Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or SG: SG-1.

Setting: SG-1 is set during season 10 sometime (let's just pretend it's Halloween, okay, and I won't go into many spoilers). BtVS is post seventh season.

This is part of the Twisting the Hellmouth 2006 Halloween Fic Spree Challenge. The prompt used was "candy". Enjoy!

Summary: Ethan's back for more Halloween mayhem, but why the heck did he set up a candy shop in Colorado Springs? Xander's out for answers. His first priority, though, is tackling the attractive blond with the candy corn. Sam Carter/Xander Harris.

Candy-Coated Chaos


The Shop

A medallion of silver, its width embedded with the golden image of two heads facing opposite directions—this simple object he caressed with more tenderness than a new mother holding her infant for the first time. Ethan graced it with his fox's grin, a soft, mocking chuckle in the back of his throat. This was an old god, one whom he had called upon in the past. Those plans had fallen through, but tonight he would succeed. Indeed, he would, or this pathetic city would pay for taking up his time.

Before, there had been that damned slayer and his old mate Ripper . . . ehem. . . Rupert. The problem, the reason for his failure, had obviously been his lack of a goal. He had been a dutiful worshiper, calling upon the most likely of powers to aid him in his beautiful chaos. But now. . . .Oh, pity he who stood between Ethan Rayne and his god's treasure.

Janus, master of doors, would indeed be pleased with the midnight offering.

The sound of the front door's bell rang out, drawing Ethan from his thoughts. He tucked his medallion in his shirt, peeking around the corner of the dividing curtains out at the main shop. His eyes narrowed at he spotted his new customer. Amongst the rows of brightly colored jars and boxes, brim-fill of sugar coated confections, walked a woman, tall, blonde, familiar.

Ethan's smile widened. Your photograph does you no justice, Samantha Carter. I wonder what brings you to my quaint shop—the 'brain' has a sweet tooth? Beautiful. . . .

One would think that the rehabilitation time he spent with the government would keep him from playing with fire, especially if the flame happened to be such a coveted world cover-up—but Ethan was not just any man. Those Initiative fools should have known better than to lock in up in a facility as top secret as Area 51. . . .Oh, but they would never learn. Rayne was a man of magic, and they, ignorant boys with guns, had put him in a place of science, a secret place that was unaware of the true damage he could do. Did they honestly think that he would not learn that place's secrets?

Ethan laughed. They gave me everything I needed—so much fuel for chaos. And they will never see me coming.

The man stepped out, approaching her like a predator, his expression the essence of politeness, his crisp English accent layered in charm as he watched her intelligent blue eyes shoot up from the bag of goodies in her hands.

"Why, hello, miss! The candy corn strikes your fancy, I see. Excellent choice, if I do say so myself. . . ."