.

A quick nod and his diverted his attention back, to another demon that was quickly consumed in flames. Excitement filled him; not only would he destroy the Charmed ones, but he would also have the book of shadows, with that he would be able to open to the nexus. With such power it was only a matter of time before the underworld was his.

But revenge was first; for the underworld, for daring to try to destroy their way of life. The Charmed ones would pay, and the boy was the perfect path.

"So how about we go for a more personal visit, I'm sure she is in a rush to meet her dear child."

"The power of three?" Piper asked, holding a tired Chris in her arms.

"Well not really it looked similar but it was different, more powerful." Phoebe said flipping through the book of shadows. "Both Paige and I could feel the power growing from it; don't know how but just from being around it...I felt power."

"And you think that this was left for us?" Piper questioned.

"Just got a feeling, something was calling us," She paused "me" she whispered softly, and Piper shot her a glance. Phoebe swallowed and continued "whatever it was though I didn't like it..."

"Did you manage to find out how it was connected with the murder?"

"The same symbol was cut into the woman's forehead, but besides that I'm not even sure if it's demonic, maybe some deranged killer." Phoebe uttered exasperated.

"You know these guys Phoebe, the moment they start carving symbols into people, is the moment they are involved in more then just simple hobbies." Piper retorted.

"Hobbies," Phoebe shot a glare at her sister, Piper responding with a shrug.

Leo orbed into the room, and the sisters automatically sighed at worried expression on his face.

"Okay Leo…what horrible information do they have to give us now?" Piper laid Chris down on, an old sofa, and went to stand by her husband.

"According to the elders that sign signifies the three moons of magic..."

Piper cut him off. "Three moons of magic...Leo there's only one moon, and its magical powers are usually latent."

"Well before...there was three; each signifying there deity, one for light magic, one for dark magic, and another for neutral...Solinari, Nuitari, and Lunitari."

"And we've never heard about them why?" Piper questioned, "Well...they've been dead for millenniums...well as dead as a true immortal can get." Leo pointed out.

"true immortals," Piper shot a glance at Phoebe who shook her head, "Leo why is it, that the Elders, or the Powers That Be hold back valuable information until someone has died, and or our lives are in possible danger?"

Leo shrugged.

"They didn't exist then...the elders didn't that is, during that time there was no such thing as Good, or Evil. Elders, or Demons...there was simply magic and the beings who could use it; Humans, demos, and the magical creatures. That's all they told me anyway..." The sisters stared at him intently as he continued.

"Something happened though, don't know when really or what, but there was a division. Human corruption and the demons we know of today appeared, the remaining of those who were good became the elders, and the Demos became what we know as the cleaners."

Piper stared at him, her eyes wide as if her husband had suddenly gone insane.

"You're telling us that demons...were once...humans?" Piper questioned incredulously.

Leo nodded.

"Ever wonder how a demon could get pregnant, or get a human pregnant? The genetic makeup is on some level the same." He noticed the look of pain the quickly flashed through Phoebes face.

Leo quickly changed the subject, "it was also around this time that The Hollow appeared."

"Well let's cut the history lesson and get to the point here..." Paige said standing at the doorway her hands on her hips; from her position the sisters could already tell she was ready for action.

"These Immortals," Leo continued ignoring the interruption, "where magic, not good or evil, but just magic. Light magic for helping and healing and protecting, and what Light Magic wouldn'tt do Dark magic took over...and Neutral to keep the balance in check."

"Meaning...?" All three sisters asked.

"Light magic could heal you, but if you died...well you died. But Dark magic could allow you to summon the soul of one you lost, but it came with a sacrifice...personal gain. Neutral magic existed as the controlling agent, it produced the laws."

"So what does this have to do with the killings anyway?" Paige questioned.

"If what the Elders suspect is true, then...well...Nuitari is alive and well...and that's a problem." Leo knew that the sisters didn't understand the gravity of what he was saying. To them they were just going to face another demon that needed to be vanquished, and like clockwork Phoebe responded as he expected.

"Great evil guy on the loose, and it's our jobs to stop him...all in a days work right?" Phoebe stood up and stretched.

"I'm going to bed...tell me when something new happens," using her hand to fight back a yawn that threatened to come out, as she walked out the attic door.

Leo watched her leave, and a sigh escaped his lips. He wasn't sure he wanted to her to hear what he was about to say next. "What's wrong Leo?" Piper asked catching his exasperated glance at Phoebe's exit. He turned to her smiling sorrowfully.

"Nuitari has to be reborn into the world, no question about it, he has to be. As an Immortal his essence doesn't move on; it lingers, gathering power until it can take a form, and for that too happen, it needs a gate," he paused gazing at each one; the answer creeping slowly into their souls. "Dark magic was the embodiment of balance. For Nuitari to even be able to exist on this plane...he would need the ultimate power of evil, the ultimate good...and the balance of a human to maintain both; The Source...and a witch."

"Oh crap." Paige muttered.

Sleep had steered away from her contrary to the tiredness that she had felt. Instead Phoebe had sat in front of her mirror, waiting but no tears of mourning came; she was beyond that point now.

