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Chapter 8: Time Flies! Training Begins!


Naruto had won his nineteenth game of Pachinko just as Genkai pulled Gohan into the building and set him down in front of a rock-paper-scissors machine.

"Alright, brat." Genkai stated. "Your next test is to choose as many out of ten correctly as possible."

Gohan glanced incredulously between her and the machine several times.

"Why?" He finally asked.

"Don't ask questions you twerp. Just do it."

"Hey!" Naruto called from his Pachinko machine. "If you need a demonstration, I'd be happy to help!"

"I think I can manage it Naruto-san, thanks." Gohan called back.

"Eh? Gohan! It's you! What's up?"

"Not a wh-OW!!" Gohan rubbed his left bicep where Genkai pinched him.

"Less talking, more picking." Genkai hissed, pinching Gohan again.

"Alright already!" He grumbled, rubbing his arm again. He chose scissors for his first try.

It was rock.

He wound up missing all of them.

Naruto burst out laughing at his friend's ineptitude at the game. "Good thing that wasn't for money, huh?" He ribbed, laughing harder than before. Gohan blushed a little, a bit embarrassed by his sub-par performance.

Genkai scowled. There was no way he could possibly have that kind of power and not get at least one right unless...

"Crap." She muttered.

"Something wrong Genkai-san?" Gohan asked.

"In my excitement to see what you could do, it seems I forgot to take into account that these machines haven't been properly recalibrated to assess one's spirit energy level of ability." She explained. "Until I can get that done, this is a useless effort."

"So what do we do now?" Gohan asked.

"Until I can get what I need, nothing." Genkai answered. "It'll take at least two days, so enjoy them while you can, because once everything is in order, it's time to go to work. Am I clear?"

"Yes ma'am!" Gohan saluted.

"Good. Now have fun with your friends, and I'll see you in a couple of days." She said, patting his shoulder, and walking out of the arcade.

"Hey, Gohan," Naruto asked, after Genkai had walked out. "Who was that super-old lady?"

"To be honest, Naruto-san," Gohan replied. "I don't really know..."

- Prophecy -

"We could...get some ramen?"


"We the Rock-Paper-Scissors machine!" One could feel the grin in his voice.

"Next." Likewise, one could feel the deadpan in the reply.


"No thanks."

"Argh! I give up!" The first speaker proclaimed.

"Told you you couldn't get me to agree with one of your ideas, Naruto-san." The second replied.

"You're a stick in the mud, Gohan" Naruto pouted.

"I am not." He answered. "You just haven't suggested anything fun yet."

"Ramen is fun!" Naruto exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at Gohan.

"Yeah, it's as fun as a bowl of noodles." Gohan shot back.

"Oh yeah?" Naruto growled. "I'll show you!" Without any further warning he charged at Gohan.

"That's it!" Gohan said excitedly, snapping his fingers, and his sudden exuberance forced Naruto to halt his charge far too quickly and sent him tumbling end over end.

"Uh..." Naruto trailed off, rubbing the back of his head.

"This is a ninja village, right?" Gohan asked. Upon seeing Naruto's emphatic nod, he continued. "That involves training, right?" Naruto nodded again, still not seeing where this line of questioning was headed. "Let's hit a training area! Maybe we'll find someone to train with."

"I already tried it earlier." Naruto responded, slightly downcast. "The training grounds are...kinda dead! Yeah, that's it!"

Gohan didn't need his high IQ to see that his acquaintance was clearly lying through his teeth. "Well, maybe there's someone there now...someone who can show us something awesome."

"You mean, we can learn jutsu?" Naruto asked, his eyes beginning to show the same enthusiasm that Gohan's reflected. "Then why are we still standing around here?!" He demanded.

"Good question, Naruto-san" Gohan agreed. "Lead the way."

Naruto didn't need to be told twice. He took off at full speed, Gohan half a step behind him.

- Prophecy -

"...891! ...892! ...893!" A voice gritted out.

Gohan and Naruto arrived at training ground sixteen and were treated to the sight of a boy about their age wearing a white gi and black pants doing vertical push-ups. His abnormally shiny black hair was tied back into a single braid which brushed the ground as he descended.

"If I do not complete 1000 vertical push-ups, then I will jump rope 3000 times.

"Dude..." Naruto breathed. "That's intense."

Gohan shrugged slightly, his onyx eyes (which were slowly turning purple) not leaving the training boy. Gohan, however, wasn't seeing the boy, however. An image of that same man from his memory at the Akimichi compound had overlaid itself over him. The man glanced at him and grinned, his ministrations never ceasing.

