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Soul Takers

The Most Powerful wizard was now destroyed as he now threatened the Earth's People

"Lothora Bamuncha kilcha,"ll be reborn once mor wait and see, A young man a young Prince with Great Wizard Power I will get."

said Lord Roman as he now was burnt with his dead wife.

He's the son of Lord Alianbow and Lady Udonna , when he's also known as The light.

Nick walks to his Harley Motorcycle as he now meets Madison as they both smiled.

A New Threat has now been released

A Ruby Red Onyx Box is now opened as it reveals A Sapphire ruby Onyx Ring along with a Medallion with a dragon signate.

Two Powerful wizards at a Fight for a Soul & Life ,

Who will win when one is now on the edge of death.

Can he save himself from detruction?

Rated M

For Mature

Rated R

For violence


Firass Dirani


Melanie Vellajo


Angie Diaz


Nic Sampson


Richard Brancasisco


Antonia Pebble


John Tui


Also starring

Petra utter as Lady Udonna Kelson Henderson as Phineas Holly Shannon as LeeLee Pimvare


Chris Graham

as Alianbow

A/N : I do not own the Power Rangers mystic Force, they are operationed and owned by Disney, I am merely borrowing the characters . The name tag stories are based on my own,

All other stories are mine, I am only borrowing the Characters