Soultakers By Mylissa

Chapter Thirteen Nick now moved Madison out of the nursery as he held onto her waist as he now walked her to his bedroom. once inside the bedroom, he slowly shut the door behind Madison . there he took her into his arms and kissed her again.
Madison's knees became woobly underneath herr, as her heart beat began to beat faster.

"Bowen?" she whispered.
" Do you trust me Madison" he now whispered.
"With all my heart and Soul" she whispeed with one step back the magic in his bedroom lightened it up with fireflys.
Bowen looked at Madison and smiled as she looked at him, there he held a gold diamond engagement ring.
"Madison Yvette Rocca will you marry me?" he asked.

Madison looked to the ring then to Bowen. "I be honored to be your wife Bowen" cried Madison.

there he held her into his embrace as he now kissed her passionately as the kisses trailed along her lips and her body. he slowly carried her onto his bed as he now laid her down as he now moved above her.
Bowen smiled as he kissed her lips lightly.
there he slipped his fingers underneath her blouse as he now removed her clothing one by one.

Morning came quickly as everyone was busy left and right.
Toby decided to give everyone the day off since it was Halloween and The ball was tonight.
Vida, Nikki and LeeLee got together as they went to get their nails done along with their hair.

Madison awoke late, there she felt her naked form underneath the covers as she now opened her eyes. "Bowen?" she called out. she slowly turned as she saw a white strapless wedding gown with a gold cape with a gold tiera along aside it, there revealed a note.

Dearest Madison,
M'love i wish not to awken you upon your slumber, you looked at ease and beautiful as you slept. I wanted you to get enough sleep for tonight, tonight is our night , and for our friends and Family. About the Family, they have a surprise for us, please wear this gown tonight, I love you my future wife. Eternally Yours Bowen of Briarwood.
Madison smiled as she held the note as she looked at the dress.
she turned and made her way over to the closet as she saw a few negliee gowns as she put one on . there she now opened the door as she walked to the nursery as she entered, there she smiled as she looked around more clearly.
"Wow, who's having a baby" said Vida.
Madison now turned as she saw her sister. "Oh Hey V" greeted Madison.
"So who's having a baby?" asked Vida.
Madison sighed as she looked at her sister.
"I am " she answered.
Vida gave a laugh as she rolled herr eyes as Madison gave her sister a honest look.
"You are serious are you"
"How many months are you"
"About three weeks," she answered.
Vida sighed as she looked around as she walked over to the two cribs.
"why didn't you tell me," said Vida. Madison shrugged. " I guess I was afraid too, I knew your reaction too," said Madison.
"Maddie, I am your sister for lords sakes, you are my baby sister, by two minutes" snapped Vida.
"Why didn't you even tell me you were pregnant" she added.
"I Didn't mean to hide it V, I'm sorry, " said Madison.
"I was afraid you would beat the hell out of Bowen if you found out," said Madison as she now made it slip out.
Vida's eyes went wide as she looked to her sister. "Oh So You and Bowen did sleep with each other huh, was that a mistake Maddie, or Was it planned. " said Vida.
"It was neither, it just happened, You won't understand Vida,"
"Try me sister"
" Bowen was possessed by a soul, it took over his body and it made Bowen do something he didn't want to do,"
"like what?"
Madison sighed as she thought wheither to go on or just stop. "Tell me Maddie!"
"He sexually assualted me alright!" cried Madison .

Vida eyes went wide eyed as she now turned and stormed out of the nursery room.
"Vida wait!, Vida!" called out Madison.
Madison caught up to her sister as she tried to stop her and explain to her, instead Vida suddenly swung her arm away as she now pushed Madison off the stair Case as she now rolled down the stairs.
"MADDIE!" screamed Vida.
Vida now ran downstairs as she was now beside her sister.
"Ohhh Maddie wake up please, wake up , Im sorry," cried Vida.
Bowen and the Boys now entered as they saw Vida and Madison on the floor.
Bowen ran to their side as he now went to Madison's side.
"Vida what happened?"
"It's you that what Happened, how could you Russell, How could you touch my sister," screamed Vida.
"Wha...what are you talking about?" asked Bowen.
chip and Xander just watched the two as they saw Bowen and Vida exchange words to each other.

" You know what I am talking about Russell, you raped my sister. you sexually Assaulted her!" screamed Madison.
" Did she tell you I was under a possession!"snapped Bowen as he now picked up Madison as he now walked back to his room as he now laid her Vida was now left alone shocked.
Bowen managed to use his cellphone to phone his parents as he now notified them that Madison had fallen down the stairs. Alianbow and Udonna, Daggeron, Vora and Elliana made their way to Bowen's room. there they entered as Elliana checked Madison as she now checked her throughly.
Bowen , Alianbow, And Daggeron now stood outside as they awaited. Elliana now opened the door as she sighed.
"I am sorry Prince Bowen, The Princess lost the twins" she whispered as she now walked away from the bedroom.
He now made his way over to Madison as she cried.
Udonna, and Vora now made their way out of the bedroom now leaving them two alone. he made his way over to Madison as he now sat beside her.
Sniffles and a choke was now heard from Madison as she clutched onto the baby teddy bear.
"Hey Princess" said Bowen.
Madison looked at Bowen as she just turned and closed her eyes.
"I am sorry Bowen, Now you have a reason not to marry me," she cried as she removed her ring as she now placed it upon his hand.
"NO, no Maddie , don't do this please, hey look at me" said Bowen.
Madison looked at Bowen.
"I love you Madison, please don't destroy what we have, I love you, baby or no baby i still want to marry you, please tell me you still want to marry me, please tell me you want to be with me" begged Bowen.

Madison cried as she now studied him."But Vida made me lose our babies" she cried.
Bowen now cried as he lowered his head as he now laid his head upon her abdominal.
"I love you Bowen" she cried.
Bowen now moved himself into her embrace.
"Tonight we are to be married, we can try for another baby, what do you say" said Bowen.

Madison smiled as she kissed Bowen. "I like that" she whispered.

"No more tears Princess, it's time to get ready" said Udonna as she now stood at the entrance.