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Envy My Pain


By: A Sinners Curse

Her tears were tainted in the crimson color of blood, as it slid down the slender curve of her flushed cheeks. Her passionately decretive pink Sakura colored hair dangled into the small breeze. She was drowning in her self doubt, as her comrades laid sprawled out upon the smooth pebbles of the river rocks. She cried weakly as she took particular note to there breaths, as they lay panting, and grasping weakly for air. Blood drizzling thickly from there wounds. And all she could do was cry. She felt weak, and unprotected---Her friends had sacrificed everything for the mission, for her. She was crying not only for her weakness but for them, for her teammates she so desperately wished she could help.


It was the only pleading word she could risk saying---she knew that anything else, would be risking it all. Her life, and their life. She trembled under his gaze, she could feel the power of the Sharingan the crimson hues, of eerie complexion . She was afraid of both the power of his Sharingan eyes, and more importantly him. Although, it was true that a ninja's secret weapon should be employed judiciously…and not displayed at random to every foe you face, with him it was different with him, it only meant empowerment and curtain defeat.

She felt the biting of his scarlet nails crush cruelly into the flesh of her forearm. Blood began to drizzle out lazily as a thin coat of her blood streamed over his fingers. She watched the sadistic flare of satisfaction cross his features she began to hesitate if he was going to kill her then, and there. She began to hyperventilate in a hiccup of fear, as her evergreen hues grew large and wide with uncertainty. Was this the end?

She was tossed towards her wounded comrades. She stumbled weakly to gain her balance as she gazed surprisingly shocked towards the dark cloaked figure man. The tilt of his straw hat concealed much of his features, and his cloak made him seem unfamiliar and hard to recognized. But, those eyes---those tainted hues which seemed to compete against sin itself. She choked weakly as her hand good hand drew up to the damaged flesh of her forearm. She allowed the flow of her Chakra, something she always had the best control over. Understanding the use of one's Chakra and manipulating them successfully is quite and achievement.

She began to heal the flesh wound, surprisingly quick as she turned towards her friends. She had healing hands---a gift that she had learned from the fifth. Something that gave her monstrous strength and the gift of healing and saving others. She began to cure the two fallen members. First Naruto, he was in the worst state, She knew that moving an injured body was the worse thing you could do---first she had to analyze. She ran a strikingly skilled hand over his body; a green glow illuminating off of his broken body---his flesh began to heat a healthy glow and the flushed cheeks which indicated his mild fever of over use of Chakra began to fade. She took in a relaxing breath as she realized that he might be in critical condition but he was workable. She saw that most of the Demon Fox within him took up where she could not. She was relieved, as she made her way to the second. She glanced back to watch as Itachi gave her a dark stare---one that told her that she was limited with her use of time.


She watched the haunting expression of is features twist with pain as he grasped out weakly. His mind was entrapped in some of kind of unknown skill. She had yet to learn the name of. She had never dealt with Itachi on a personal basis. She had only heard about the mess he left when he had first came looking of Naruto, but what was the meaning behind this? She placed her hand upon her Sensei's head. She could feel the heat of pain, and she began to heal him from his trance. It was very painful for Sakura---she had little to no Chakra left. She had spent most of it in trying to flee the dangerous men before her.

"Your finished."

Before she could finish the job completely she felt the twist of his fingers knotting into her hair, he had used some nameable speed. By natural instinct her fingers clenched at his grip as she weakly cried out. She had little to no fight left in her, but she knew that her comrades were at least going to survive. She cried…again weakly as she felt a white cloth drown over her swollen lips. She felt the drug's effect dull her senses as her eyes began to grow heavy---she battled, but it was useless and she was limp in his arms. His cruel, unmerciful arms.


The room was dark, there was no light---there was no sweet smell of cleanliness. The very air of the room seemed stale, and flavorless. She coughed but she felt the pain of the gag, tied to tightly tare at her dried lips. She shook as she felt her arms and legs bound to soft comfort of the futon she laid in. She struggled weakly and her cries were echoless in the thick damp walls. It was cold, and she shivered. Her eyes were covered, and she could not see. She had the sense of hearing, touch and smell. She was all alone it seemed and she didn't understand…how this came to be.

"You have 2 choices…yeah."

She shivered, because the voice was something new. She had never heard this man before---or was it a women? It was crossed with a masculine richness but yet it still held a famine grace to it. She began to take in deep breaths, her fear was openly exposed.

"You become our pet, and serve our purpose, yeah. Or…you die, yeah."

She shivered…and he came over, his hands were soft yet rough at the same time as they caressed the curve of her cheek. She whimpered as she began to take in deep breaths---the cloth that lay across her eyes was unknotted and untied, and then the gag. Unconsciously her tongue reacted to it's removal as it darted out and licked painful at her chapped, lips. She began to blink sporadically as her eyes began to adjust to the dim lighted room. So it did have some light in it, after all. His fingers ran to her hands, untying the knots, which had left bold red lines upon her wrist. His thumb drew over the lines of both wrist, drawing them together as his he lifted them up towards his lips. He kissed each wrist softly, gently, caressingly as he soothed out the pain. She shivered as she felt one hand stretch out towards her legs, as he untied each one, drawing over her body to the adjacent leg. He smiled up at her as he drew her legs---doing the same process that he had done to her wrists. He gave her a coy smirk.

"Unfortunately, my teammates are a little rough…yeah?"