"Ah, hello new friends!" The boy greeted jovially. "Do you care to join me in my warm-up?"

This voice had been entirely mismatched with Gohan's hallucination, and served to snap him back to reality. He blinked and before he could say anything, Naruto beat him to it.

"Th-that's just a WARM-UP?!" Naruto yelped. "What are you gonna do as an actual exercise?"

"Well, after I get to my goal of one-thousand vertical push-ups, I was going to perform five-hundred punches and kicks with each limb, but now that the two of you have come, I was thinking something along the lines of sparring, if that is alright with both of you." The boy answered.

A smug grin quickly swallowed up the apprehensive shock that previously occupied Naruto's face. "Absolutely!" He exclaimed. "This is gonna be awesome!"

Gohan nodded as well "Sounds like a plan..." He trailed off.

"Oh, how rude of me! My name is Rock Lee, and it is a pleasure to meet both of you." Lee said.

"I'm Yamanaka Gohan, and this is Uzumaki Naruto." Gohan replied, pointing to himself and then to Naruto respectively. He then turned to Lee, missing the oddly hurt look Naruto gave him when he introduced himself with the surname 'Yamanaka'.

"Again, it is a pleasure, new friends." Lee said, never once ceasing his calisthenics. "...946! ...947! ...948! Perhaps you should stretch a bit before we spar, Gohan-san, Naruto-san. "I would not want you to pull a muscle or something worse when we spar."

"Good idea Lee-san." Gohan agreed, moving a few feet away and beginning to do so.

Naruto, however, stayed firmly rooted to his spot, arms crossed.

"You're not gonna stretch, Naruto-san?" Gohan asked.

"I'll be fine." Naruto answered tersely.

"Are you sure?" Gohan asked, not catching the sudden tension the blond was exuding. "I mean, Lee-san brought up a good-"

"I said I'll be fine Gohan!" Naruto snapped.

Both Gohan and Lee blinked at this, the latter of which lost his balance, breaking his streak, which stood at 972. "...Oooookay" Gohan answered.

There was a tense and awkward silence as Naruto scowled darkly at the ground, Gohan gave him a confused glance, and Lee looking between them, and feeling that the missed something.

" are we going to do this?" Lee asked, breaking the stalemate. "One-on-one, or a free-for all?"

"Doesn't matter." Naruto grunted.

"Free-for-all good Lee-san?" Gohan asked.

"Absolutely!" Lee responded, grinning. He settled into a basic horse stance, legs spread wide, his right arm bent at the elbow and his forearm pointing upward, and his left arm bent at the elbow against his side.

Naruto moved into what would eventually be known as his signature stance. His left arm close to his body, hand curled into a loose claw at his right hip, and his right arm crossed in front of the left, with his hand in a half-ram seal in front of his nose.

Gohan's stance was perhaps the most simplistic. He simply spread his legs to a shoulder-width apart, and bent both his elbows at 45° angles.

At some unspoken signal, all three simultaneously sprang into motion. Gohan immediately had to defend from Naruto's vicious assault. Lee refused to be ignored and spring-boarded over Gohan's shoulders to land a dropkick squarely into the Uzumaki's chest.

Vaulting backward as Naruto fell back, Lee gracefully flipped to land on his feet, only to be forced to duck immediately afterward as Gohan launched a spinning heel kick at his head. Expecting this, Gohan immediately dropped and reversing his spin direction, swung the same leg into a low sweep, knocking the other black-haired boy off balance.

Naruto re-entered the fray, landing a heel drop onto the fallen Lee's solar plexus, causing the boy to double on himself, coughing. Somersaulting backward, Naruto sprang up and launched himself at Gohan again.

"Why you?" Naruto grunted as he threw a sloppy punch, which was easily dodged. "Why do you get to be adopted in no time at all when I've been alone since I was born?!"

"I don't know, Naruto-san." Gohan answered. "It surprised me too."

"Sure. Whatever." Naruto responded, launching a snap side kick, which was swatted aside.

After evading a series of strikes, Gohan used his shin to block a punch aimed at his chest, and before Naruto could recover, the adoptive Yamanaka grabbed his wrist and placing his other hand beneath Naruto's shoulder, Gohan executed a picture-perfect judo throw.

Landing hard next to a recovering Lee, cobalt eyes met obsidian and a silent agreement was reached. Two pairs of eyes turned to the last pair, which only hardened as Gohan braced himself for the two-pronged attack.

