Breaking a leg


Warnings/notes: Morgan/Richenda, slightly silly, shortie.

Disclaimer: The wondrous world of the Deryni-serie was created by Katherine Kurtz. This ficlet contains spoilers for The Bishop's Heir and later books.

written at 16th march 2005, by Misura, in reply to a meme-challenge made in my livejournal by beccadg which offered the pairing Morgan/Richenda and the line: "I didn't fall off the horse, I was thrown."


"You should have seen it, sire!" Robert enthused to Kelson, whose mood had quickly shifted from concerned to amused, as soon as it had turned out that Morgan's injury wasn't half as severe as Kelson had feared, and that Morgan himself, if not exactly gracious about being forced to keep to his bed, at least hadn't lost his good temper -and had gained a fiancee.

"One look at her ladyship, that was all it took. Now, I admit that her arrival probably came as a bit of a surprise to him, since the sentries had somehow forgotten to pass on the news that she had arrived, but still ... One look, and he fell straight off his horse." Robert chuckled and shook his head.

"From what I've heard, it would appear that the old saying about those who fall last also falling the hardest has some truth to it," Kelson replied dryly, ignoring the glare Morgan threw in his direction as the good-natured objection to being made fun of he assumed it to be.

"Yes, sire, you could definitely say that." Robert grinned. "I don't mind telling you that sometimes, I was beginning to think that he'd never find himself a wife, what with the way he practically had to be forced to attend to any kind of occasion that involved his wearing the ducal robes."

Kelson smiled and nodded, appreciating Robert's discretion in not mentioning the other reason why he, too, had begun to doubt Morgan's ever settling down with a family. In spite of his best efforts, Kelson had little doubt that most noble families would not welcome a Deryni in their midst, let alone one as notorious as Morgan.

"Still, if you're going to fall off your horse every time you see the lady Richenda, it might be a better idea not to marry her. Just think of all the trouble it would cause!" Kelson teased Morgan, while Robert poured him a glass of wine.

"I did not 'fall off' the horse," Morgan declared firmly, hopefully glancing at Robert, who sighed and poured a second glass. "I was thrown."

Robert masked his laugh by pretending to choke on something.

"You were thrown?" Kelson repeated in wide-eyed surprise, which seemed to make Robert's coughing even worse. "I thought you'd written that these new horses had been bred for speed and a soft temper."

Morgan scowled. "Well, obviously, that didn't work out."

"I hope you've sent them back with a letter of complaint and a demand to get your money back," Kelson commented, idly twirling around the remainder of the wine in his glass.

"Well." Morgan flushed slightly, before capitulating. "All right, so maybe I did fall off. It was just that I hadn't expected her for at least another week."

"You've really fallen hard for her, haven't you?" Kelson asked, his face entirely serious now.

Morgan nodded. "Yes, sire. Heart, body and soul."

"I'm happy for you." Kelson assured him. "I can only hope that one day, I'll be so lucky."

"Lucky enough to fall off your horse and break a leg?" Morgan snorted. "That's not exactly what I'd call the kind of luck you should wish for."

x- the end -x