She took note that she wore her tattered uniform---drenched in dirt and blood. She shot him a confused look as his lips came to the hallow shell of her outer ear. He kissed there gently and stroked his tongue across the brim, dipping down to the small slope of ear nibbling there softly.




"Why me? I'm a ninja---nothing particularly special, nothing making me some out to be prodigy or unique. Why was I abducted?"

A dark figure lay drawn to the side of the doorway, where his frame rested lazily. He gazed at her with unemotional stare, he had a dull completion about himself. As even to grunt, would be to troublesome…he gazed at hit fellow member. His lower lip twitched, for whatever reason.

"I believe that you were given two choices…"

Sakura's head shot up to meet head on with onyx hues. She could barley make him out, under the dull light. But she could tell from his voice, and the mannerism of his character---who it was. She frowned, and her fists clenched momentarily at the man. She hissed under breath, but she felt the gentle stroking of his fingers upon her fisted palms, and her body responded to his menstruations as they opened themselves for his exploration of skilled digits.

"Such a beautiful women, Sakura-Chan----yeah. Shouldn't do such unladylike things, yeah?"

"Your purpose, is either life or death. Now, it's your choice"

He knew what the other man was doing. He was toying with her, mocking her and slowly spinning a web of false comfort over her. It was how someone as wickedly charming as he could do. He smirked inwardly as Sakura was desperate for comfort, anything---and she'd be swallowed into the mouth of the most sadistic men of the group. How pathetically weak. He mused over her as he pushed his frame from the wall. She knew that she'd rather die then to become there organizations play thing. A pet, or anything that involved her tainting her purity. Some things are worse then death, and that was one of them.


"Hmm…how very disappointing, yeah. Maybe you should reconsider, yeah?"

"Allow me to elaborate for him, if you choice death---your still a pet Sakura-Chan your still going to be played with, toyed with, and tortured. We'll make it a life changing experience either way---but on the other hand." He sat on the bed, she took notice he only wore his fish netting shirt, and his baggy black ninja pants.

"Once we've all had are fill of you, sweet Sakura-Chan. We'll release you…I personally guarantee you your freedom once it's all over."

She took down a gulp, as her eyes trained onto his blocking out the man who was still kissing at her wrists, stroking her hands and entrancing her with her sense of touch. She felt afraid as Itachi sat only inches away. She could feel his weight outrank her own as the bed dipped to him.

"I wouldn't want to live, after being a used up doll."

"Life is precious Sakura-Chan, isn't that what your village has taught you? Don't you value life? Hmm?"

His scarlet well manicured fingers grasped out to stroke her passion pinks locks, it was gentle and she flinched at his touch. She afraid of what he was capable of doing. The memories still fresh in her mind of what he had maliciously did to both her and her fellow team. She shivered and shied away but the man who held her wrists drew out his tongue wickedly as ran it up the inside of her arm, to her elbow. His breath blew, so it felt so cold yet so warm. She whimpered as Itachi took advantage of her lack of attention upon himself as his tongue darted out to lick at her ear. The same ear that the man below her had nibbled and teased moments before. She pulled at her arms, but she felt the pressure of her shoulders being hauled up from the bed.

The blond kneeled to the floor as his hands ran two the binding marks of her ankles, his fingers rolled across the deep red circles of the binding marks of the rope. He ran his tongue on her calf muscles and as she went to push away Itachi she realized that the blond had his free hand binding her two hands behind her back. Were they both that skilled? They worked together in unspoken teamwork. She grasped as she felt him bite hard upon her ear, and the man bellow at the same moment, bit down on the inside of her tight. She chocked back a cry but her mouth was automatically silenced by Itachi's cruel lips. She began to panic. As she felt blood drizzling down from both wounds, but already the blond exotic beauty began to clean it away---while Itachi created more…biting on her lip and he began to drink her blood as if it was a soul life support of some kind.

"W-why, am I still so weak…my Chakra."

"Shh…Don't worry about such trivial things, yeah? Worry about what choice your going to make, yeah."

He drew his tongue a peak higher, and that was when she realized that she had no shorts, no underwear, nothing to protect his cupped hand over her sex. He hissed slightly under breath as he drew his lazy blue hues to the man who stood above him.

"She's not showing proper respect, Yeah. Dry…she's asking for pain, yeah?"

"Listen…relax, if you don't it's going to be a lot more painful for you---little one."

"I---I…Don't understand."

"I guess I can cut you some slack, pinky---yeah. You being new and all. But, I suggest you answer our question…could be worst, we could share you with all of the organization, yeah? A pet to me and Itachi, yeah?"


Teeth bit down on her neck, and she cried out softly and a tongue began to lavish he thigh. She felt a blade of some kind press upon a tendon to her underside leg. She hissed, she knew his intentions before he even dared to threaten her. They would torture her into submission or kill her trying. She was with few choices and she took in a deep breath as she felt teeth dig into her neck.

"I surrender…please, no more."

"She's crying for us to stop, yeah?"

"Mmm, we never had the intentions of stopping Sakura-Chan. We might save you a few thoughts of comfort if you agree to our terms. Now, life---or---death."


She was hesitating with an answer . Without even a second thought, she was hauled backwards into strong arms which easily lifted her up, holding her in a upper arm lock as Itachi slid in between her legs. His waist now flushed with her own---but a hand was already toying with her entrance and she was grasping for breath---he had knocked the wind out of her and she choked for air. She felt him slide open her center folds, with two strong and demanding fingers as the man behind her began to chuckle.

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