Leading the assault, Naruto opted to attack with a slide tackle and Lee followed up with flying kick leveled at Gohan's face. Gohan's eyes widened as he ran through his options.

"Gotcha!" Naruto crowed, spotting the distressed look his opponent sported.

"Nowhere to run!" Lee agreed.

Gohan's shocked expression became a smirk as he coiled his legs and lunged at his attackers. Twisting himself into a butterfly flip, he maneuvered between the duo's attempts, backhanding Naruto as he passed above him, and then grabbing Lee's leg, bludgeoned Naruto again with a Lee-shaped blackjack.

Not giving either of his opponents a reprieve, Gohan performed a Shooting Star Press, driving his elbows into both of the fallen boys' chests. As Naruto and Lee struggled for breath, Gohan sprang to his feet and backflipped twice to distance himself from them and returned to his ready stance.

Lee coughed harshly as he rubbed the sore area that Gohan's elbow assaulted. Naruto was on his hands and knees, struggling to return to his feet.

"Hey, are you guys okay?" Gohan asked, relaxing a bit.

"D-damn it." Naruto growled, before collapsing onto his stomach again.

"You are indeed skilled, Gohan-san." Lee admitted, gingerly sitting up. "Where did you learn to fight like that? I must say that your taijutsu style is most unorthodox."

"I learned from a few people, actually. A man I'm almost sure is my father..."

"Almost sure?" Lee inquired.

"I'm an amnesiac." Gohan explained. "Aside from the past few weeks, I remember basically nothing of my life. Not my parents, not my home, nothing."

Lee nodded sympathetically. "I see. But you said several people trained you. Who else?"

"The only other person I can remember is this really big green guy." Gohan answered. His name...kinda escapes me at the moment..."

"Then he is the one I will find!" Lee shouted exuberantly. "If you could form such a devastating barrage under his tutelage, then I can as well! If I cannot find him within two weeks, I will run 50 laps around the village backwards on my hands!"

And with that, Rock Lee tore off like a man possessed, to find a mysterious green man with no leads other than he was green, leaving two incredibly confused boys in his wake. Gohan plopped down onto the grass, and felt a shiver crawl up his spine. "You ever have the feeling that you've just utterly doomed someone to copious amounts of mental scarring?"

- Prophecy -

Elsewhere in the village, a ten-year-old girl in a blue Chinese-style shirt and white pants sneezed suddenly while minding her family's weapon shop. That wouldn't normally be cause for alarm, the only problem was, however, she was carrying a box of paper bombs. It was quite heavy, however, and she was using her newly learned ability to use chakra to enhance her muscles.

Long story short, the box slipped, her chakra-coated arm came in contact with one, and the market district was treated to an impromptu fireworks display. Miraculously, virtually no damage was done to anything in the district, unless you call an almost comedic amount of soot covering the girl and everything in the store. She sighed, and trudged to the storeroom to get a broom, muttering darkly as she did so.

- Prophecy -

At the same time, in the more affluent part of town, a ten-year-old boy with long black hair and seemingly blank silver eyes with no visible pupils was practicing a Kata for the taijutsu style his clan had made infamous through the Elemental Continent. A spontaneous sneeze threw him off balance during what was supposed to be a graceful twirl which would lead into a devastating strike.

Long story short, he crashed into a rock garden a few feet away that his uncle had just finished reorganizing. The elder man merely looked from his rock garden to his nephew, and heaved a resigned sigh. The boy mistook this sigh as disgust and glared at the ground as he returned to his feet. Bowing deeply to his uncle, the boy sighed, and trudged to his training circle to resume his ministrations.

- Prophecy -

Gohan shrugged, and looked to the side, where Naruto was...supposed to be. He looked around, but Naruto was nowhere to be found. Puzzled by his friend's rather abrupt departure, Gohan rose to his feet and ambled home.

- Prophecy -

"Tadaima!" Gohan called out upon entering his adoptive family's shop. He received no response. "Anyone home?" He paused in front of the shop's counter for a moment. He couldn't explain it, but he could distinctly feel his surrogate family upstairs...or at least their individual energy signatures. Yep, that unnatural lack of a signature meant Kisuke was with them as well.

With their locations confirmed, he trekked up the flight of stairs to the house proper. Opening the door, he once again announced his arrival.

"Ah, Gohan-kun" Hanako answered. "Okaerinasai."

Nodding to acknowledge her greeting, he wordlessly walked up to Kisuke and bowed deeply. "Please forgive me, Urahara-san. My assault against you was completely unwarranted and needlessly violent. I'm truly sorry, and I can only hope that such action will not be repeated in the future."

