Chapter 6

House was playing his Gameboy when Sebastian Charles knocked and came into his office.

"TB guy! To what do we owe the honour?"

"The nurses told me about Dr. Cameron's Mom."

"Are you hitting the staff up for money again?"

"I just popped in to say hi. Is she around?"

House paused the game and looked up. "Don't know." He stood, grabbed his cane and walked until he could see into the diagnostic room. "Nope." He took a Vicodin as he headed back to his desk. "She's not. Sorry." Picking the Gameboy up again, he resumed playing.

"Look, I don't know what went on between you guys, but it seems clear to me you two still have issues with each other."

"Issues?" House questioned.

"Only people who've been in a relationship can annoy each other as much as you two do. I like Allison, but I don't want to step on any toes. If you two aren't finished, then I'll bow out gracefully."

House continued playing the game. "Wow, what a guy."

"Can you put that down and give me a straight answer, please?"

House sighed, paused the game and looked up. "Straight answer, stay away from her."

"Because you still want her," Sebastian stated.

"Because she's too good for you."

Sebastian considered replying but House picked up the game again, so he left, more puzzled than ever.


Cameron was growing despondent. It had been six days since House had dropped her off at her car, but he hadn't said anything to her about 'that' night or about a relationship. He was completely normal in work, perhaps a little more snippy than usual, but with House it was hard to tell.

She'd been to the wedding with Sebastian and enjoyed herself, although she had to admit that there was no future with him. And not because he lived in Africa, but because she didn't feel for him what she felt for House. She had an idea she wouldn't feel like that with anyone until she got over House, and it was becoming clear he simply wasn't interested.

She'd been saved the awkward talk with Sebastian when he'd brought the subject up himself and bowed out gracefully. They both agreed it was better to remain friends.

She's gone to see her mom on Sunday and had been surprised to hear that House had been in to see her before she was released. Cameron wasn't sure what to make of that.

Monday night she came home to an empty apartment once again and headed straight for the freezer. She needed more comfort ice cream.

Her phone rang as she sat down on the sofa so she put the ice cream on the table and picked up the handset.


"I have some ground rules. You either agree or all bets are off."

Cameron couldn't help the broad smile that spread across her face. She was glad House couldn't see her right now as she replied, as calmly as possible. "Fire away. I'll see if your terms are acceptable."

"Number one: no one at work is to know, so no blabbing to Foreman, Chase or Cuddy. At least for now."

"But you can tell Wilson?"

"I tell Wilson everything. Almost."


"No trying to change me. I will not give up the Vicodin, the drinking or the cigars. You will not heal me so don't even try."

"Understood. Three?"

"You will have hot sex with me in my office at least once a week."

"It has glass walls!"

"All the more exciting, don't you think? And I want sex in the MRI machine. I just always wondered if it was possible."

Cameron laughed. "Okay. Anymore?"

"I reserve the right to amend the above conditions whenever I feel like it. Do we have a deal?"

Cameron held off answering for as long as she could but it was only a moment or two before she caved. "It's a deal."

"Good. Now, what are your plans for this evening?"

Her doorbell rang. "Just a sec, there's someone at the door, but as long as it's just a Jehovah's Witness, I have no plans."

She opened the door to see House standing there. He was smiling, almost warmly at her.

"Sorry," she said into the phone as she stared into his eyes. "I think I might be busy tonight."

The End