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"Kanda do you like dango?"

The Japanese boy raised a nonchalant eyebrow, wondering where this absolutely random question came from. "I like bean sprouts," he said.

Allen made a face. "You like vegetables?"

"No, I like bean sprouts."

A question mark hovered above Allen's head. "Are bean sprouts not vegetables?"

"Are you a vegetable?" asked Kanda.

"Of course not," said Allen.

"Then bean sprouts are not vegetables."

'?' thought Allen. "…so, do you like dango?"

"Do YOU like dango?" repeated Kanda back to Allen.

Allen silently wondered if Kanda was playing word games with him. "Yes, I like dango."

"Am I a dango?" asked Kanda.

Allen widened his eyes. That has got to be the absolute most nonsensical thing Kanda had ever said to him. "Um…I don't know. Do you want to be one?"

Kanda stared ahead as though pondering the answer to the question. "I guess being a dango wouldn't be so bad."

"So…you're a dango."

"I guess so."

"But you haven't answered my question yet. Do you like dango?" persisted Allen.

Kanda smirked. "I AM a dango. And you like dango."

"Yeah so?" asked Allen. "Will you just tell me if you like dango or not?"

"I like bean sprouts," answered Kanda. "I have to go. See you later, bean sprout."

Allen stared at Kanda's retreating figure, the question mark growing bigger and bigger. "So…should I add dango on the dessert list for his birthday celebration tonight?"

But Ravi, who was hiding in the next corridor couldn't answer. He was too busy laughing.

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