Kisuke regarded the boy bowing before him for a moment before smiling. "Hey now. No need for such formality here. We're family. I think it's some unwritten law for us to have disagreements every now and then, right?"

"I guess..." Gohan answered somberly.

"At any rate, we're good, Gohan-kun." Urahara said.

"Thanks." Gohan replied.

"Gohan-kun, could you go get Ino from the Haruno teahouse?" Hanako asked. "Dinner's just about ready, and knowing her, she's probably lost track of time."

"Sure," Gohan acknowledged. "Back in a flash!" He called as he opened the door to head downstairs...

...And promptly closed the door, as he realized that he had no idea how to get there, as he only got there before during his enraged chase through the street.

- Prophecy -

Three minutes later, with written directions in hand, Gohan set out to retrieve his new kid sister. As he walked, he noticed a presence following him from the rooftops. Pausing suddenly, he glanced over his left shoulder, only to see nothing there. Shrugging it off, he continued on his way. The moment he turned a corner, however, the presence appeared again. Forcing down the fight-or-flight instinct that was screaming at him, he proceeded.

- Prophecy -

Gohan's pursuer had to act fast to conceal his presence. The target he was assigned to follow was good.

Alarmingly so.

Most jounin couldn't detect him, so how could some snot-nosed punk allegedly without ninja training seem to be aware of their being followed almost effortlessly? One thing was certain; his superiors would be most interested to hear about this...

- Prophecy -

By the time Gohan made it to the teahouse, his eyes had once again began to take an amethyst glow, and he was continually finding it harder to disregard the oh-so-obvious stalker he had tailing him. Just as he reached for the door, it suddenly slid open and Ino was waving back into it. Needless to say she promptly crashed into her brother, knocking them both to the ground.

"OW!" Ino groaned. "Why don't you watch where you're going, you-" She stopped short when she saw she was all but sitting atop her elder sibling. "JERK!!" She screamed, dropping her full weight on his stomach.

"OOF!" Gohan wheezed, as the sudden drop had driven the air from his lungs. "Wh...What was that for?"

"Hmph!" She snorted, standing quickly and walking off, leaving him to scramble to his feet in order to catch up.

"What's wrong with you?" Gohan asked.

She ignored him.



"Darn it Ino!" Gohan exclaimed, finally losing his temper. "What's your problem?!" He grabbed her shoulder and wheeled her around to face him.

"As if I don't have enough to deal with! First I attack a guy I've known all of an hour, then I'm all but kidnapped by some old lady and forced to play an arcade machine while she pinches me, then Naruto starts getting all weird after we spar, not to mention that I've been FOLLOWED since I left home to get you for dinner! And now THIS! Well, guess what! I DON'T CARE! I'm not going to play your stupid games, woman! You don't want to talk?! FINE! DON'T! I'll enjoy the lack of you flapping your lips for five minutes! AND FOR THE LOVE OF KAMI, IF WHOEVER'S TAILING ME DOESN'T KNOCK IT OFF, I SWEAR I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND PULL OUT YOUR HAIR ONE FOLLICLE AT A TIME!!"

- Prophecy -

'Crap! The little brat WAS on to me!' The assailant realized. 'I've got to report this...' And with that thought, the person disappeared in a swirl of wind and leaves.

- Prophecy -

Gohan's rant had attracted the attention of all the stragglers who had still been out and about in the market district, and each and every one of them had stopped whatever it was he or she was doing to see what all the commotion was about.

Gohan, violet eyes giving off an almost eerie glow in the twilight, gave a few ragged gasps to regain his breath glared down at his adoptive sister waiting for a response. What he wasn't expecting was to see a single tear drop from her shadowed eyes. Without a word she spun around and ran off, trying to keep from bawling in the streets. The raven-haired Yamanaka finally noticed the attention focused on him a moment later.

"What the hell are YOU staring at?" He raged, his eyes appearing to glow in the twilight.

The various people around him went back to what they were originally doing, a few shaking their head in barely-concealed disgust at what they had seen. Snorting, he stomped the rest of the way home, not noticing the footprints he was leaving in solid bedrock...

- Prophecy -

Dinner at the Yamanaka house was an extremely tense affair, with a puffy-eyed Ino picking at her food and an amethyst-eyed Gohan viciously attacking his. Inoichi, Hanako, and even Kisuke could do little more than glance between the siblings, and wait for the spark that would set the powder keg off.

They didn't have to wait long.