She no longer cried as she had the first year, but the pain was fresh, and becoming an empath had done nothing more but accentuate it. Yet the pain didn't emanate from simply the memory, but that she had no one to share it with; the men in her life had all but disappeared, and her sisters…her sisters didn't remember, and probably all as well that they didn't. It would only be pity, pity for poor little Phoebe who couldn't make things work…who couldn't keep the family that she always wanted.

Today would have been his sixth birthday...the baby she had lost...they had lost. On this day no matter how much she tried. Perhaps it was better that he was dead, what kind of life would she have been able to offer him? She thought, seeking some from of justification within the words, but no matter how much she tried, she could not deny the truth and its painful reality...she had killed her own child, and nothing could ever change that.

'I'm so sorry,' were her final thoughts; whispered for none to hear as sleep finally took her.

Was it truly possible to feel such hatred for someone? He questioned himself staring at her sleeping form. Tears came down unhindered; she hadn't been crying before.

"Why are you crying?" Nuitari whispered, the human soul confused him, he was aware that he as well possessed one, but its desires and needs were to much that he simple kept it suppressed. She stirred slightly; so many emotions were floating through him, and tears as well flowed from his eyes, burning their way down his cheeks; he wiped his eyes quickly before they fell, partly to avoid detection, and partly because he knew how dangerous they could be to human flesh…her flesh.

More power rested in her than the women who he had killed. Nuitari shook his head, removing the imagines; perhaps their death had not been by his own hand, but he was still responsible. He stared intently at the woman sleeping before him, with her it was different; yes he was indeed aware that she had been his carrier and he was aware that at some point the conception had been from love. How could he call her mother then? A woman who would cast him aside so readily, without a glance; no not without a glance here she was crying, but was it truly from regret, or just another deception of the human soul.

There was no possible way he could consider this woman his mother, and he would damn his soul to an eternity of suffering if he did not make sure she felt the pain that he at one point felt; still felt. Unlike the others he wanted he wanted to end her life; the desire to watch her life blood pool from under his fingers, and it would be so simple to do so right now. He gazed at his hand, watched it reach for her; her throat was exposed; fragile.

Instead as if in mockery he found his hands moving away from her neck, reaching to wipe the tears that continued to pool from her eyes. She stirred slightly from his hand, and his soul wrenched, his human side letting out a cry; a sound full of sorrow, and anger.

He jerked away; and his eye's dulled even further. It would be so easy to kill her, so simple…it should be so simple.

"No...Not yet." Vying once again for control; Nuitari backed away his eyes never leaving her face, contorted in silent suffering.

"Sleep in your world mother...and when the time comes...I'll bring you to mine."

With that he faded into the moonlight.

"Tell me again what you want me to do?"

"We need your help finding him..."

"Find him...why should I? Do the others even know your talking to me...I'm sure Paige would object. Besides I don't owe you anything Piper, I did my part to help you already."

"I know...but it isn't for me it's for her..."

"For Phoebe..." His voice

"No." Finality laced in his words and the pitch of his voice rose higher; completely different then the man she once knew.

"No more...I cant do anymore...anyway if you haven't noticed; I'm stuck here remember."

"I know but I can get you out if..."

"No Piper. Just no...I'm done with the Charmed Ones, for once in over a hundred years I am finally at peace...let me rest." He voice was almost pleading as he turned away to disappear.

"Then do it for him..." She called out.

He stopped, his eyes flashing.

"Don't owe him anything either."

"Yes you do...he deserves to know his father."

"What are you talking about? I don't have a son." He replied calmly, but she noticed his gaze waver slightly, and a bit of rage flash through.

"You did at one time Cole...and if you help me...You will again." She stared intently into the eyes of the man who stood before her, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man he once was.

Cole looked away; his relationship with Piper had never been the best, but she had always been the most understanding; for accepting him as part of the family, he felt as if he owed her, and if there was one thing that he always made sure of was that his debts were always paid. But he didn't want to get involved, he didn't want to go back...was it his destiny to continuously be pulled back into the conflict of mortals? He laughed bitterly, ignoring the look on Piper's face as he contemplated; there was no real reason, it would lead to nothing but another vanquishing…for him…and possibly his son as well.

Would they, and Cole shook the thoughts from his head; yes they would; they had before and what really could stop them…not him…unless if he managed to take his son with him, and wasn't that the chance that he was being offered right now?

If his own father a mortal had been willing to go after his mother, and saved him; could he not possibly do the same? And here now he was being offered the same chance...would he shame his father?

"So..." Piper asked; the ticking of the grandfather clock echoing through the room as an uncomfortable silence rose through the manor.

Cole lifted his eyes to her, and once again Piper could only wonder what exactly had happened to the man.

"Fine...bring me back Piper." The words were whispered, and she noted that his voice was tired and ragged.

"On one condition..." He continued when she turned to leave, his voice stronger "when this is all over...I leave…with him."

She wanted to argue, she knew she should argue, but now was not the time; when the moment was right this argument would be fought.


Cole watched her turn away and began working on the spell.

He knew she wouldn't keep her part of the bargain but for how long would remain a mystery; but no matter what…this battle he would not lose.

But now that he was back in the lives of the Charmed Ones…it was going to be a long and bloody one…but then again when involved with this family, hadn't always been?

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