For his laughter is the greatest love that I could ever know/ So let them say what they will let them follow me and hunt/For I have laughter at my side, I can take the pain I stride/ for our love will never die/

The tears that fall are all so small though they seem to never end, but they will surly go away for your laugh when we meet/ I have many times been told that you aren't sweet, but if that is so true why is it that I can't stop from loving you/

Your laughter rings like bells, and I can't help but love each note, it's like a symphony. But perhaps to only me/ it's not soft and it's not sweet

And oh so far from light and meek.

But to hear it brings me joy, and if it's true what they say/ that I am just a simply toy, then I pray that forever we will play/

For no moment could be as sweet as when you picked me for your doll/

It's like your laughter has it all, the kindest heaven and darkest hell/ For you both I can take, for each hour passing by I await the day that I can be your love for all eternity/

And though it may be far away, just to hear you laugh again and it was caused by me, feels like nothing less than ecstasy/

Taking my heart was such a sin but giving it back would treason/ And if you send me off one day and never let me back to play/ Well, then you have no reason/

Your insanity is beauty for me, and it shines so very bright/ There is nothing to compare it to, and if you tried it would be comparing a little candle to the sun in the sky/

Telling you I love you, is a sinful pleasure/ it takes my strength and courage too, for what you say does not simply make my day/ But rather is makes me and all I do/ for I do it all for you/

So laugh quite loud and all you can, for if I could,

I truly would,

Make your laughter find no end.

-Mistah J's girl

copyright© mistah J's girl 2001