Danny jogged to the end of the hall. The door was propped slightly open, and Danny noticed a small, black streak shoot out of it. He was about to go after the cat when he heard a cry of pain from the stairwell. Ignoring the cat, he opened the door the rest of the way and looked for the source of the noise. He looked down and saw Don, spread out at the bottom of the stairs, clutching his wrist, his features contorted in pain.

"Jesus, Don!" he exclaimed and hurried down the stairs to his friend.

Flack looked up at Danny. "Your damn…cat…" he said through gritted teeth. "Made me…fall…my wrist…" Danny gingerly took Flack's wrist. It was already starting to swell.

"Jeez, Don, I think this is broken." Danny said.

"It is broken!" Flack spat at Danny. "Just...help me up, will ya?" Danny attributed Flack's anger towards the pain. He took Flack's good arm and helped him to stand. "Also…you have to drive me…to the hospital cause…your cat." Flack finished, nearly out of breath.

Danny laughed. "Fair enough," he said. He helped Flack up the stairs. Once there, he walked him towards the elevator. They took it down to the basement levels where Don's car was parked. Flack fished his keys out of his pocket with his good hand and gave them to Danny. Danny opened the driver's side door, and waited for Don to get in the other side. He pulled out his phone.

After to rings, the other side picked up.


"Hey, Mac, it's Danny," Danny started. "Uh, I'm driving Don to the hospital, because he broke his wrist."

"What?" Someone who didn't know Mac may have mistaken his tone for anger, but Danny knew it was bewilderment.

"Yeah, he fell down some stairs. It's a long story, but in any case, I'm not sure when I'll be back."

"Ok, Danny, that's fine. Keep me updated." With that, Mac hung up.

As Danny was putting his phone away, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye, but when he turned to look, he didn't see anything.

"Hurry up, man, I'm in pain here!" Flack called to him. Danny sighed and got in the car.


Danny waited patiently outside of Flack's hospital room as doctor's finished putting his wrist in a cast. It was broken, but luckily Flack didn't have any other injuries from his nasty tumble down the stairs. When they had finished, Danny went into Flack's room.

"Hey," Don greeted. "You know, this is all that cat's fault." He waved his newly wrapped wrist to show Danny. "And I'm not talking superstition-like. It actually attacked me! But at least I got some insured vicodin out of this whole ordeal." Flack waved his other hand to show Danny his prescription.

Danny sighed heavily and sat on Flack's bed. "Whoop de freakin' doo, you can walk around the office high on pain meds now."

Flack laughed and leaned back on the bed he was on. "Naah, wouldn't do that. I'll just take a few days off, and then I can come back to work."

"That's good. When can you leave?" Danny asked.

"As soon as I sign some paperwork I can get out of here," Flack said.

A short time later, the two detectives found themselves headed back through the parking lot towards Don's car. As Danny unlocked it, he heard a soft meow from somewhere off to his left. He turned, to see the black cat sitting and looking at him, his tail twitching slightly. "No freakin'' way…" he breathed.

Flack came around from the side of the car to look at what Danny was talking about. His eyes widened in horror and he ran around to the other side of the car. "Keep that thing away from me!" he yelled, clutching his wrist and jumping into the passenger's side of the car and slamming the door quickly. Danny sighed, and leaned down to let the cat sniff his hand.

"Come on, cat, it's going to be ok, I'm just going to take you to a nice shelter, away from my friends…" the cat responded by running off. Danny raced after it, his thoughts accompanied by Don's muffled voice from the SUV.

"Come on, Danny, let it go, I want to get outta here!"

"In a sec!" Danny called back. He followed the cat down the row of cars into a dark corner of the garage, where the cat stopped. Danny tried leaning down again. "Don't worry, cat, just gonna take you to a nice kitty home."

The fur on the back of the cat suddenly stood up, and the cat hissed. But not at Danny. A split second later, Danny heard a click, accompanied by the cold steel of the barrel of a gun to his head.

"Your money. Now." A low voice said. "No funny business."

Danny sighed. "You must be some kinda sicko, jumpin' someone at a hospital." The reply was having the gun pressed harder into his head. "All right, all right. I'm going for my wallet, don't freak out or nothin'…" Danny reached inside his jacket, but instead of going for his wallet, he started to go for his gun.

The guy must have guessed what he was trying to do, because he tensed up and started to pull the trigger. But he forgot about the cat.

The cat leapt over Danny's shoulder into the guy's face, clawing and hissing. The man pulled the trigger, and the slug clipped Danny's arm, making him grunt as the white hot pain flared in his bicep. The guy screamed as the cat continued his attack, and Danny stood up quickly pulling his own gun. The man grabbed the cat and threw it to the ground, aiming a vicious kick at it. The cat tried to dodge, but couldn't get out of the way in time. With a yowl, it fell to the floor, but then got up and started to hobble away, one leg limp.

By that time, Danny had closed the distance in between the two of them. He grabbed the guy's gun hand, twisting viciously, making him drop his piece. "Freeze! Get on the ground, right now!" Danny pulled out his cuffs. He noticed Don running towards him.

"Danny, you all right?" he asked, breathless.

"Yeah, just got clipped a little. Will you call for some guys to take this guy downtown?" he asked.

"Sure thing." Flack pulled out his phone, and dialed dispatch, relaying instructions. Confident that the guy was not going anywhere, Danny walked over to the cat, where it was licking its limp paw. He picked it up gingerly, and held it against his chest.

"You did good, cat. You did good." The cat only purred in response.

Sometime later, more uniforms arrived to take in the guy who had attacked Danny. Flack had teased Danny about being lucky he was already in a hospital, and maybe he should make it a regular habit whenever he fought perps. Danny was quickly bandaged up.

As they were exiting the hospital, yet again, Danny said he needed to take the cat to the vet. Upon seeing Flack's look of disbelief, he said "Well, it did save my life. I think it deserves some medical attention, at least."

"And then are you taking it to the shelter?"

"Well," Danny started. "I think I might adopt it." Flack sighed.

"I knew it. You're such a softie, Messer."

They got into the car, and despite Flack's protests, Danny placed the cat on the detective's lap, where it purred contentedly for the ride to the vet. "Oh, so now that we're even, you like me." He said. With his good hand, he scratched the cat behind the ears. Danny smiled. "So, you gonna call it something besides 'cat'?" Flack asked.

"I was thinking of calling it Don," Danny laughed.

"Don't you dare, Messer. I don't like it that much." Don said.

"Haha, I was just kidding. Anyways, I have something more appropriate. I think I'll call him Jinx."


Don't worry, the cat got patched up, and all is well. Thanks for the reviews for the first chappie! If you liked the story, or even if you didn't, I'd really appreciate you reviewing it! Happy Halloween everyone!

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