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Chapter 15


Cold….he was so damned cold; he pulled in closer tightening his grip around his body, staying were he was situated, wings wrapped tightly around him; the feathers cutting into his skin…drawing blood…black blood. He chuckled…black blood? Yes where had his mortality gone now? Locked behind the chains of insanity…a darker recess of his mind where the cries of a small child fell upon deafened ears. He continued to laugh manically his hands wrapped around his face…clawing attempting to tear away at the black trail that made its way from his neck.

Nuitari sent his fist crashing into a nearby wall, watching it crack upwards, and pain shot through him. He felt the dark whispers recede, and what felt like the first time he drew in a breath; standing up he stretched his back and felt the wings pull inwards. Pain kept him mortal, but even now it was dull as if it was something from far away. Cold…damn it he felt so cold, he turned his eyes upward and wondered when the Sun would rise…at this moment he could really use some heat…cold.

He didn't even know what he wanted to anymore…his mind scattered…his goals disorientated…kill his parents? Reshape the world, destroy the world…rule it? What did he want? The Hollow…to make it part of him, to use it to absorb every magical beings power…bring about a new world were the gods could be reborn…but they already were and it wasn't the same. His time had gone by…long pass, it was mortalities turn…but what if mortalities time had ended? Was it not his job to play as its judge, jury and executioner? He was indeed the most powerful force of pure magic in existence…normal mortals those without powers…No what was he thinking? His mind was clouded with the shadows of dark magic, and he could only catch a glimpse of the light that struggled to shine through.

What light…he didn't even know what he was staring at, feeling…damn it all. He slammed another fist into a wall, and winced again at the pain that shot through. It didn't make any sense, nothing did anymore.

"I should have killed her," he whispered and he didn't even know who he was talking about. His aunt, his cousin…his mother, the very thought shot pain through his head, and he vomited; retching over the floor. Flecks of blood were mingled in it, and he wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve. The wings fluttered gently, and he felt them swipe against his skin, and he bit back a yell. It didn't hurt, so he didn't know why he had yelled, but it was as if it was cutting something different, something deeper, then just flesh.

A soul; he laughed again, and rubbed his hands gently against his skin, and watched as it boiled and peeled off, pieces of his flesh falling to the ground. Pain, shot through again, and he choked back another yell. Damn it all it wasn't worth it; he could feel the dark regresses of the shadow hunched over him, its hands wrapped around his body, bitterly cold.

'Give in' the words were whispered to him, and he rested backwards, the cold grip suddenly warming up. He leaned in deeper; Nuitari of the black moon closed his eyes gently, the pain being washed away by the warmth, as he wounds healed…he felt loved…comforted…he was home

Phoebe sat besides Paige, stroking her hands; while Piper paced back and fourth. They had managed to get home, sneaking past the nurses and orderlies who were in panic. Paige's disappearance would definitely draw attention, but at the moment they had more pressing matters to attempt to resolve. Cole leaned against the far wall of the manor, while Leo hunched over Paige his hands glowing slightly over her.

He leaned up and sighed rubbing his forehead "well Paige you seem okay, and no harm to the baby," Paige smiled slightly, and rested a hand on her abdomen, "That's cause the little one here knows how to handle herself." She said cheerfully, but Phoebe could here the strain in her sister's voice.

"Well Good, what I want to know is what the bastard was doing there," Piper huffed out eyes redden. Phoebe bit back a bitter retort, "Revenge perhaps," she forced down the emotional bile that was rising through the room. She could feel Piper's anxiety which she attempted to mask with anger; Coles desire to speak up his emotions tainted with pain, and something that felt like shame.

"No," Paige spoke up struggling upwards, while both Phoebe and Leo quickly aided her. "He was apologizing."

"Apologizing?" Piper questioned incredulously, "What was he apologizing for?"

"Not to me…to her," Piper raised and eyebrow and Paige pointed at her belly, "To your child," Phoebe asked again, and Piper stared, while Paige merely shook her head in patience.

"So she's here," Cole spoke up, and Leo moved forward there eyes meeting, "She?" the sisters both questioned and Leo cleared his throat.

"The first of the three, she who is hallowed once…Lunatari of the Crimson Moon."

"So you're saying my child, my little girl…is one of the three," Paige spoke up slightly shaken, but Phoebe could feel a slight pride within.

"So it's come to this then," Cole said, and Leo nodded, "With possibly all three here, he is the only one with full power…Solinari is not powerful enough to subdue him," "and Lunatari is of no use now," Cole responded.

"OKAY WHAT THE HELL ARE THE TWO OF YOU TALKING ABOUT," Piper screamed "It's…" "Balance," Cole cut Leo off, his voice cold, "Balance is necessary within ever being, and important to the very foundation of the world itself, why do you think demons are still around; Humanity or the Elders for that instant? All three are balances of this world, this realm. Neither side has ever fully destroyed the other, not because it would be impossible…but because it would destroy reality."

He moved forward walking closer till he stood by Paige, "These three, magical gods were balanced, none more powerful then the other, contrary to how tales may have described them…Nuitari as he is now is destroying reality."

"So how do we stop him," Leo spoke up "The attempt is to try to make him into a child again," "None of our spells would stop him," Phoebe spoke up, "we haven't tried any spells," Piper responded, "the power of three is the most powerful weapon we have, nothing has ever been able to stand up to it not even the Source," Piper grimaced slightly "Sorry Cole" he shrugged his shoulders "What if it doesn't work,' Paige asked, here eyes catching Phoebe's. "Then we vanquish him."

"It's not going to work," "Phoebe," "No…we can't summon him with this spell," "Why not?" "Just no Piper…"

Her sister let out a huff, and pulled back her eyes hardening, "Phoebe I need you to pull out of this crap okay, I don't get what's wrong with you, but it's like you don't even want to save him anymore."

"IT'S NOT HIM ANYMORE!" Phoebe broke down, sitting heavily into the kitchen chair, her hands covering her face, "it's not him," she whispered softly. Piper sat down next to her sister, and pulled Phoebe's hands into her own.

"Honey its okay, you'll get him back," "No Piper…at the hospital…that thing, that thing that was crawling up his body, it was taking over," Phoebe rubbed her eyes frantically, pushing back the tears. "And he called for me, he called me Mom…and I couldn't help him!"

"Pheebs," Piper began, but cleared he throat, when her sister let out a sob, "we will find a way to save him."

"How, that spell won't save him, it's too call a lost wit…" "And he is a lost witch," Piper cut him off, "No matter what he is a Halliwell, and maybe this spell will be enough to awaken that part of him, and bring him back."

"He's fallen so deep into evil," "Well then drag him out," A voice interrupted and Phoebe raised her eyes to meet Cole's.

"It doesn't matter how far into evil he may have fallen, as long as there is still a spark of innocence within them…a little goodness they can be brought back…you just have to try."

And when he said that she knew that they weren't just talking about there son anymore; "I think I'll leave the both of you to talk," Piper said hurriedly, and walked out. Phoebe felt like following but she was glued to her seat, her eyes lost within her ex-husbands.

She had been dreading this moment, this talk…and in some ways eager to finally get it over with.




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