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Chapter 3: Eggs, Sugar Side Up

Meanwhile at the SGC. . .

"Come on, Daniel, it's just one day, one little day," Vala begged. She pushed out her lower lip in a little pout and almost ran to catch up with Daniel. She pushed herself in front of him so that he could see said pout. "Please, Daniel, please. I promise, I'll make it relatively painless."

Daniel's brow wrinkled, and he massaged it with calloused fingers. Suffice to say, the team's last off-world mission had worn his body down, if not his stubborn defenses. He ignored Vala, refusing to look at her.

"No," he said, slowly, as if there was more than one syllable in the word.

Vala blinked. "But, Daniel. . ."


"It's not even a day—it's just one night."

"I'm busy."

"No—you're the only one free. I've asked everyone else, and they're all busy," she insisted. She stepped in front of him, blocking his path. "Plus, you know you want to get a look at me in my costume."

"How did you get a costume?" Daniel asked. "You haven't been off base."

"Oh, well it seems that a certain number of otherwise professional privates are more than willing to make special delivers to a woman in need of a costume—especially when she promises to parade around in it before she surfaces." She smiled to herself, as if imagining their reactions. "I'm going to be a bunny," she added, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. "I understand that it's a provocative pop reference."

It was Daniel's turn to blink. He decided never to make another inquiry again. Ever. He also decided not to comment on her costume.

Daniel slipped past her and into the mess hall, shaking his head. At the moment, there was no line to wait in, so he slipped in front, grabbing a plate and walking to the empty end of one table. When he sat down, he noticed that Vala had done the same; however, she had picked up to handfuls of the day's dessert instead of a plate of actual food. She put the candy on the table, surveying it with a keen eye.

"This'll go straight to my hips," she sighed, nevertheless, plucking a small block of chocolate wrapped in striped orange and black paper from the pile.

Daniel scooted his meatloaf around his plate, staring down at it with a mixture of frustration and misery on his face. He had previously made vocal his believe that he didn't need to stop working for mere food. Vala had then decided that they needed to visit the mess hall, immediately. Now he wondered if she had forced him to the cafeteria just to distract him from his text. And to pose the dreaded question he'd been waiting for since the beginning of October.

"Dessert is usually eaten last," Daniel commented.

Vala looked up in mock surprise. "Well," she said, swallowing the bit of chocolate, "if I can't actually go out like everyone else and collect free candy from kind home owners, I suppose I should get as much of it as possible from the base."

She smiled suddenly. Daniel could almost see the light bulb above her head.

"I could take tricks or treats here!" she announced. "I'll dress up and go to all the rooms and all the offices. They must have something to put in my little bag." She leaned forward, batting her dark eye lashes. "What will you give me when I come by your room, Daniel?" Her fingers walked across the table and snatched up another chunk of chocolate. She lifted the candy to her lips. "Will it be a trick. . ." she asked with a bite, "or a treat?"

Daniel bit his lip to stop himself from answering. Thankfully, he didn't have to resist the temptation much longer. He watch as Cameron swept in, taking a seat beside Vala. He was still in his leisure wear and his forehead was slick with sweat. Teal'c entered wearing similar clothing but looking somewhat less exerted. The ex- Jaffa circled the table, stopping behind Daniel.

Teal'c surveyed Daniel's full plate. "Are you not feeling well?" he asked, extending his neck in curiosity.

Daniel sighed, pushing the plate toward the other man. "Actually, we just got here."

"Daniel didn't eat breakfast this morning," Vala splurged with a knowing nod in Mitchell's direction.

Cameron frowned at the candy in her hand. "Shouldn't you have a meal or something first?"

"Shouldn't you take a shower before polluting the Mess?" Vala replied, plopping the rest of the bar into her mouth.

Teal'c leaned forward, interrupting the two, his steady face no mask for the dark eyes glistening in amusement. "Did we not enjoy the same sweets for breakfast, Col. Mitchell?"

Cam rolled his eyes at his friend, seeing through the innocent cock of his head. "No," he bit. "Actually, they didn't have the chocolate out earlier this morning."

"I ate a cupcake," Teal'c announced, his eyes lidded as a grimace covered his face. "It was covered in triangular sugar forms. They were not pleasant."

"Teal'c here's not a fan of candy corn, apparently," Mitchell snorted. "I took the candy off first—the frosting was sweet enough by itself. " He stared down at Vala's trove of sweets. "You gonna share?"

Vala tilted her head to one side. "I think I will," she said. "Daniel?"

Daniel sighed, looking up from the unappetizing meal he's slid away. The moment his head moved, he felt something being shoved into his mouth. Resisting the urge to gag, he pulled out the sucker, smacking his mouth at the cherry flavor left behind. "Thank you. So very much." The words dripped with sarcasm as he held up the lollipop.

Mitchell, risking a punch from the woman beside him, reached in, snatching up the first piece to catch his eye. He unwrapped it, pretending not to notice Vala's glare.

"Banana taffy," he announced, popping the sticky wad into this mouth. "Chewy," he stated.

Daniel glanced up at him, his eyes giving intellectual meaning to the word 'Duh.' Sitting down the sucker on the tray, he pulled of his glasses, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He looked up again suddenly. "Did I miss a day?"

"Lost me," Mitchell replied.

"Halloween's not until tomorrow?" Daniel framed it as a question. "So why are we having candy with lunch?"

"Ran out of Jell-o? " Mitchell posed.

"It just seems. . ."

Daniel's answer was cut off by Teal'c. The ex-Jaffa's hand was wrapped firmly around the archeologist's arm. Teal's released him a moment later, staring at the bulky equipment behind the cafeteria workers.

"There is something there," Teal'c announced.

Mitchell looked over his shoulder and back at the man again. "Did they put more chocolate out?"

Teal'c face was stone, this muscles tense as he stepped away from the table, staring at the steel equipment in anticipation. "Did you see it, Daniel Jackson?" he asked, his voice rushed.

Daniel's brow lowered. "See what exactly?"

"The go'uld," Teal'c hissed. His hand moved toward a staff weapon that wasn't there. He looked down beside him, as if perplexed that the weapon was missing from his side.

Vala eyes widened. "Teal'c?"

Before the man could answer, the sound of gunfire caught their attention. It had come from outside the Mess's closed doors. The doors slid open and a body dropped onto the cafeteria floor. The gunman entered behind the corpse and opened fire.

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