"You attacked Kisuke-otooji." Ino mumbled, attracting three pairs of eyes toward her.

Gohan simply kept eating, not acknowledging that the young girl had spoken whatsoever.

"That's why I called you a jerk. I just..."

After a moment, Gohan looked up and opened his mouth to reply, but Hanako, sensing the impending confrontation, interrupted.

"Oh NO!" Hanako intoned melodramatically. "I completely forgot! Gohan-kun, would you be a dear and get the cheesecake I ordered for dessert earlier?"

Audibly snapping his mouth shut, Gohan wordlessly acquiesced. Excusing himself from the table, he moved toward the door, only to turn back to his foster mother and raise an eyebrow.

"It's two stores down, across the street." Inoichi answered, understanding the unspoken question.

Nodding, Gohan went downstairs to retrieve the confection. As soon as they heard the bell on the front door tinkle, Hanako immediately rounded on her only daughter.

"Is that what happened between you two?" She asked. "You called him a jerk for attacking your uncle?"

Ino nodded. "That and he blew up at me on the way home, because I refused to talk to him after I did it."

"Sweetheart, Gohan feels incredibly guilty for what happened this morning." Inoichi explained. "He seems to be the kind of person who takes the weight of the world and puts it on his shoulders."

"Plus he already apologized to me, and we're good now." Kisuke added.

"I didn't know all that." Ino admitted.

"So when Gohan gets back, you're going to apologize to him, right?" Hanako asked, with an undertone of command in her voice.

"Yes, mama." Ino dutifully responded. "But he said some weird stuff when he yelled at me. He mentioned this morning, and then some old lady pinching him and forcing him to play at the arcade," at the mention of which, the men grinned, knowing what, or rather who, that meant. "Then he said something about sparring with Naruto, and Naruto acting weird, and then he screamed about what he would do to someone who was following him if he caught them! It was freaky, daddy!"

The adults all shared worried glances at the thoughts of someone potentially spying on the boy,and what that could possibly mean. It was at that moment that Gohan returned from the errand Hanako sent him on. He entered the kitchen, placed the cheesecake on the table, and retreated to his room without a word or breaking stride.

Hanako and Inoichi glanced at one another, and a silent conversation ensued betwixt the pair. Sighing, Inoichi stood and followed his foster son to the guestroom turned Gohan's room.

"Gohan-kun?" Inoichi called, knocking. "Don't you want any cheesecake?"

"...No, but thank you." Was Gohan's delayed response.

"Ino-chan told us about what happened-"

"Honestly, Inoichi-san," Gohan interrupted, "It's been a trying day, and I'm kinda exhausted. Can we talk in the morning?"

Inoichi sighed yet again. "Well, alright then, but we'll save you a slice, okay?"

"That's fine. Good night."

"Good night, Gohan-kun."

- Prophecy -







The combination of that tapping sound, the wind whipping through his hair, and the distinctly uncomfortable feeling one gets from freefall was what awakened Gohan the next morning. Cracking his eyes open, he was greeted by rooftops flying beneath him at rapid speed. Slowly, he glanced to his right to see a familiar head of dull lavender hair.

"Ugh..." He groaned, gaining Genkai's attention. "Genkai-san?"

"Glad to see you're awake, kid." She replied. "Things went faster than expected, and everything's ready to start your training now."

"...So you kidnap me in the middle of the night, rather than simply waiting until tomorrow morning?!" Gohan asked incredulously.

"Time wasted is time that can't be regained." She said simply. "In case you've forgotten, I'm not getting any younger. Who knows how much longer I have for this world."

Gohan heaved a sigh, before giving a tentative grin. "Well then, Genkai-sensei, let's get started!

- Prophecy -

Author's Notes: Chapter 8 is at last in the books. Gohan has set into motion the inevitability that is Gai and Lee's paths crossing. Who is having Gohan followed? Are they friend or foe? What does the future hold for the demi-saiyan? Find out in the next chapter of Prophecy!

Again, I can't apologize enough for such a lull in my chapters. I would again like to sincerely thank everyone who showed me support during the period of inactivity.

Word Index

Pachinko – A game not terribly unlike pinball, except it involves many more balls than even multi-ball in pinball.

Butterfly Flip – Youtube it.

Shooting Star Press – Youtube it also.

Kata – A series of stances practiced by martial artists in a particular style.

Taijutsu – Body arts; Hand-to-hand combat

Tadaima – I'm home.

Okaerinasai – Welcome home

Pachinko – A game not terribly unlike pinball, except it involves many more balls than even multi-ball in pinball.